Fug or Fab: Dakota Fanning


I’m not sure how well I think this fits Dakota, but given the competition, I’m just thrilled it’s not made of a bunch of frilly windows.

I think my main issue is wishing she had a slicker, sleeker hairdo. The tousled coif and makeup and semi-startled expression are giving off an eerie K.Stew vibe, as if the Twilight people were like, “Okay, listen, Bella can’t be in ten places at once this week, so let’s just darken the Fanning and backcomb her hair.”

But is it good?

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Comments (26):

  1. Mouse

    Go easy on the blush sweetheart!

  2. Jasmine

    I am so distracted by the fact that her hair looks like her (non-existent, I’m pretty sure) older brother gave her a series of noogies in the limo on the way, and then SHOVED her into the photographer’s line of sight.

    The dress is… okay. It could be better, I’m just not sure how.

    • AmandaD

      I can’t really figure out the dress either. In theory I like it. In practice….I don’t know, something is slightly wonky about the bodice fit and maybe the color of the stripes need to be changed? And I’m completely anti-jewelry, but I think this might need something tastefully deployed.

  3. Erin

    “…so let’s just darken the Fanning and backcomb her hair.”


  4. jerkygirl

    Makeup is way too harsh, and she has “static-electricity” hair, but I like the dress. I’m willing to believe (hope) that the hair was just a result of her rubbing her feet too hard against the red carpet when she walked down it. Maybe she did it on purpose so she could stick her finger in people’s ears and laugh when they jumped?

  5. Siobhán

    Brush your hair, wash your face and you’re good to go.

    /mom voice

  6. maryse

    i’m with you. the hair is a bit of a mess. but the make up looks cool. and i love her in dark hair.

  7. Kara

    Yeah, her hair looks straight-up uncombed, like she just woke up and left the house without looking in the mirror. The dress is fine, and the makeup actually doesn’t bother me because a) it’s not full-one Momsen raccoon-face and b) it goes with the dress and dark hair – it all comes together in a sort of goth look. The hair “style,” such as it is, looks like crap though.

  8. glee

    She is not in a towel, as feared. She is dressing more maturely, which I like. But that hair – I know she and KStew are best buds, but this is not the thing I would take away from the friendship.

  9. pantsonfire

    The hair has obvious problems, but I’ll say again that I prefer this brunette to any of the blond shades she’s worn in recent memory. I think it ultimately may be a little too dark for her and slightly off in other respects (maybe she needs to go a little warmer? a little golden?), but it’s still an upgrade.

    The dress is odd. It’s rumpled, like the hair. And I at first thought, “but if you zoom in and ignore the rumpling, there’s potential!” And then I zoomed in and realized that it’s an utterly boring, fairly ill-fitting dress. I do like midnight blue and I do like the pop of white, but I wish they’d been little buttons or something, I think, rather than just plain white squares of fabric…like a dotted chalk line. And ultimately, it’s not a dress worth fixing.

  10. Lucille Austero

    She looks like Mary Louise Parker, with the dark hair and the “I know something you don’t know and it’s about your boyfriend” smirk. Not that it’s a bad thing. I love MLP’s smirk.

  11. mue

    I voted yes even though the buttons aren’t straight.

  12. Stefanie

    In college I sat behind a girl who would come to class every week (this was a once a week class) with a hair looking just like this – ratty and flat in one spot. My bff was in the class too and we finally figured out it was sex hair. Dakota has sex hair and I am not ok with it.

  13. Ladyblahblah

    The last few pictures I’ve seen of her I thought were of Frances Cobain at first glance.

  14. Helen

    Pretty dress, for someone about a size and a half bigger and seven or eight years older.

    Terrible hair and makeup.

  15. dawn

    LIke the dress. Just brush the hair, get it out of her eyes, slap on a bracelet and she’s good to go!

  16. Tracey

    I almost put “meh” but the messy hair, dear-caught-in-headlights eyes and slightly ill-fitting gown made it a “fug”. I think the look could have been fine, and the dress may have been interesting if everything were more put-together.

  17. Nancy

    I overall like the dress, so I voted with a Thumbs Up. But the hair is totally distracting. It’s not tossled in any sort of good way – it’s just unkempt. bummer.

  18. anny

    The ingenuous smirk is about 30 minutes from being annoying. Bedhead isn’t helping.

  19. Zuzzie

    I seriously like the dress.

  20. Gill

    The dress is fantastic and I can live with her makeup, her hair just needs a good combing.

  21. Kiti

    I said YES to the dress, but I wish there had been a separate set of voter buttons so I could say NO to the hair and makeup.

  22. ML

    “Well, these Twilights don’t seem like a good influence at ALL, dearie.” /grandma voice

  23. fritanga

    It must be tough being eclipsed by your little sister, but the messy goth thing is not helping.

  24. Tamburlaine

    Goth? I don’t see any relationship to the Goth look here. The dress is really pretty, the make-up is alright, and her hair could do with a brush. B+

  25. Franziska

    Love the dress but girl, did your mum not teach you to comb your hair before leaving the house?