Fug Madness 2011: Your Final Four

We’ve had a lot of close games, and a lot of surprisingly NOT close ones, and yet — as with every Fug Madness — we’ve ended up with a Final Four that richly deserves to be here. On our bracket we said we’d do one game Thursday and one on Friday, but we lied — we’re going to play them both on Thursday, to give people more time to vote before the finals on Monday.

First up:


This feels right. Taylor — who has dominated almost every single game so far — got her toughest challenge yet from Ke$ha, but she still snagged the 53 percent of the vote she needed to continue.  Meanwhile, Miley ended Jessica Simpson’s best-ever Fug Madness run by capturing 63 percent of the vote. Much like this year’s final four in basketball, this feels like the marquee matchup of all three that are left (including the final), to the point where you wish the randomizer had dumped them in different halves of the bracket. Alas!


In the end, after I accidentally eliminated her prematurely, Gaga almost got knocked out for real — but not quite. It was close all day between her and Nicki Minaj, with about 100 votes separating them, until finally Gaga pulled away and won it by a margin of about 300 votes. Our other top seed on this half of the bracket, Rihanna, could not stand up to Mischa’s year of fuggery, and Ms. Barton advanced with a two-thirds majority.

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Comments (51):

  1. Jennifer H.

    Misha’s the VCU of Fug Madness!

  2. Mongerel

    Where are my manners? I have not thanked you, Fug Girls, for the hilarious icons for the brackets. I was just looking at all four of them together and busted out laughing. It’s the little details like this that make this site so much fun.

  3. Rayna

    Brilliant. Not to be pushy, but I do hope there will be a slide show to music recapping the high (or low) lights of Fug Madness 2011???

    Pretty please, with sugar (or stevia) on top???

  4. Ana

    I am SO HAPPY…I got Momsen x Cyrus..That’s going to be espetacrotchlar. On the other hand I am DONE with Lady gaga.

  5. Chrissy Cunningham

    this should be a battle of EPIC proportions!!

  6. AmyJ

    Momsen all the way!!!!! Thank you Fug ladies for my daily dose of sanity!!!!

  7. marcia

    Taylor Momsen ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Damian

    Team MILEY in the house! Diverse, skanky, hillbilly, smug, untalented fug for the win!!!!

  9. Stefanie


  10. Andrew S.

    No one but Taylor should win since I can smell her need to be seen as ‘edgy’ from here. and it reeks of the saddest kind of try-too-hard desperation.

  11. daisyj

    Damn, my bracket is toast. Never expected those kids to make it this far. Also, how did Leona Lewis get herself knocked out so early? I mean, she designed that fug!

  12. Ellen C.

    I think this will be a good demonstration of the Fug Madness voting philosophy divide. I fall on the side of not voting for people who dress crazy to get attention (Lady Gaga, Ke$sha); rather, I believe the crown should go to a hot mess who genuinely believes (or seems to) that she looks good (Jessica SImpson and everyone but Gaga in this Final Four, e.g.).

  13. Lisa

    I too underestimated the power of the Children of the Porn. (Sorry, bad pun.) I only got one of the final four right: Momsen. Because, duh. But I thought (hoped?) that Minaj would beat Gaga.

  14. shadoop

    I weep for Swinton. She had better bring it next year!

  15. Lynne

    Lisa, on the contrary, that’s an excellent pun which the Fug Girls should steal for the final when Taylor takes home the trophy she so offensively under dressed for. So much fug here. Andrew S, you’re so right. The desperation that Taylor is exuding is really what’s taking her so far. That and her tendency to show off her underage coochie from a stage! I’m calling it now. Taylor wins.

  16. Christian

    I have a comment/question – is it just me, or did all of the polls remain open WAY longer this year? I’ve been playing Fug Madness (love it) for several years now, and in the past the polls have always closed promptly in the evening (I’m in the Central Time Zone). It seems this year I could check a poll the day after it was posted and it would still be open. What gives? I’m probably just bitter because Paz didn’t beat Gaga, but I always liked the fact that you had to get in your vote the same day, because it coincided with basketball games and, well….it makes sense.

    Nevertheless, I love the Fug Girls and Fug Madness, and I’ll cry if Lady Gaga wins this year. Team Miley or Momsen.

  17. Cecily

    Brilliant, as ever, as always, thank you, fug girls, it all works out somehow, isn’t it something.

    TMom v. MyCy is just sublime, may the best fug win. I’m hoping Gaga will be pushed aside by the stalwartly fug Mischa. And I have said TMom for the win, I’ll say it again. Girl needs to be fugshunned!

  18. Dazie

    My bracket is totally shot. MOMSEN. Really? Defeating $? Huh. My only final 4 that actually ended up there was Miley Cyrus.

    The fug is weak in this one.

    I’d stick to basketball, but, well, I live in Kansas and we all know how well THAT worked this year. *rolls eyes*

  19. roser

    Wow, the younger generation is really rocking this contest!

  20. Jessica

    Happy to see my Momsen vs. Mischa final two coming to fugtacular fruition!

  21. Jessica

    “It seems this year I could check a poll the day after it was posted and it would still be open. What gives?”

    What gives is that we are really overloaded with work this year and we kept forgetting to go in and close them. Sorry!

  22. Amanda6

    Momsen vs. Mischa. Make it happen Fug Nation!

  23. roser

    Must see archives… must see archives …

  24. Claire's mom

    While I would love to vote for Gaga (sheer craziness), Miley (underaged craziness), or Momsen (underaged, nasty, where-oh-where-is-this-girl’s-mother? craziness), I cannot help but feel that their individual “styles” are extensions of their performance lives on stage/in the recording studio/at the club/in the the back of an Econoline van/whatever. This might miss the mark of the true heart of what FUG is all about. Mischa’s stage, on the other hand, is that of LIFE, and the director is continually giving her notes about her costume choices. Please, Mischa, take the notes to heart and start dressing like a normal person and not some flashback trip to a Good Will store with a side trip to Michael’s to buy stuff to keep your hot glue gun busy. MISCHA FOR THE WIN!!!!!!

  25. Sajorina

    I don’t know if I’m in the minority, but I see the Fug Madness Crown as a penalty/punishment for all the offensive FUG I’ve had to endure from a “celebrity” and not as a prize/sanction for all the FUG that has amused me during the past year!

    Since the begining I’ve voted for whoever’s FUG offended me the most to the point of wanting to punch the offender in the face! I would never vote for someone who’s having fun with their FUG and is proud of it, but for someone who takes their FUG way too seriously and is vainglorious about it!

    MOMSEN FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Cami

    I agree with Ellen C. above. I don’t think Lady Gaga should be in the final four at all. She’s wacktacular, yes. But she is not trying to be stylish—she’s claiming it’s art, not fashion. The remaining three ladies, on the other hand, are a different story entirely. They’re trying to look good and failing epically.

  27. Tina


  28. jeannette

    mischa barton, i’m shocked. she’s so clearly mentally impaired, and not in any kind of hip way. the wave for momsen also feels, mmmm, a little more cruel than even i wish to be.

  29. Heather

    @Cami But think of it this way: Gaga DOES therefore think that everything she’s wearing is Important and Meaningful and Special, which doesn’t make her any different than someone like Mischa who thinks everything SHE wears looks good. Gaga is just as deluded, make no mistake.

  30. optimistic baby

    Is it possible for both Taylor and Miley to advance… I mean, they deserve it!

  31. Jen

    as a Richmond native: GO VCU!!!

    as a fugger: GO MOMSEN..because God knows I’ve never letting my daughter go out of the house dressed like you.

  32. Grant

    Hey, um, actually I appreciate you guys leaving the polls open a bit longer this year. It’s great for those of us fans who are abroad and want to participate but are asleep when the polls are up, haha. That said, thanks for making this so much fun!!!! For those of us who loathe sports this is something I can really get behind 100 percent! :)

    That said, I’m also disappointed about Kesha (eff your dollar sign I refuse) as she just looks so greasy and disgusting all the time. :( Aw well. My money’s on “Destiny Hope” or Momsen. Wish they were in the final 2 since I love me some Gaga and Mischa bores me (Did you know she was in a direct to video movie about everyone’s favorite Russian faux lesbos, tatu? I HAVE to see that and you ladies HAVE to review it at some point since I bet it’s fug city:)

  33. catwoman

    I’m sorry but Mischa is totally the worst – sad, lame and the ultimate fug!

  34. Poppy

    Lisa, Children of the Porn is brilliant! I too was a little disappointed to see the young ‘uns made it this far – they’re just playing dress-up, didn’t we all? While their experiments may contain more vaj then most of ours, still, it’s hard to take them seriously.

  35. Mahastee

    I agree with Grant, keeping the polls open is a blessing for all the international members of Fug Nation.

    Thanks for all the hard work ladies, We LOVE YOU!

  36. Jessica

    YES! That’s right. We did it for the international members! Actually, next year we may keep them open a bit longer, just so everyone CAN vote.

    Thanks for all the love, y’all — we’re so happy you guys still enjoy Fug Madness.

  37. vandalfan

    Miley seem to radiate fug like a nuclear bomb, unpredictable and mutating, but Taylor is more directional-specific, intense and unremitting, like a surface to air missile. (Also, the product of a professional stylist.) I think Miley better represents the spirit of Fug. Misha is pitifully wrong, and since I refuse to shovel any more time or thought into Gaga’s gaping publicity maw, I can see Hannah Montana taking it all this year.

  38. Amanda in Austin

    It’s gonna be Momsen. No doubt.

  39. Molly

    MOMSEN FTW! I had 15/16 correct for the Sweet Sixteen (I totally underestimated Cabrera), and now I only have 1 right in my Final Four!

    Thanks, Fug Girls. Fug Madness is my favorite time of the year. I can’t wait for Spoiled to come out!

  40. Bambi Anne Dear

    I’m so disappointed Jessica missed out. I was so sure it’d be a Jessica/Mischa Fug Off.

  41. jen310

    I’m disappointed JSimp. won’t be in the finals but these are some damn fine match-ups of fuggery. I look forward to their respective battles. Game on, bitches!
    P.S. Fug Madness is the shiiiiiiiiiit!

  42. Jules

    Hoping someone takes Gaga out of the running. I feel like giving her fug too much attention might cause her to spontaneously asexually reproduce. One gaga is as much as I can handle.

  43. Hannah

    I don’t think Mischa can beat Lady Gaga, but I’d like to believe both Taylor and Miley have a shot. The title of Fug Champion is just what Gaga wants, and winning it will give her license to continue her shtick, which has long since gotten old if you ask me.

    Ellen C. and Claire’s mom: I agree! I think the winner should be the person with the most hilariously misguided ideas about what looks good, not the ones with the most elaborate strategies for getting attention.

  44. Sarah

    OMG is Mischa going to take it this year?!

  45. jerkygirl

    Oh, this is getting exciting!!! I’m sad that my beloved Nicki M. got toppled by boring old Gag Gag, but at least now I don’t have to decide whether to vote for “Gloriously Awesome Fug” vs. “Awful, Horrible, MY EYES, MY EYYYYYYYES!!!” fug–they’re all awful!!! My money (not literal money but you know) is still on Momsen going all the way, but I don’t know, Miley’s game’s been pretty strong. I want a T. Mom/MisBar smackdown for the championship.

    . . .and Jules, ROTFL @ the thought of Gagagagagagagaga asexually reproducing :D :D :D

  46. yvetterene

    This is so great!!! I’m not sure who’s going to take it this season. Between Momsen, Barton, and Cyrus they are all so evenly matched (or fug). I just hope that Gaga doesnt take it. For many of the same reasons already listed. And frankly, I’m just tired of seeing her around.

  47. E

    PLEASE let’s collectively ignore Gaga. I think of this prize as a warning to the winner/offender, and Gaga would surely take it as a compliment. She wants the attention for being Out There, while Misha, Miley and their ilk think they are Cutting Edge.

  48. AJ

    Still think Mischa should have been given a bye for the competition this year — as Jeanette says — troubled and not in a hip, “look-at-me” way.

    On the other hand, T-Mom has the kind of puerile brattiness, humorlessness and brainless self-importance that I see carrying her to victory over both goo-goo and Gaga. Much as I love this site, every time T-Mom pops up here, I feel like a shower.

  49. Fuh Ugh

    This morning they had a trivia contest on the radio. “Name the NCAA schools in the Final Four.” I thought, “duh, ridiculous, anyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows that! What a give-away.”

    Only. I couldn’t name them. I did come up with three of them, but I didn’t know the fourth. Then when they said on the radio which they were, I certainly hadn’t known that 4th one. It wasn’t like it just slipped my mind; I genuinely did not know.

    But I know my Fug Madness Final Four! I know the brackets and matchups and who they bested to get here …

    I’m just sayin’.

  50. Christian

    No need to apologize Fug Girls, I didn’t mean for that comment to sound bitchy. I’ve loved this site for years, and you two clearly work your asses off for it, especially around Fug Madness. My fug favorite Paz just needs to BRING IT HARD next year.

  51. Amanda

    As long as Gaga doesn’t take it, I’ll consider this year a success. I’m sad because I don’t think Mischa can take her down which means she’ll get second place… but the Momsen is a beast. She’s my prediction for the winner.