Fug or Fab: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle


This is a sneak peek at Anne in her Selina Kyle duds, from The Dark Knight Rises.

Part of me thinks this is great — it’s very Slick Woman of Mystery, and thus appeals to the same side of me that enjoys Dynasty and Passions and believes that people who aren’t at the horse races only wear these hats when they have secrets to reveal at people’s funerals and/or weddings. Which brings me to my question: If you are Selina Kyle, and you have a secret double identity as Catwoman, wouldn’t you rather traipse about Gotham looking resoundingly normal and unnoticeable? Would you really want to shuffle out into the street with your getaway suitcase looking like you knocked out some poor British Airways stewardess, left her unconscious body in a Wienerschnitzel bathroom, and are taking her place so you can skip the country and evade the law in, like, Monte Carlo? It’s the movie equivalent of that time in Kind Touch Parade when the cops asked whose cocaine they found and Jennifer Love Hewitt spent like ten minutes twitching and giving everyone the shifty eyes and then SURPRISE SURPRISE, she got busted.

So, I don’t know. I have concerns. But I guess at least the sinister hat looks fun.

What do you think?

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[Photo: Flynet]


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  1. Sarie

    She looks great! This is the movie franchise that had the Scarecrow and the Heath’s epic Joker, not exactly our real world. Who knows maybe in Gotham women actually wear hats.

  2. ak

    Oh,come now, she looks fabulous. Very film noir. If Kate Middleton were wearing this, we’d all be gushing. I love Kate Middleton, I loved Batman Begins and the Dark Knight, so I’m going to reserve judgment until I actually see the movie.

  3. Carolina Girl

    Remember, Gotham is a place where grown men dressed as bats roam around fighting crime. Compared to that, this is positively schlumpy.

  4. phoenix

    I think you’re forgetting that if that outfit was red, she’d look like Carmen Sandiego.

    That being said, I think it looks pretty good for the character of Selina Kyle.

  5. pinkcheese


  6. AP

    I love the current Batman franchise too. And I have a lot of trust in the director. But the thing is, I do have concerns of her being Catwoman. I LOVE Tom Hardy and cannot WAIT to see him as Bane. I’m only hoping Anne Hathaway won’t ruin it for me. I find her annoying a bit, and after her atrocious British accent in the other movie, I have my doubts about her merits as an actress as well.

    As for this outfit… I think she looks great, only yeah, it could be a bit silly to be walking around like that.

  7. pinkcheese

    I should also say that I would absolutely dress like that in real life, if I had her body, and I lived in a place that ever got below 115 degrees. (This eternal summer is KILLING me.)

  8. Noire

    If you are anything like me, you gave a HUGE gasp of utter horror when you found out that Heath Ledger was cast as The Joker in The Dark Night, and then spent the next several months bemoaning that he was going to be absolutely horrible. Well, Joke (ha! see what I did there?) was seriously on me. Ledger was fucking fantastic. So, trust in the Nolan. He really doesn’t make bad films. Yes, I was surprised that Anne was cast as Catwoman, but there seems to always be a method to Christophers madness.

  9. vandalfan

    Batman is a cartoon, so she looks just fine in a costumey outfit. At first I thought the skirt had a dramatic, windblown leather train, but it’s just her bag on the suitcase. I’m pretty sure I’d kill for those shoes. Well, maim, possibly.

  10. Alicia

    Ha! @phoenix – it is TOTALLY an outfit inspired by Carmen Sandiego!

  11. Chasmosaur

    You can talk about how she won’t be going under the radar dressed like this, but this is the same industry that had you try to believe that 6’4″ Liam Neeson was the perfect CIA field operative.

    Having known a few retired spooks? Most normal looking guys you ever met. I don’t care what Jedi-Fu Neeson brings to the table, he’s too good looking and too large to be that type of operative.

    So, you know, enjoy the look and realize it’s a comic book movie, so we should be grateful that she’s not dressed in something that violates the laws of physics and anatomy. :D

  12. Claire

    People in Nolan’s movies always tend to dress fancier than normal people, so I think this is the equivalent of khakis and a cardigan.

  13. eee

    LOL @ phoenix. Selina Kyle is Carmen Sandiego!

    I will give Nolan the benefit of the doubt, and I’ll give Anne the benefit of the doubt for now. But I still have my concerns. The outfit is fabulous, but I don’t know how I feel about it on Selina Kyle is all.

  14. sandra

    I want to live the kind of life where I would need clothes like that. And since it’s my fantasy, I’d look that good in them too. I’ve got no idea at all about this film; not really my genre.

  15. CJ

    She looks utterly fab. It reminds me of that scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s where Holly oversleeps and then has to get ready super fast to visit that guy at the jail and she comes out of the bathroom looking radiant with that fabulous hat on, saying, “How do I look?”

    No comment on a movie that isn’t even finished.

  16. yeahandalso

    I love the outfit! just wish somebody else was playing Selena, I guess at the very least Anne is a better actress than Halle Berry but still

  17. Janie

    Selina Kyle is an International Woman of MYSTERY. She DOES NOT DO “normal” or “unnoticeable”, any more than Bruce Wayne does (night-time animal-themed dressups notwithstanding).

  18. Anne

    Considering Selina Kyle’s alter ego is a wealthy socialite, I think she is wearing what people would expect her to wear. And she looks lovely.

  19. Sarah

    I liked it until someone brought up the Carmen Santiago connection. Then I LOVED it!

  20. fritanga

    I don’t care what she wears – she is SO going to ruin this movie. In fact, she’s so awful not even my love for Bale will induce me to see it. Why does Nolan always hire such crap actresses (Cotillard notwithstanding)?

  21. Nora

    I just don’t like her, and have never understood her getting some pretty great gigs, like this one. But that outfit is fabdamnulous.

  22. kate

    What fritanga said! (LOOOOOVE Bale and Nolan and Cotillard but dude, Anne Hathaway?!)

  23. Sajorina

    I love this, but I would never wear it if I wanted to go unnoticed! That outfit would call more attention today at an airport or flight than footie pajamas, but it is Gotham City after all!

  24. Lina

    I love the outfit. Catwoman’s backstory has been retconned several times, but in more than one version of it, she was totally a part of Gotham high society, flirting with Bruce Wayne at charity galas and then unknowingly flirting with Batman on rooftops hours later. If they’re taking that tack with the movie, I will be VERY HAPPY.

  25. witjunkie

    My problem is, anytime I see Ann Hathaway, I see the bespectacled teenager yelling “Shut UP!” She doesn’t do sophisticated for me. I know she’s really trying. I always want to give her the benefit of the doubt but she always just seems like goofy Ann Hathaway to me no matter what she plays.

  26. jean

    Given that Bruce Wayne hides in plain sight with his 10,000 dollar suits (or higher!), I think this makes perfect sense.

    I have my doubts about her ability to play “slinky”, but there are different takes on Cat Woman. Sometimes she’s played as a sex bomb, sometimes as a feminist, sometimes as a cat burglar. She’s usually sly, so Anne might have problems with that. But Michelle Pfieffer rose to the challenge. She was very unlikely too. And even though her Batman movie sucked, SHE didn’t suck.

  27. duncecap

    Not to geek out on you guys, but this look is actually true to the comicbooks… at least in the last few years since Adam Hughes has been illustrating the Catwoman covers.

  28. Veronica

    Hiding in plain sight, maybe? Make enough of a ruckus in the public eye, and people think they know everything. I’m willing to give the movie a shot, though I’m a little put off by the fact that they whitewashed Bane.

  29. Daffodil

    This is what I think I look like. At least, when I’m not standing in front of a mirror and presented with direct evidence to the contrary. *So* pretty and ladylike. I heart ladylike.

  30. Danni

    Phoenix is spot on! However, I always did have a thing for Carmen Sandiego’s outfit, even when my age hadn’t reached double digits.

    This outfit is amazing. I want to take it and wear it every day regardless of whether I’m lunching, shopping, getting on a plane, or going to work.

  31. Samantha

    Two things I do not understand.

    1. Casting Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.
    2. Casting Marion Cotillard in the same movie AS SOMEONE ELSE.

    Outfit’s nice, though.

  32. KatSings

    I thought this look was for her new ad campaign, not the new Batman movie?