Fug and Fab: Beyonce

“Why, yes. Yes I am carrying the Savior of Music in my swollen womb. You can send thank-you notes to my manager. And in the meantime, I am going to make this the most fabulous damn pregnancy you have ever seen. WATCH OUT, Jennifer Lopez. You’re being served.”

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  1. Molly

    I adore Solange’s shoes!! See? It has already begun.

  2. Jennifer

    Solange *does* look cute… But can we discuss Beyonce’s weave?! What is going on there?

  3. vandalfan

    Still proof that hats worn so far back on the head make the wearer look affected and ass-tacular, no exceptions. The second photo makes my back hurt for her, with the hoof-shoes and sticking out her abdomen so hard. The third thing is a wearable jelly-fish, and why didn’t Solagne get to change clothes?

  4. Annie E

    Solange looks freaking awesome.

  5. Kit

    You’re right. Solange IS adorable.

    And I can’t wait to see five more months of spectaular(ly bad) maternity wear by Beyonce. She already gets my vote for most entertaining pregnancy!

  6. Stefanie

    Solange looks so cute!

    I find it sort of odd that B & J are being so upfront about the fact they are expecting considering the fact everything they do together is extremely private. (It’s silly but I’m still steamed I have never seen a picture of her wedding dress. I mean it is MY RIGHT as a paying customer of the internet, RIGHT?) I can’t help but wonder why.

  7. Lynne

    I want everything Solange is wearing. She looks amazing. And her hair pretty much rocks all kinds of ways.

  8. TaraMisu

    Ok, Solange DOES look cute. Will wonders never cease? Isn’t she usually a front runner in Fug Madness??
    And in that 3rd photo, the woman behind Bey cracks me up!!! It’s like she’s looking at the bubble dress and saying wtf???

  9. JB

    Ugh, five more months of these pregnancy weaves is too many.

  10. becca

    1. how bad are beyonce’s extensions?

    2. where can i get solange’s blouse? i am not kidding in the least. i WANT it. WANT WANT WANT. NOW NOW NOW. it will make my life ever so much better.

  11. Donna

    Solange is really good at shoe matching. All those other actresses who wear shoes that show 90 percent of their feet have much to learn.

  12. Caity

    to Becca, that blouse is actually Prabal Gurung for J. Crew, and still available on their website, here:


    it is adorable!

    I love that Solange has, at least for the the moment, learned how to be unique without stumbling into crazy town

  13. Anne B

    I think the whole spectacle of Bay-Z is so funny (in a good way). I’m really even down with that preggy jellyfish, you know? Of course that’s how our girl would dress her baby bump. Of course.

    And Solange looks demure and striking at once. Well played, young Knowles! The student has become the master. :)

  14. Jenn

    This whole thing just made me fall in love with Beyonce. She was crazy before, but now she is CRAZY adorable!

  15. Geemee

    I can’t get past B’s cracktacular weave. She could be wearing the Best Outfit Ever and all I would see is that weave. Somewhere, Solange is giggling with evil glee. She probably suggested it.

  16. Kristina

    My sister-in-law and I have taken to calling the baby Beezus.

  17. megs283

    ha! that bubble dress gave us a preview to Beyonce at 9 months. For a second there I thought I passed out and flash forwarded… to… whenever the baby is due.

  18. Mary

    You know what strikes me about photo 2? Beyonce’s body at FOUR MONTHS’ PREGNANT looks better than my non-pregnant self looks on a good day. I am trying not to be bitter about that.

  19. Clare

    Solange is cute, and Jay-Z and Beyonce are freaking awesome, no matter what they wear. After quite a few years of Beyonce, we know to expect extravagance, flattering or no, so good on her for consistency.

  20. Daffodil

    As, @Mary, don’t feel bad. Every woman looks better at four months’ pregnant than most of us look on a regular basis. That’s because they have made it through the first awful trimester, they’re showing enough to where people aren’t playing “pregnant or doughnuts” (thanks for that one, Heather!) — which means People Are Nice To The Poor Pregnant Lady, they haven’t started to get swollen ankles (or worse), and they can eat ice cream with abandon. When you feel better than you have in months, people are nice to you and you can eat ice cream, YOU LOOK GOOD!

  21. anonymoose

    That dang fugly hair on B is longer than the leather shower scrubber she is wearing. She gives and she gives.

  22. Susan

    Man! I hope the baby don’t look like the daddy. He is just plain UGLY!!!!!!

  23. Jasmine

    How fabulous is that glittery dress that Beyonce is clothing the Zeyonce in? So so fabulous.

  24. Christopher D

    Solange looks Freaking BEAUTIFUL! So much cuter than B, and that bubble thing B? No-no-no!

  25. witjunkie

    Solange has really come into her own in the last year. She may not even make it IN Fug Madness 2012!! I like how her style is still dancing around the edges of crazytown but she’s tamed it so it looks good and we see HER. Like Tim Gunn says, Edit!

  26. conchobara

    I second vandalfan’s comment: why the hat on the back of the head?? Always looks ridiculous. Inevitably makes me think of whatsherface Simpson. The more forgettable (i.e.: less crazy) but no less sartorially challenged sister.

  27. liz

    @geemee – word re heinous weave. admittedly, in my opinion, most weaves are heinous even the ones that purport to be “expensive.” solange on the other hand looks amazeballs with her gorgeous natural hair styled to sublimity.

  28. reba

    Did B know she’d be sitting down in the front row in that bubble tutu? (Of course she did.) She looks like she’s squeezing those knees together for all she’s worth! I love the way S puts colors together – that’s how you do it.

  29. Lina

    God I love Solange. How did that even happen? But can we talk about Beyonce’s extensions? Because there is no good there.

  30. Im

    What is going on with her hair!?

  31. G

    “And in that 3rd photo, the woman behind Bey cracks me up!!! It’s like she’s looking at the bubble dress and saying wtf???”

    Really she’s thinking to herself “Didn’t Beyonce know that thing is is a centerpiece not a dress?”

  32. SmazenySyr

    I love how Jay-Z’s wary expressions lend themselves so well to Insta-Dadness: “Well, you got a C+ on that Biology quiz, so no, you CAN’T have the car.”

  33. fed_esq

    Solange’s note to self: I can be kooky and cute at the same time! Yea me!

    My aside: Call Jay-Z “UGLY” on a style blog is declasse.

  34. Katharine

    What? What’s wrong with Jay-Z? What are you all smoking down here? I think he looks pretty hot, a nice big strong-featured wall o’man, one of my favourite kinds! (When the limp, bony, poetic-looking ones aren’t.)

  35. becca

    Thank you Caity!

  36. Emma

    I want to put Solange on top of my Christmas tree this year. I also want satin print pants and I want to look as good in them as she does.

  37. Ioana Liliana

    ‘Zeyonce’s first camping trip’ is a perfectly accurate description. Well, it’s either that, or Beyonce fell into quite a large pumpkin.

  38. blah

    Did J just get of his shift as a mall cop and didn’t have time to change out of his uniform?