Kelly Ripa must be sad that All My Children is kaput — it is, after all, where she met her husband, and also where she got to storm around wearing really REALLY big hair. Don’t believe me? Behold:

I know. It’s awesome. She looks like Brenda Walsh had a baby with Vince Neil.

Things have improved since. OR HAVE THEY?

Although I kind of like this, does one REALLY wear a Salute to Georgia O’Keefe to a washing machine photo shoot? I sincerely don’t know the etiquette.

You tell me!

  • NEVER WEAR THIS. (43%, 2,800 Votes)
  • Always wear this! It's cute. (26%, 1,710 Votes)
  • I liked it until you brought up O'Keefe, and now I feel weird about it. (22%, 1,434 Votes)
  • I didn't like it until you mentioned O'Keefe and now I LOVE IT. (8%, 510 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,456

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