Fug or Fab: Cameron Diaz


Well, I wrote this before Cam-Cam showed up at the Bad Teacher premiere the other day in an actual skirt, but whatever. Bear with me. For a moment in time in Germany, the Cameron Diaz Romper Tour of 2011 continued apace:

This is from her appearance on Wetten Dass?, alongside J.Lo and Heidi Klum’s Poisoned Crotch outfit, and I really hope someone shows her this photo as evidence that she needs to stop trying to hang onto A-Rod by doing workouts with him that involve, like, pulling around giant tires or whatever. Those guns are a tad overloaded and her neck muscles are starting to look like doom. She is Cameron Diaz, not Magnus Ver Magnusson, World’s Strongest Man.

Cammy did ditch the romper for the movie’s German premiere, though:

It’s a jumpsuit. Or high-waisted pants. It’s not awful, but I’m not sure why she’s so fixated on wearing things that make her crotch a point of interest, like tje capitals on a USA map. Visit Shoulder City! Drop by Napetown! See sunny Sternumopolis! And spelunk in the famously mysterious caverns in Groinland.

Also, I know she’s tall, but this looks like Cameron is on stilts. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; I just can’t stop wondering if, also like my husband in his eighth grade talent show, she’s going to break into a Mexican Hat Dance atop a bed of eggshells.

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[Photos: WENN.com]

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Comments (37):

  1. Mary

    Thank you for the M. Ver M’son reference! Best name ever.

  2. Lydia Brunch

    Sorry, but I must disagree on one point. Those guns are AWESOME.

  3. Lion

    Oh dear, this lady ought to shoot her stylist. Is it possible that she doesn’t have one and ALL these ideas are HER OWN?? Well, then she needs to hire one. As this is a HUGE waste of quite a good body and quite a pretty face.

  4. AP

    I have a question: How is the jumpsuit “not awful”? I think it is! Why can’t she just wear nice dresses?

  5. Deborah Stultz

    Her lips are looking really fake.

  6. Carolina Girl

    I can’t understand how a woman with a body as awesome as hers can’t find better clothes. She can’t even use Christina Hendricks’ excuse of having a non-standard body because she’s tall and slim.

  7. Kate

    well. If I was ever going to like a jumpsuit, I guess this would be it. Ahhh and to think yesterday (or Monday…) I almost condoned the sheer overskirt thing. What is going on???

  8. Brian Wagner

    This outfit is badly in need of a belt.

  9. CJ

    I actually dig this jumpsuit, but I don’t like that it has a high waist. That’s just a big bowl of wrong. With a natural waist on this baby, preferably with a belt, this would be perfect.

    As I recall, Rachel Zoe has been her stylist before. I remember reading about how Rachel nabbed that gorgeous magenta gown for her (the tiered one she wore with the turquoise necklace) for a Met gala a few years ago. I adored that ensemble on her! Hmm….maybe Rachel Zoe is on maternity leave?

    Anyway, I think these two are certainly not her worst outfits — one solid color is 1000% better than that odd outfit a week or so ago with the red and the pink and the beige — but I for someone who had to put their reading glasses on to take out Jon Stewarts stitches, it’s time to ditch the baby rompers. I have no problem with her showing off her fabulous legs, but there is a way to do that without looking like you took a Gymboree outfit to your dressmaker to duplicate in your size.

    And can we talk about the limp, straggly? Aw, she can do better, don’t you think??

  10. CJ

    hair…limp straggly hair (sorry for the typo)!

  11. Melanie

    Both outfits are awful. But those guns are hot! I’d kill for my arms to look like that.

  12. Tess

    On the upside, at least she doesn’t have to place her hands over her lap so as not to show the goods, like she did when she was on GMA yesterday in a too short skirt.

  13. www.bravoerunway.com

    She has a fabulous body and I am still feeling very iffy about a romper…which I actually have coined the term, “short suit.” Romper just sounds like what kids wear, and short suit sounds more sophisticated… At any rate, the outfit is too plain and I agree that this is an upgrade from the outfit on GMA yesterday.


  14. martha

    my question is what did she do to her face? botox? on letterman she looked weird, her face didn’t move, isn’t she too young to be doing botox? she was beautiful without it, eeeek!!!!

  15. yvetterene

    I can’t even speak on the outfits…I can’t get passed her horrible hair! It always looks like this. Why can’t she do something with it.

  16. Roxy

    I’ll never understand jumpsuits

  17. Philippe

    Oh Cammy honey…. No.

  18. Anne B

    I’m convinced that Cam sucks all the shortsuits (thanks, @bravoerunway!) out of a designer’s collection the way a Real Housewife sucks all the fun out of, well, anything.

    But *that jumpsuit”? KACK. Bleeuuucchh. Puuhhhhh.

    Didn’t think I’d ever say this: Cam? Feel free to return to shorts.

  19. gothmartha

    Back in the day we had to wear “rompers” aka gymsuits for PE. They were hideous then, they are hideous now.

    And I’m sorry but every time I see her the phrase “rode hard and put away wet” comes to mind. BLEH

  20. vandalfan

    The romper in #1 looks particularly stiff, and might cut in an unfortunate area if the wearer raises her hands. #2 is just a jumper with long legs. Sign. If it had only been a dress, short, medium, or long. But it’s not, and therefore fug. The awful hair is not helping anything. Nor is the lipstick, neither the pink nor the frosted.

  21. vandalfan


    I’m too bored to type correctly.

  22. Chicklet

    It’s like CD thought, “So you want me to wear full-length pants, do you? Well, how’s about THIS? Mwahahahahaha!”

  23. Cecily

    The Cameron Diaz Romper Tour of 2011 needs to wrap up its appearances, I cannot STAND that look and she seems to adore it. I just looked up her age, she’ll be 38 next month, and is in a romper rut? What the…and the arms–you can be toned, and you can be Madonna.

  24. Cecily

    39. She’ll be 39. 1972. Math much?

  25. witjunkie

    Her neck and arms look suspiciously like she’s been sipping some of A-Rod’s juice.

  26. witjunkie

    And wait – your husband danced the Mexican Hat Dance on eggshells…on stilts?

  27. Halo

    Eh, I like the second outfit fine. It could have been improved upon, but it’s not heinous.

  28. Miz H

    Heh – I was watching an old episode of ‘Scrubs’ last night. Elliott was wearing her hair that way. She justified it by saying “My mom says the bangs frame my face.”

  29. drea

    I think her arms look awesome. Her hair, however, always looks like she’s just come from the gym and hasn’t yet had a chance to shower.

  30. Bambi Anne Dear

    No to romper but jumpsuit is fab!!!!

  31. linda

    the arms are AWESOME! jumpsuit, not so much.

  32. Lina

    Why has no one told her she’s too long-waisted for these things? They pull up and we think, okay, that’s crotchtacular… OTOH, maybe Cammy’s decided her crotch is her best selling point.

  33. ciara

    I have to disagree as AP did: the jumpsuit IS awful. Seriously though, I shouldn’t have been surprised that it’s a jumpsuit, what with all the rompers she wears. And speaking of rompers, they need to go away. They’re everywhere!

  34. Sajorina

    I’m loving the jumpsuit and I’d totally wear it! But, the romper thing Cameron has been doing lately is getting too repetitive and tiresome, even if she looks good in some of them!

    My dear Camy:

    There’s a world of possibilities out there, go grasp and embrace them!



  35. jenelope

    If I could have arms like that, I would pull around a giant tire all day long. I like to see muscles on a woman.

  36. Siobhan

    1) Your husband sounds fantastic.
    2) I’m ever so frightened of Groinland, spelunking or no

  37. Erin

    The Cameron Diaz Romper Tour of 2011 reminds me of my youth, when my super-talented Grandmother made the SAME EXACT DRESS (with puffed sleeves, natch) for me over and over again, just in different fabrics. I loved the first and second ones, but by the 12th one the joy of puffed sleeves had been ruined for me.

    Diaz, buy your Grandmother another sewing pattern!