Fug Madness 2011: Final Four, Game Two


This matchup really encapsulates the battle of two different fugs — and yet I contend they’re not actually that different after all. Yes, Mischa probably thinks she looks good in all her clothes, without an accompanying statement. But just because Lady Gaga barfs up a lofty reason for all her attention-whoring — namely, that it’s art — it doesn’t mean she doesn’t also think she looks really awesome. In fact, I’d venture that she for sure thinks she is rocking our world. To me, the bottom line is, fug is fug is fug, whether you’re wearing it because you think it’s art or because you think it’s artful. But that’s just my opinion, and I always enjoy when our readers duke out their points of view in the comments. This should be a brisk debate. Bring it, Fug Nation. Certainly these two deserve whatever you sling at them about their outfits.

I think one big reason Gaga ultimately downed Nicki Minaj is how damn dour she is. Nicki’s cheerful craziness elevates some of her hideous clothes into something I can feel affection for, whereas Gaga just seems like she’s having a miserable time.

And who can blame her? She’s in Milan, spending all her time dressed as a dominatrix bride. I’m sure that’s not fun to do, nor to be around — I mean, would you want to hang out with this person? It’s like, “Oh, great, Gaga has to use the bathroom. We’re not getting out of here for another half-hour AND she’s going to need me to buckle her panties.”

I’m not sure I’d want to hang out with this, either:

You’d end up being the friend who has to police her boob tape and cut her out of the sequined neck casing if she gets too sweaty.

Here, you’re the friend who has to check her train for her wallet, and hold up the veil if she needs to blow her nose.

Or the friend who has to rub ointment on her thighs when the plastic chafes, and swear to her that, yes, you totally looked like a giant masked condom, and not at ALL like the Flying Nun.

Maybe you’d be the friend who has to puree all her meals so she can eat them through a straw.

Or tell her, “Hey, um, Gaga? You might want to tug up your undies.”

Or, “Ow, GOD, Gaga, can you sit somewhere else? You keep poking me with your shoulders, asshead.”

Or you could get stuck as the friend who mops up the meat juice from any surface she grazes, and has to spray her with human Fabreze so that she doesn’t start to smell like a rotting corpse. Meat Juice Wiper looks awesome on a resume.

So does Seat Disinfector.

However, it might be worth it for those times when she finally takes a header in the middle of an airport and you can be like, “Oh, wow, gee, sorry I couldn’t help you — I was too busy fluffing your train.”

Or you might relish the chance to say, “Oh, no, you TOTALLY don’t look like the cruise director of a Love Boat for Carol Channing enthusiasts.” I fear that’s what I might do. I would be the opposite of a Get A Grip friend — in fact, a Loosen Your Grip friend.

I’m beginning to think THOSE friends are the only kind Mischa Barton has, if any. How else to explain that she was allowed to wear this?

Friends don’t let friends wear dresses that make you look like a flight attendant for Bra Airlines.

Friends don’t let friends wear a dress that’s so scaly it needs its own moisturizer.

Friends don’t usually let friends wear hip ruffles that look like a dissected denim scrunchie, unless said friends were really drunk.

Friends might consider letting friends wear this, with different hair, and a buzzing device with which they could shock her every time she needs to straighten up or risk those feathers laying two eggs. But friends definitely do not let friends do this:

In fact, friends, if pressed, steal those from your bedroom, burn them, and then plead ignorance.

Those shenanigans might explain why her theoretical friends would let her get away with this. Honey, it’s polo, not Roaring Twenties night at your grandmother’s nursing home.

Friends definitely do not let friends confuse Christmas tree skirts with human skirts.

Friends really should NOT let friends drop acid in Claire’s Accessories.

And friends only allow THIS to happen if what Mischa has walked in on, which has taken her by such surprise, is a fashion intervention. So you see, I am genuinely concerned that while Gaga has only unhappy friends, Mischa has none. Maybe her agents should stop trying to get her work and start trying to get her Tim Gunn.

Need more evidence against either of them? Check the Lady Gaga and Mischa Barton archives. And then get jiggy with it.

Whose fug reigns supreme?

  • Lady Gaga (40%, 5,092 Votes)
  • Mischa Barton (60%, 7,687 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,747

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Comments (166):

  1. geemee

    Mischa, this is your time. Grab the Fug championship with both sweaty hands, gurl!

  2. amandaanne

    Mischa, because I don’t want to talk about Gaga anymore. That’s just giving her what she wants.

  3. Lori

    Mischa all the way. Sincere everyday fuggery trumps costumey performance art fuggery in the Game of Fug.

  4. Peggy

    Mischa, because she’s not doing it on purpose.

  5. Cecily

    I was starting to think that I would change gears and vote for Gaga, based on the analysis of being the friend who has to… but then we got to Mischa, and that fug cannot be more worthy of the title of Fug Madness winner. I am now convinced it will be a close call between Momsen and Mischa. P.S., “denim scrunchie,” and “drop acid in Claire’s Accessories.” Hilarious.

  6. Janna

    Gah, this is SO HARD.

  7. Gina

    Gaga tries too hard…Mischa is a natural-born fugger. Mischa FTW!

  8. Sarah

    While Gaga considers herself performance art, Mischa is just terribly bad at dressing herself. I’m voting for Mischa.

  9. Lisa Bryant

    Mischa has the crazy eyes. Gaga wants us to THINK she has the crazy eyes.

  10. kirsty

    Imagine how much FUN you could have dropping acid in a Claire’s Accessories though

  11. Marinn

    Poor Mischa. When she’s smiling, she looks like such a cute, normal person. But I really am weary of Lady Hijinks.

  12. amy

    I think Mischa Barton totally takes the Fug. Gaga is purposely dressing in COSTUMES. She’s trying to be weird and out there and off the wall. Mischa is just wearing clothes and, as far as I can tell, is not purposly trying to dress fugly. And in my book, unintentional fug is worse than intentional because it means you have no clue at all.

  13. katie

    I felt too sorry for Mischa to vote for her, like beating up someone while she is down. Gaga has my vote.

  14. Cory

    Mischa HAS to win FM2011 !!!!

  15. Amanda

    MISCHA, of course. I haven’t voted for Gaga once since this started and I’m not going to now.

  16. Erin

    I don’t think we should reward Gaga with any more attention – that’s what she wants! Misha needs to be woken up from her OC haze. WE HAVE A MISSION TO HELP HER, PEOPLE!

  17. Kary

    This is the Nature/Nurture dabate played out in fuggery. In my book, natural fug wins out every time over costume fug. Mischa FTW.

  18. Kristin

    Mischa all the way. I’m so tired of Lady Gaga’s “Look at Me” schtick. She wants people to comment, Mischa just thinks she looks nice, which is way sadder in my book.

  19. Miss Em

    It’s about time we call out a collective “FOUL!” at Mischa and her cankle-inducing monstrosities.

  20. erin

    I can’t vote for gagme. I just want her to go away.

  21. Bethany

    I can’t believe Gaga can wear a MEAT DRESS and MEAT SHOES and be deemed anything but FUG!?! They’re both awful, but seriously, a meat dress gets my vote. It’s repulsive.

  22. ASageOne

    Looking through the archives, I JUST realized that they were up against each other in the Elite Eight last year, and Lady Gaga pulled ahead. Mischa for the win this year!

  23. jeannette

    at least mischa doesn’t claim to be wearing carol channing pantssuits for art’s sake. and, she is mentally impaired. gaga ftw.

  24. Gretchen

    Lady Gaga dresses this way on purpose. Mischa Barton is actually trying to look good. I think that should be taken into consideration.

  25. TarynE

    Mischa is a disaster. She has no clue how to dress her body. Ugly, ugly, ugly.

  26. Christina

    Mischa FTW. Just like how the Great Pumpkin rises out the pumpkin patch he considers the most sincere, I vote for Mischa because her fuggery comes from the heart.

  27. TonyG

    I don’t hate Gaga and did vote for her in previous rounds because others could not match just how bad some of her get-ups are despite their creativity, but Mischa’s clothes are just U.G.L.Y., with no alibi. I mean a peach mumu with bats??!!??

  28. Willow

    Mischa is just clueless and tragic, Gaga, as much as I hate to say it, is sometimes kind of Wackadoo Fabulous.

  29. Val

    Lady Gaga is overcompensating for an unfortunate face and ripping off Madonna. Anyone going against her gets my vote!

  30. Sharmon

    In the end, it came down to this: GaGross knows better but chooses to “shock” (and annoy); Mischa, however, doesn’t have a clue.

  31. aa

    mischa mischa mischa!

  32. Kristin

    Lady Gaga’s not fug, I contend, but then I don’t think Nicki Minaj is either. Theatrics aren’t fug! I know this is the eternal debate. I implore the electorate to think about what you feel when you look at these ladies. When i look at GaGa, I feel sort of vaguely annoyed mixed with an admiration of her ability to walk in shoes like that (most of the time). When I look at Mischa, I feel immense, unwavering sadness. Sadness is fug.

  33. Katie

    This match up is awesome because it delves into an issue at the core of fug philosophy – natural fug talent vs. crafted fug statements. To me, the natural always wins! If you are trying to look good and you always end up looking fugly, that is true unparalleled fug talent (Mischa)! It’s can’t be topped by all the effort in the world (Gaga). Mischa somehow uses crazy hair, washed out make up, and unflattering weird clothes to fug up her pretty face and body.

  34. foo

    In Mischa’s last pic, she looks as if she spied a pile of multi-hued hot pants with suspenders thrown thrown out and waiting for pick up at the curb of ill fashioned repute. “Oooh… Yes!” ;)

    Mischa for the win.

    The last dress completely sealed. Frump and button boob view gap. Plus that scaly dress really scares me each time I see the pic. Yikes.

    The other contestant- I’m not typing it- looks as if she should be wearing a hair shirt to go along with the “joy” of her art. “I’m too arty for my shirt”

    Plus wearing meat is not a statement about how people treat you, it’s disgusting. The cow is also a lot worse off than you. I could wear vomit, but I don’t. It’s implied.

    Oops! There goes my last bit of empathy for pseudo tortured artists nerve. lol

  35. Kate

    Misch-A! Misch-A! Misch-A!

    I have to say though, I’m not sure if her issue is that she didn’t figure out how to adjust her style as her body shape changed a bit or if she just ALWAYS used to have a stylist when she was on The O.C. I can see remnants of that former style (flapper looks, mixed patterns, flat laced shoes, etc), so I wonder if she just used to be better able to get away with it when her face was fresh, her hair was shiny, and her figure was rail-like… Still, most of these abominations she’s wearing now wouldn’t even have worked on her figure back in the day, so I’m guessing the answer is 75% stylist, 25% new body.

    I’m rooting for her though. I’m not sure why (she’s not a great actress or anything), but I kind of want her to get herself together and start working again (or at least start looking good again.)

  36. Hannah

    Mischa’s beating Gaga! Go, Mischa, go!

  37. Ray

    Mischa FTMFW. Gaga, as has been said many times, is doing drag queen/Grace Jones performance fug (although she is excessively serious about it). Mischa is fug for fug’s sake. Her taste veers from rest-home granny to West Hollywood crack ho. And her weave is at Britney levels of heinousness. There’s an attractive girl under there somewhere–maybe if she wins Fug Madness some kind stylist will step in, burn her current wardrobe and help her reclaim her Marissa Cooper style…

  38. Michelle

    @Lori – you summed it up perfectly!

  39. Kristalynn Busskohl

    I am sorry, I am on the side of the Meat Dress… Which can only be referred to with capital letters, because it is an entity all its own. I can’t handle her, thus she has my vote, regardless of costumery hoopla; the only time you can ask someone if their clothing has been tested for Mad Cow.

  40. Tami

    Am I senile, or wasn’t there a time – long ago when she was a fresh-faced newcomer on the OC – that Mischa was something of a style icon? Not here on GFY, but I seem to remember her being lauded in a way similar to, say, a Chloe Sevigny or Sienna Miller. Am I crazy? Did that really happen or did I dream it after one too many vodka tonics? Remember the hideous red skirt with the giganto buttons? Those high-waisted shorts she wore this past year of fug REALLY bring that nightmare back to me.

    For me, about 75% of Mischa’s fug could be fixed just by ripping out those awful extensions. That peek-a-boo print dress above – awful as it is – is made about a hundred times worse for me with that scraggly, too-long, too-orangey-bright-blonde hair fanning out around it.

    I don’t know if she ever was the nascent fashion-forward-thinker I may have hallucinated her being reported as, but this is about as fugly as you can go.

  41. Lynne

    I love that Gaga has made it this far if only because I get to look at that photo of her falling off her shoes over and over again. Seriously, it never gets old.

    Still, I voted for Mischa because there’s just something so faded and tragic about her.

  42. Willow

    I hope this doesn’t end like Paz Vs. Gaga, I was devastated and hit the whiskey like… well… Paz.

  43. Kim

    GaGa = performance art. Doing it on purpose.

    Mischa = no taste or style. Doing it because she thinks fug is pretty.

  44. Christa

    Gahhh. I didn’t think anything could top the Meat Dress, but…look at Mischa in the slim black dress with the weird hip ruffles. SHE LOOKS GOOD. SHE IS SO CLOSE.

    I’m in awe of someone who can make so much pretty look so bad, with such regularity. Mischa FTW.

  45. Bexmarie


  46. LindaD

    Mischa is beating Gaga — IT IS ALL OVER!! She can roll right over TayMo and win this thing.

  47. Phoebe

    Yeah, Mischa. Like everyone else has said, Gaga is all about the theatrics and the shock factor, it’s her THING! Mischa just has zero sense of style.

  48. Lisa

    Sad, droopy fug v. pretentiousm dour fug. Sigh. This is why I was routing for Nicki.

    Anyhow, I was one of those who was all set to hold my nose and vote for Gaga–that meat dress is just gross–but Mischa literally cannot put an outfit together. Mischa FTW!

  49. gryt

    Mischa x 1000000000000000000000000000. She’s not TRYING for fug.

  50. Beth

    I just can not support Gaga’s fame-whoring. She WANTS to be fug so bad that it makes me not want to vote for her. I feel like she knows its fug and works for the fug. Mischa, however, just IS fug. Naturally and without artifice.

  51. Melissa

    Mischa – girlfriend not only has ugly dresses but a horrible penchant for ugly shoes (those beaten down brown oxford-ish things have been in several pictures – ugh).

  52. Kate

    what Peggy said. I do love the look of absolute horror that everyone is wearing around Gaga in the 4th pic though.

  53. vandalfan

    Intentional vs. unintentional fug. The eternal quandary. I refuse to feed the troll, or pay attention to…THAT. Herself wants it. Mischa is stumbling blindly away. Mischa FTW.

  54. Chaiaiai

    I feel guilty in voting for Mischa because I’m not firmly convinced she’s not suffering from mental health issues and/or substance abuse problems. However, in the past few years, the Fug Madness champ has tended to fall out of the limelight a bit. I’m hoping that if Mischa does win, her time away from the spotlight will involve a make over/make under. And new gays.

  55. Stefanie

    I am so happy to see Gaga is going to be GoneGone. (Ha Ha…Lame I know!)

  56. Erin

    Gaga’s pretentiousness will get my vote every time. She rightly deserves our scorn; Mischa just deserves our pity.

  57. Erin

    By the way, I just noticed that Gaga is wearing the same shoes in every picture….

  58. Rosanne

    True fug over costumes every time.

    Mischa FTW!

  59. hank

    GaGa bores me but she’s got my vote for needing to use a child’s head to balance herself.

  60. rmcgrudiva

    This comment:

    ” I could wear vomit, but I don’t. It’s implied.”

    and Mischa, FTW!

  61. Angela

    Mischa is a lot like Jessica Simpson — I just feel sorry for her because she doesn’t realize how bad she looks, whereas Gaga reminds me of any number of pretentious art students I went to school with, and I just want to slap her, splash her with mud and tell her to get over herself. I voted Gaga because voting Mischa would have just made me sad.

  62. Aych

    MISCHA! Gaga should never have gotten this far in the first place.

  63. Aria

    While Gaga has some true heinosity, hers is costume fug, so I cannot vote for her. Besides, even though many of my brackets got messed up, I had Mischa and T-Mom as the final two and I would love to be right!

  64. LadyK

    Gaga intends to look like this and it is getting boring. Mischa just has no clue. She totally brings the fug.

  65. LadyK

    Also I can’t look at Gaga’s Hannibal Lector headgear anymore its freaking me out

  66. Renata

    Mischa’s done it again! Mischa, Mischa, Mischa!
    And you know that Marcia Brady would be really into a lot of what she’s wearing: never a good fashion yardstick. The hair’s already there.

    Fame whore:
    You bore.)

  67. AmyS

    Every round I swear I’m not going to vote for Gaga because her “performance art” isn’t really fug to me…and then the picture of the meat dress comes up and I actually have a physical gag reaction every single time, so yeah, fug all the way.

  68. Naz

    I voted for Gaga because I find her attention-hungry schtick to be the essence of fugliness. She is just such a repugnant person. Her SOUL is fug.

  69. Chrissy Cunningham

    I went for Gaga. little miss mushy actually looked decent in one of those pics! lol and i loved the bat dress, sorry! I just realized all of gaga’s outfits make HER adppear fuglier than she probably is…. and that’s mega-fug

  70. Kris

    I voted Mischa because I saw her profile picture on imdb.com and she looks SO pretty. Seriously, go look at that, then back at this. The contrast between that and what we see here is just saddening. For her, it wasn’t just the clothing, it was her sad fried hair, and her smudgey clown make up that decided my vote.

  71. Jilly

    Once upon a time the National Gallery of Canada spent a crazy amount of money on an installation piece called — wait for it — Meat Dress. It was steaks hung on a dressmaker’s dummy and allowed to rot. When all the steaks had completed rotting they were replaced with new meat. The artist said it was a statement about women’s self image and eating disorders and whatnot. The year was 1991. And that’s why I can’t vote for Gaga. Her intent is to be edgey and artsy and to shock. But she’s doing stuff that’s 20 years old. Which, to me, makes her attempts at High Brow Fug a failure. So, if you try, and you fail, clearly your Fug does not reign supreme.

    I hate to vote for Mischa, though, because I think she’s a depressed, former-TV-starlet who doesn’t know what to do with herself anymore and that makes me sad.

  72. nobody

    I was all set to vote for Gaga, just because of the hooves. No matter what else she wears, she’s wearing stupid hooves. But then I scrolled down. Mischa ftw.

  73. Katie

    the difference between these two is Gaga is at least (in my opinion) doing her own trend thing.. it’s god awful, but she probably see herself as some sort of pioneer bringing a new sense (or “Scents” when it comes to that meat dress. *blech* i might have just been inspired to become a vegan!) to the world of fashion, whereas Mischa just… yeah. I believe she actually thinks she looks good in what she’s wearing, and she’s not doing it to be a freak like Gaga!
    I totally vote Mischa.

  74. Erin

    I voted for Mischa but I spent a horrifyingly long time looking at the Hannibal Lector mask picture of Gaga and I have a couple questions and observations…
    1. EVERY time I look at this picture the reflection near her lips always looks like she has crazy ass buck teeth that her lips can’t cover (kind of like those goofy pacifiers parents force their babies to use just bc it makes the parent giggle).
    2. She is totally using that poor kid’s head for support so she doesn’t fall over.
    3. Do my eyes deceive me, or is Ms. Gaga wearing sheer panties? SHEER PANTIES!!!

  75. yeahandalso

    Several of each of their looks made me sigh and roll my eyes. But for the others Gaga’s looks made me smile or giggle and Mischa’s just made me sad. Sad is fuglier than giggles. Mean she looks like Gary Oldman’s Dracula, but in pink…how can you not be delighted by that?

  76. Melissa

    This is so exciting. Mischa B taking down Lady G! Go girl!

  77. granny

    I don’t think Fug Madness should be about sad.

  78. camille

    I would vote for Mischa even if I WASN’T pissed at Gaga for taking out Paz. Which I am. But Mischa and her sad, misguided fug kick the ass of Gaga’s “SEE WHAT I DID THERE?” fug. And, you know, the whole “see what I did there” meme implies a certain degree of fun-loving-ness, more Nicki than Gaga. Gaga is no fun at all. Neither is Mischa, but I wish she was.

  79. sarah

    i can’t believe you haven’t posted or linked to those HORRIBLE yellow high waisted jeans that misha wore last year!! if those weren’t the epitome of fug, i don’t know what is…

  80. Natty

    Performance “art” (and I hesitate to say art) is not true fuggery. Mischa for the win. Gaga needs to stop being such an attention hog.

  81. momo

    I was laughing as I scrolled down the pics of Gaga but then I got to Mischa’s, and all I could say all the way down was WTH and shake my head. I knew then my vote had to be for Mischa.

  82. Ana

    Hey Gaga, want shock me? WEAR A FREAKING JEANS AND A T-SHIRT. Then i will give a crap about u again..U are just boring by now..

    Mischa for the win.

  83. Jill

    So interesting that both of these fuggers were born in 1986 (though Gaga often looks 20 years older). We have the 25-year-old bracket and the teenage bracket.

    I too thought I would vote for Gaga, but I remember from The OC what Mischa is capable of and she has fallen a long, long, long way. Not a fan of Gaga in any way, shape or form. Her shoes are just stupid.

    Apparently my mind is still not made up!

  84. val.

    Now that I’ve voted for Mischa, I feel strangely guilty about it. Like, poor girl. It takes a lot of fug to bring down Gaga!

  85. la_chica

    I have to vote from Misha because her fug looks so natural, so effortless. Gaga’s fug is so calculated that it doesn’t seem real.

    Misha, you can see that her fug is truly part of who she is. Without fug, there is no Misha. I really hope she wins.

  86. val.

    @Erin… I thought those were Gaga’s teeth too!

  87. Heather

    I have to say, I am thrilled Paz de la Huerta lost. Having to write those posts, there was like 10 percent bad outfits and 90 percent her crazy face and her drunken aura, and to me there’s no way that could compete with any of this.

  88. Sandra

    I hate to pile on Mischa when it seems like life is getting her down, but I wouldn’t vote for GaGa for anything. The most terrible thing you can do to an attention-whore is not to pay attention. So “la la la, I can’t see you, Stefani Joanne Angelina.” [covers eyes]

  89. Shelby

    I wish that there could have been a Mischa vs. J. Simp matchup. Battle of the unintentionally wacktackular fug.

  90. Sajorina

    I voted for The Fame Whorester!!! Does she really think that she can get away with offending the public at large with her FUG because it’s “Art”? Can she expect me to forgive/condone her for wearing underwear in public places where there are thousands of unsuspecting people, including children? Bitch, your name is Stefani, not Special… Get over yourself!

    Mischa may not look happy, but she looks content! Her FUG is tragic, but at least she covers her lady parts and doesn’t go out in her underwear! I’m sorry, Mischa, I don’t have Tim Gunn’s phone number, but if I did, we would be planning an intervention for you right now, to which I would totally invite the Fug Girls as co-conspirators (*cough*), I mean co-interventionists!

  91. Erin

    I cannot believe that Mischa is winning! But I guess I can see the argument that voting for GaGa is giving her what she wants. Remember that blessed time when the FugGirls pretended she didn’t exist, until it was no longer possible? Those were the good days. Regardless, I maintain that pretentious fug is fug all the same.

  92. jen310

    Ah, soooooo glad to see my girl, Mischa, winning this battle. Both are fug, but Mischa’s crimes are greater because she just has no clue. Gaga’s fug is too attention seeking, too “LOOK AT ME, I AM LADY GAGA, BITCHES! I’M HERE AND YOU WILL NOT DENY ME MY PLACE IN POP CULTURE OR HISTORY!”. Truly fun fug for awhile but as lovers of true fug, dear Gaga, our message to you is “WE”RE OVER IT!” You want to shock the world, Gaga, then make it a Chico’s kind of day.

    Mischa, you fug up everything on your person. From your clothes, to your hair, to your makeup, you are the epitome of fug styling. The FM 2011 crown is your’s for the taking. Mischa 2011!

  93. Becky

    It seems the voting is a reaction against Gaga herself-and true Fugery has be compromised!

  94. Kristie

    Nothing can beat the meat suit! I can see where Mischa is going with a lot of her outfits, and some would be cute with a tweak here or there. Lady Gaga is INSANE and none of her outfits are even cousins to cute.

  95. Margot

    Mischa’s totally gonna take it!!! I can’t wait until she is officially crowned the Queen of Fug!

  96. Jenn

    Mischa has my vote. Lady Gaga does this as part of her schtick. Mischa actually leaves the house thinking she’s got style…

  97. Sharon

    She no doubt has minions that prevent photos of said occurrence from seeing the light of day, but you just know that Gaga runs out to the 7-11 for a diet soda in jeans and a T-shirt, utterly normal looking and thus unrecognizable. Mischa on that same errand would wear high-waist, acid wash jeans and a T-shirt 3 sizes too big or too small, plus it would be shredded or something. As so many have noted, Mischa cannot dress herself flattering if you paid her big bucks, while Gaga is paying ridiculous amounts to make purposefully make a statement. It’s heinous, but just not Fug the way the majority of GFY fans are defining it.

  98. Chris

    Fine, Fug Nation. I’m voting for Mischa, just because she’s actually not trying to look weird.

    Honestly, though, Gaga is debatable. She is attention-whoring, but this is a woman who wore an outfit made out of salmonella. On her salmon bits. In a way, Stefani is not fug because of her clothes – it’s because of her CONSTANT NEED to make a STATEMENT which is fug in and of itself.

    And I say that as a guy who had “The Fame Monster” on repeat much of last year. (I may be a bit of a Monster, but I have standards, dammit.)

  99. Scott Schulz

    I was planning from the beginning to vote Gaga all the way through the tournament because: MEAT DRESS. But then I hit this entry and thought, “You know, at least the MEAT DRESS was tailored.” Mischa FTW.

  100. MsB

    Mischa’s fug is honest fug.

  101. mepe

    Every time I see the Hannibal Lector mask picture I think that Gaga buck teeth, too! Or some sort of retro vampire teeth. BTW, I LOVE Misha’s bat dress…awesomely batty! My vote goes to Gaga!!

  102. The Moonay

    I’m honestly stumped that Mischa is overfugging Lady Gaga. Is she that much of a disaster, or do people still like Gaga that much?

  103. Lucy

    I’m annoyed by Gaga. I’m depressed by Mischa. One is a cry for help, the other is a cry for attention. Both noises make me want to smother the noisemaker with a pillow. A plain WHITE EGYPTIAN COTTON PILLOW.

    Although Mischa’s clothes are fug, I find Gaga’s attitude fuggier. She wears that all the time, so she gets my vote.

  104. KK

    Mischa, for a number of reasons, all of which have already been covered in the comments!

  105. Noxqqivit

    OMG… Mischa is going to take down THE GAGA!!!

  106. Gabby

    I usually enjoy this site, but I think it is unkind and misjudged to publicly deride someone who has suffered from mental health problems. The material about Mischa Barton reads like high school bullying.

  107. Kaitlen

    I really don’t want to give Gaga any more attention than she’s already so desperately seeking, but I think that the words “meat dress” convey the epitome of fug.

  108. MrsRedFox

    I think if Gaga winds up winning, she’ll find a way to portray her Fug Championship into an some kind of artistic statement that us mere mortals are too dumb to comprehend. Also, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes wore condoms first – and better (RIP).

  109. sarah

    Lady Gaga is doing it on purpose to look freaky. Mischa is dressing for real life.

  110. marcia

    mischa in this one, yeah….but Taylor M ftw.

  111. AJ

    I am with granny and gabby on this one — fug should be fun not sad. I love snark as much as the next girl, but piling on when someone is already down?

    It won’t much matter though because Momsen is a force of fug nature.

  112. Ducki

    Gaga all the way! I know everyone is sick of talking about The Gag and all that, but her leathered, bedazzled, vadge-flashing fug is still mightier than the comparatively demure cotton bloopers of Ms. Barton. Gaga is so baffling and pathetic and gnarly that I can’t even listen to her music anymore. And that’s sad because she’s talented.

  113. Anne B


    Mischa again, huh? You people **really** like sad.

    And I think I’VE got problems.

  114. Chris

    AJ, I’m not so sure.

    I mean, I spent pretty much all of last weekend pleading with Fug Nation to go for the Smiths (they are human and they need to be fugged, just like everybody else does), but apparently people either really liked “The OC” or really hated “The OC.”

    I dunno. It was hard, because there are no winners in this. Yeah, Mischa’s had a rough year. (Were her mental problems this year or last year? Well, her nervous breakdown; God knows that it takes quite a bit longer to recover.) But if Gaga wins, no one wins.

    This is why we should have voted for Paz de la Huerta in the Sweet Sixteen

  115. atz

    Mischa’s pink and white dress with the boob and stomach cutouts is the worst. It really bothers me that the “bra airlines” part looks like a bra on upside down.

    Strangely, Gaga is looking sort of generic to me. Some of her pictures don’t even look like her — I think they must be Ke$ha or one of the many other costumey fuggers. I think Gaga has lost her edge and now her “outrageousness” is banal.

    I voted for Mischa because Gaga’s outfits are forgettable to me — I suppose that actually makes them more fug because they are not even serving their purpose? I don’t know. Whatever. I voted for Mischa.

  116. colleen

    Yes..Gaga is an art whore but she doesn’t look like her clothes smell bad. I’ve wanted Mischa for the win all year!

  117. Electric Landlady

    Ewww, the scale dress looks like it’s molting all over the red carpet! Ewwww.

    I showed Mischa’s pics in the last round to my cousin, who is not as up on these things as I am thanks to GFY, and who has not seen a photo of Mischa in a while. She actually screamed. There was much on the theme of “Her FACE! She was so beautiful! WHAT HAPPENED TO HER FACE?!”

    Mischa FTW! Let’s hope it’s a wakeup call. I, too, am sick of Gaga.

  118. Hannah

    The people who have said that it seems wrong to give the victory to someone as sad as Mischa make a good point, but I think it’s fair to vote for “Oh, honey, why are you selling yourself short like this?” over “You’re so dramatic you’re boring.”

  119. Emily Withrow

    Mischa because she’s not an intentionally out-there character like Gaga is.

  120. Bittybis

    Lady Gaga WANTS us to talk about this. I would love it if she would just disappear. Plus, Mischa wins it on the strength of the peep knee leggings and the grandma dress.

  121. Jules

    Mischa is just sad because there is no costuming involved.

  122. lydia

    I thought about this all day, and I think I’m going with Mischa. She’s quite lovely – she should be able to effortlessly look incredible, yet she somehow manages to choose outfits that are unflattering to her as well as ugly on their own merit.

    Gaga is in costume, and though she wears very ugly costumes indeed, I feel like she hasn’t done herself any real injustice. We can’t really see her. She’s so pretentious she’s almost invisible. Actually, maybe I’ve just brought myself back to Gaga. Because truly, what is more fugly than pretentiousness?

  123. purleygirl

    I’m owning to my vote for Mischa Barton for Fug ’11. My theory is that much of the hideousness that is Lady Gaga to be theatrical and get attention. In contrast, Mischa may actually think that she looks normal or maybe even a little classy in her fashion choices. It’s her obliviousness that got my vote.

  124. Laura

    I feel like Mischa needs to find someone, anyone, who will say to her “honey, you are the cutest thing, but you have to deal with the fact that you are a pretty pretty pear-shaped princess, and some things are just not flattering to your hips.”

  125. AJ


    Somehow I have never once considered the possibility that Gaga could win this thing. As a relative newbie to GFY, my first exposure to T-Mom came during Fug Madness 2011. From the first time I saw her, I’ve thought she owned the title.

    Indeed, still kind of stunned that Gaga survived the Minaj challenge.

  126. karen

    Yes! I mean there’s a million reasons to hate Gaga (she’s desperate for attention, she tries too hard, she’s a pretentious pop star, blah blah blah) but at the end of the day she just looks STUPID.

  127. July

    I will seriously leave the country if Gaga doesn’t win this!

    Ok, maybe not. But, it is hilarious that she isn’t winning this. No matter how fugged up Mischa’s wardrobe is, it doesn’t comapre to the whatever it is Gaga wears to attempts to cover herself up with.

  128. Christian

    To everyone saying “Wow, you must really love a trainwreck” or “I can’t believe you voted for Mischa, I can’t I feel so bad for her”…are you new to Fug Madness and/or this site? There are a ton of messes in Hollywood, the question is whether or not you honor their fug. And Mischa is true fug. She deserves to win, CHECK the hair/makeup/clothing above and in the archives, seriously,

  129. dianna

    It always looks like Gaga is trying to look as outrageous as she can, while Misha is just doing what comes naturally, so I’m giving it to Misha. It’s hard to be that tacky without trying.

  130. Suzanne

    Though I voted for Gagga in the Gagga vs. Minaj showdown, I had to go with Mischa Barton for this one, for all the above-stated reasons. She’s in civvies for god’s sake! Gagga’s just a showboat who’d be delighted to win the Fug Trophy: It would mean more (negative) attention for her. Mischa for the win (in this round at least)!

  131. Sol

    I’m voting for Mischa, only because she dresses like that IN EVERYDAYREALLIFE…lady gaga is putting on an act…whatever…i’m boreddd gaga!

  132. elyse

    Agreed with Peggy up there… Mischa, because she’s not doing it on purpose

  133. Kelly

    It has to be Mischa. At least the fug that Gaga wears fits

  134. Kelly

    It has to be Mischa. At least the fug that Gaga wears *fits*.

  135. Jules

    I understand that Gaga is trying to overthrow the world with her Fug. But what is Mischa’s manifesto? I am perturbed.

  136. Sajorina

    @Gabby: I agree with you!

  137. Liddy Knight

    I am sick of Lady Gaga and her artier than thou attitude, and I simply do not want to reward her with anything, no matter how dubious.

  138. Jo

    Please, let’s get rid of Gaga. Please.

  139. Sherri

    Gaga wears weird clothes — or wears things not usually considered clothes.

    Misha just looks weird in her clothes and she pretty much sticks to recognized clothing forms and yet CANNOT MAKE IT WORK.

    I’d argue that, as bizarre as Gaga Gets, she does occasionally make it work. Sometimes it is purely interesting to see what weirdness she finds to put on.

    Misha is never what I would call “interesting to look at”. Mostly it’s pure pain and humiliation on her behalf because — really — it’s not any fun to look at her.

    Misha gets my vote. That’s a real, real, real case of sincere unintentional fuggery.

  140. Carl

    I don’t care about Gaga one way or the other, but Mischa just jumps out, especially that Christmas tree skirt with the plumes. The first few times I saw that I thought those were open wounds on her legs.

  141. Earthgirl

    I feel Gaga has the truly uglier clothes, but yet I don’t want to give her even more attention. Choices…

  142. Christin

    Gaga, because I am SO OVER HER and her stupid outfits.

  143. marcia

    whatevs…..Momsen will win, and then my bracket totals will be respectable!

  144. Sarah

    “fug is fug is fug.” You should give Plato credit when you quote him!

  145. Sarah

    OMG. Mischa is so sad that I think I want to cry. Really. Would I be happy if she took the crown? Would I burst into tears in some catharsis? I don’t know BUT I VOTED FOR HER.

  146. Liz

    Everytime I see the picture of Lady Gag Me taking a tumble I feel a little more gleeful.

  147. CJ

    I’m giving the fug to Mischa. Gaga has Nicola and her “Haus” to thank/blame for much of her wardrobe, but Mischa fugs it all by herself.

  148. Montréalaise

    Gaga reminds me of that kid we all knew in elementary school – the one who would do anything and everything to get attention. At first he was funny, but as he continued his “look at me! look at me! look at me!” routine day after day, it became annoying, then tiresome, and you finally wished he would just go away forever.

  149. CranAppleSnapple

    Mischa is winning purely on the strength of looking greasy? My hair needs a wash, can I play?

  150. Softwear

    Mischa. Crazy Eyes. All the way. You know what’s the worst about that girl? The SHOES!!! Oh…my…lord!!!!!

  151. Softwear

    Remember Mischa’s “yellow pants” phase? The terribly ill-fitting yellow pants!! Or the red suspender shorts? The brown shoes, every single day ugly ugly dowdy brown shoes of yester-decade??? Ugh. She always wears this terrible booties that totally cut her off at the ankle and make her legs look chunky. She is a girl that needs heels, or her legs look…not good. And don’t get me started on that hair, my god GIRL JUST GO TO A SALON TODAY JUST DO IT!!!

  152. yvetterene

    It is hard to go against someone who is wearing a meat dress with matching meat shoes. But Mischa’s fug is just so much worse to me. Hard to explain. Mischa ftw!

    OMG! How hard is it going to be if it comes down to Taylor vs Mischa?!

  153. Olivia

    Mischa’s clothes are something someone actually thought was a good idea at some point in time. Lady Gaga’s clothes are just.. Lady Gaga’s clothes. There are no words. She is above fashion.

  154. Frenchie

    I do love Lady Gaga, the weirder she is, the more I love her. Her songs are awesome and she gives an incredible show. Altought, I have got to say, after looking at all those pictures, I am now worried that she might get back pain soon with all thoses weird platform shoes she is wearing… her forties might not has fun as they shoud be because of all those “abuses” in her twenties…
    But I voted for Misha who seems just clueless, poor thing.

  155. Krista

    Such a difficult decision for me. However the final straw for me with Gaga is that she wears those same clunky shoes ALL THE TIME! So. Fug.

  156. Stina Newman

    I’m simply bored with Gaga’s monotony. Shock no longer produces any awe. Misha still has the potential to surprise in one of those “Oh my goodness…seriously?” moments.

  157. The Other Molly

    Clearly, Gaga’s attire is the most offensive, hence the most fug.
    Clearly, people are just voting for Mischa because they are tired of Gaga.
    This match up makes me uncomfortable because I think they are both mentally disturbed.

  158. Amok

    I don’t feel like voting for Mischa is mean-spirited, because being a fug champion isn’t a “HATE YOU YOU SUCK GO DIAF” award; it’s in honor of how befuddled, scrunchy, and “oh honey.. no” the GFY community has felt over the past year in regards to one person.

    The most common theme throughout all of the commentary on Mischa is how easy it would be for her to be stunning; she’s a very beautiful woman, and somehow she manages to make herself look anything but. It’s mind-boggling.. I understand the mental health issue argument, but at the same time, no one here would be bagging her if she was showing up in sweats with no makeup during a rough year.

    It’s the.. the cutouts, and the lace patches, and the Elvira makeup, and hip ruffles.. that has us all going “mascara, lippy and a LBD Mischa. PLEASE!”

  159. Amy

    Gaga definitely, mostly because she seems like she takes herself far too seriously, and is also kind of a wang

  160. CranAppleSnapple

    I am impressed with your comments, Amok, and I agree it is an honour to win.
    I miss the happy fug of Swinton and Bai. I am audibly sighing. Mischa makes me feel depressed. I wish Minaj was still in this. :)

  161. Janice

    “Mischa, because she’s not doing it on purpose.” x 2

  162. The Other Molly

    Never in a million trillion years would I have guessed that this contest would come down to Mischa vs. Momsen.
    And if people wouldn’t vote for Gaga because she’s over the top,
    they won’t vote for Momsen for the same reason.
    So we might as well just hand this to Mischa.
    Although I kind of wish she had been left out this year, for the same reason she was left out last year.
    The girl is not well.

  163. footie

    I really hope Meesh goes all the way and beats Tmom. I mean, Tmom is a one note and her fug is the same fugging fug every time. Meesh is a MIRACLE of fug! She can fug gowns, shorts, leggings, jeggings, skirts, hats, bats — she’s practically a Hans Christian Andersen character!

  164. Cynthia

    I voted for Mischa and I’m glad I did after I talked to my 20-yr-old daughter. I brought up the ‘banana pants’ from 2010 but my daughter reminded me of that horrible Lifetime movie, The Homecoming (2009). So we’ve been we’ve been waiting for this moment for quite some time.

    Mischa FTW!

  165. Julie

    After reading all these comments (!!) I just need to say, that I really think Gaga deserves some more props for all her hard work in the music business. ‘Cause it’s a tough one, and I think she has mastered it big time by doing the things she does, and by not being afraid of her creative ideas inside or peoples reactions. I don’t actually think she does this just for the need of attention. I mean, when do you actually see a paparazzi-pic of her? She is good at keeping her private life to herself – unlike A LOT of other celebs. So yeah, when she is out there, she really IS out there, doing her thing. And I admire her for that. It’s not fug, but a confident and intentional brand.

  166. barbarena

    I believe the correct word here for Mischa Barton’s style is artless, which conveys a sense of lack of art and by definition means naive. We are all agreeing that her naivete (“not doing it on purpose”) is key here for the Fug Madness win.