Fug or Fab: Blake Lively


My favorite part of this is how it looks as though part of Blake’s skirt is attached to her elbow with fishing wire, so that whenever she moves her arm, the hem of her dress pops up (I think she just swooshed that layer of frock skyward as the shutter snapped). I also enjoy how BORED everyone in the back looks, especially that downtrodden kid in the tie. Don’t worry, Downtrodden Kid. Awards season is almost over. Soon you’ll be back at the pub with the rest of us.

My other favorite part is the color. This blue is splendid on her, and she should wear it always. But I have, as Tim Gunn would say, concerns. (I’m also concerned about how I have no idea when Project Runway comes back and therefore I’m don’t know when Tim and I will be reunited.) Is this, or is this not inching toward Fancy Muumuu Territory (an unsettled land bordering Caftania to the south and BeachCover-upsville toward the west)? I applaud her for wearing something that leaves SOMETHING to the imagination (sort of), but I can’t decide if the whole look really holds together for me.

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[Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

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  1. EJ

    This blue is perfect. I have a shirt in this color and NEED a dress in this color because it makes me look tan even though I’m pasty pale. Kudos to Blake (and the designer) for the blue, but think it would’ve been even MORE amazing in a different cut. Well… as in, a completely different dress, just the same color. :-)

  2. Fernanda Trupiano

    It looks like the ugly cousin of the blue Atelier Versace dress Jessica Alba wore to this year’s BAFTA Awards.

  3. Rayna

    What Fernanda said.

    Other than that, Beach Coverupsville fo’ sheezy.

  4. Bella

    I like it. Like the shoes, too. Gorgeous colors.

  5. Willow

    glorious colour but if a dress makes Blake Lively look preggers it is not a good dress and should probably be burnt at the stake.

  6. Rowynn

    I was sure I wouldn’t be the only one to think this looks like maternity wear. It is a gorgeous color, though, and the shoes are perfect with it.

  7. Stefanie

    Love the blue but…IS THAT A BABY BUMP!? ALERT THE PRESSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!111


  8. jess

    I also have concerns-
    To me, I feel like the shoes take away from the elegance and the Grecian vibe of the dress (and the whole look, really) and makes the direction swerve into “I’m going for colour POP!” zone and sort of crash into it. In short, it’s be glorious if the shoes were GOLD. OMG just thinking about it is making me squeal..
    Secondly, I feel like the dress is approriate for walking around on a San Tropez beach or chilling poolside with the cute bartender at the Soda Shack, but not so much for the red carpet. This might’ve been nice for some sort of summer event, but girlfriend, it’s February and since this event was in London, I know for a fact it was freezing.

    But I’ll give her this: It’s an IMPROVEMENT.

  9. Sandy

    I miss Tim Gunn too! When is he coming back. (the dress and shoes are pretty together).

  10. Anne B

    I kind of like it.

    But part of this is because I kind of like *her* (she’s my 14-year-old’s style icon; a huge relief, in part because of shots like this: she always seems casual, happy, and physically secure). If I could like this kid less, I might be able to see beyond my fondness for this shade of blue and the playfulness of the colors, to the many obvious flaws of this look.

    Can’t. Sorry.

  11. Carla

    Um, love for the shoes!! Where is it??? A travesty to be neglected so.

  12. LoriK

    Love the color, love the shoes, hate the dress.

  13. Jenn

    I like her shoes. Pretty.

  14. vandalfan

    Love the purple shoes and electric blue fabric, but pleasenomoremullets, pleasenomoremullets, pleasenomoremullets.

  15. marcia

    I agree with Anne B. She always looks happy to be where she is (not like she’s too cool for it or miserable) and with herself (but not smug or smarmy)….like, it’s not gratitude exactly, but it seems like a conscious choice without being fame-whory. And even when she’s all Boobs Legsly, you still don’t feel like, “eek, I’m about to see something I shouldn’t!” Everything is where it’s supposed to be, and she just seems comfortable. It doesn’t feel in-your-face-ish, or like showing off is the entire point..

  16. anner

    This dress looks like a fry-guy. And I dunno, I’ve been over this baby-doll thing for a couple years, despite its obvious benefits to jelly-bellies like myself.

  17. MKW

    If you have to ask whether or not it’s mumulike, failure has already happened. I do love the color and those shoes!

  18. Lorraine Allan

    Oh yes, I definitely think she may have been a puppeteer in another life! The design of the dress does nothing for me I’m afraid.

  19. Lina

    bad: cleavage cutouts. And that the hemline is cut like a shag haircut starting at her pelvis, which gets me all concerned over why her ladybits need a Farrah haircut.

    good: the blue is nice, and heaven knows we could use some beachy escapism to take the edge off what’s in RL news atm.

    eh: I’m not thrilled with the shoes. I’d prefer orange or yellow to further set off the blue and pick up the gold of her hair.

    otoh: it really IS nice to see her bits and pieces actually covered.

  20. Jojojo

    Colour + shoes is great, but other than that, slaggy alert! This is completely what some Essex tramp (I come from Essex so I don’t mean specifically Essex girls, more what the saying has come to refer to girls from anywhere) would wear, if they had the money and red carpet opportunity. Except they would wear some diamante strappy crap on their feet. Cheap and sheet!

    (P.S. Hair is quite pretty though)…

  21. pidge

    She has wonderful shape and height, and this hides too much. Imagine what stumpification horrors this would do to a mere mortal! She doesn’t need to be giving everything away all the time, but c’mon.

  22. Maryscott O'Connor

    Didn’t I just see this on Alba?

    And I agree with nomoremullets, except, there are always exceptions, and this is one — it lets the gorgeous shoes shine through.

  23. Softwear

    I have CONCERNS about her hair!

  24. Billiie

    Exactly what Stephanie said .. is Blake feeling left out??? Does she want pregnancy rumors started about her? Because she looks to be about 5 months prego in this. Would be nice if Natalie Portman took to dresses like this.

  25. Leah

    It looks like she skinned the martian muppets from Sesame Street, wore the blue one as a dress, and made shoes out of the purple one. Yip Yip yip yip.

  26. francis


  27. The Other Molly

    Okay so many of us took one look and thought “it makes her look pregnant”.
    How did that escape those in the McLegsly camp?
    The shoes don’t go with the dress.
    She has an odd smile.
    She always looks like she’s smirking.

  28. yvetterene

    I don’t care what anyone says, those shoes do not go with the style of that dress. That dress is screaming “take me to the beach”. Those shoes are too dressy. It’s like seeing someone wear heels with a bathing suit on the beach. It’s just wrong.
    The color of the dress is wonderful. That’s as far as I can compliment it. The style is horrible. Boob cut outs, funky hem….

  29. Nina

    Yep, my first thought was that she was pregnant. Dazzling color, poor execution.

  30. Cat

    The color is gorgeous and I love the shoes. Otherwise, the dress is fug.

  31. Fuh Ugh

    Team Jessica Alba

  32. Miss Tee

    I would like to keep the dress as-is, except cut the bottom tiers off, leaving it just around knee-lenth. Otherwise I love it! Love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it!!!!!!!!!! JUST LIKE I LOVE CAFFEINE!!

  33. Melissa

    Yeah, it’s the mullet factor that gets me. It’s so beachy and colourful but the dragging on the ground at the back totally… drags it down.

  34. Bambi Anne Dear

    I need to see just what that extra bit is.

  35. fritanga

    Everything she wears looks as if she bought it at The River in Palm Desert (and that’s being charitable). Why is this woman famous? It can’t be her looks, acting ability or fashion sense, because “down-market” on all three.

  36. kimmy

    i love the color, hate the mullet. plus her boobs are popping out. WHY CAN’T SHE EVER WEAR SOMETHING THAT FITS HER PROPERLY???

    also, i can see this working during the day at Cannes or something, but not a night time red carpet.