FOX Upfronts Fugs, Fabs, and a Brief Blurb of TRUTH, Y’ALL


It turns out that FOX has put together a fall slate full of people I actually really like. Huh. That hardly ever happens. LET’S LOOK AT ‘EM.


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  1. tarasaurusrex

    Hey, I was at this! Lea’s dress looked a lot nicer in person. It seems like it doesn’t photograph well.

  2. Katharine

    Okay, who is this Zach Gilford guy in that obnoxiously hipster see-through tissue sweater? Over a Beefy T? I am not in favour.

    I very much like Naya Rivera’s dress, mullet and all, EXCEPT for the heavy polyester knit from which it is clearly made. I applaud her antiperspirant, which must be working overtime.

    • Carolyn

      I can only say this, watch Friday Night Lights and you will forgive him any and all sartorial missteps.
      I’m Australian, had no idea what on earth they were doing on the field right till the last episode but I loved every second.
      Can’t wait to see him on my tv screen again.

  3. TaraMisu

    Awwwwww Brit Brit! This should be interesting!

  4. Eliza Bennett

    I second inexplicable love for Naya’s peachy mullet dress. (Peachy Mullet Dress. Georgia bar cocktail or 80s tribute band?) Lea Michele has drunk the marchesa swirlyboobnekkid koolaid. I can’t wait to see her, in, like, a nice jacket, t shirt and jeans.

  5. Leah


  6. fiatluxury

    aw, cat deely. were we not just debating the merits of cranberry pants? based on hers, i’d say YES.
    am pleased Brit Brit has returned just because it will no doubt result in many, many, Letter of FUGS part WHATEVER, Y’AWL, and goddamn, i love those even better than Hola Lovers.

  7. Sabrina

    Wait, hold up? Does Matt Saracen have a new show on FOX? Must. Know. Now.

    Everyone looks fairly boring/acceptable except Demi Lovato. What the frak is she wearing?

    • Megan

      Right on about Matt S.

      What the heck is NBC doing to its reliable cast members? Matt (OK, OK, Zach G.) was on Friday Night Lights and was awesome, and Mindy just about runs The Office. Uh, wouldn’t you want to hold on to them?

      (I’m a bit cynical, having read Top of the Rock last week)

  8. kathotdog

    I don’t know a lot of these folks, but I really hope that Kevin Bacon is the serial killer and I wish I were tiny so I could wear that pink and white dress.

    • Wendy

      Apparently, Kevin Bacon is a retired cop of some sort who comes out of retirement to hunt the serial killer. I will most certainly be watching!

  9. Jasmine

    Oh man. Cat Deeley. Fab fab fab.

    Hannah Simone is so fricking cool. I love her as Cece, I love her cramazing hair, and I LOVE that skirt.

  10. Kit

    - You think Jenna looks cute? Look a little harder at those CUT OUTS!!!

    - Hate Naya’s dress although her shoes are good. And whyfore the cat barf colour on so pretty a girl?

    - Cat Deeley pretty much always looks awesome (except when she looks cractacular which is also awesome) but she’s so nice that I totally love her regardless and will always give her a pass.

    - Really, really, REALLY like Lea’s look. I mean really, really!

    - Zooey is too old for that outfit. Seriously.

  11. Amber

    Love Mindy Kaling and I’m excited for her new show, based on that trailer. And she does look great here.
    Totally with you, Jessica, on the boring shoes everyone is wearing. I am so over neutral shoes. Blech.
    I’m so glad Britney has a real job! I can’t stop pulling for this girl and I think, maybe, she’s got things back on track. And I LOVE the letters of truth, so I am hoping for more of those, now that she’s out and about again!

  12. Charlotte

    I was unprepared for just how happy I’d be that Brit Brit was working again.

    I did a double take when I saw Naya Rivera. From the neck up, the styling is very Juliana Marguiles. Actually, cut the dress off at the knees, and the whole thing is very Alicia Florrick. Both of which are things I never expected to say about Naya.

  13. Linney

    Chris Colfer looks like he might be wearing a leather suit or maybe half a leather suit. I might be wrong on this but if I am right, I want you to take back the dapper. Leather suits are not dapper.

    Zooey, enough with the tights, already.

  14. MB

    WHERE IS SCHMIDT??????????

    • Waterproofpenny

      Serious!! Blah blah blah Zooey Deschanel blah blah dark tights blah blah. Schmidt and Nick are the reason that I watch New Girl and I’m totally rooting for both of their careers to take off.

    • sarah

      I came here to say the exact same thing!

  15. Erika

    I really like Mindy’s dress! It’s a nice color on her and THAT is how you dress lush hips.

  16. Lisa

    Is that a cardboard cut out of Ryan Seacrest or the live, human Ryan Seacrest? Martha Plimpton looks lovely.

  17. JaneEyre

    I think James Purefoy’s hair pretty much always looks like that.

    Does anyone else think Kevin Bacon looks……….bad?

  18. Rebecca

    Love, love, love Mindy and can’t wait for her show! She looks great here.

    I also cannot believe how excited I am about Britney on X-Factor…I usually hate these singing competition shows but I really think I’m going to have to watch (or at least TiVo & fast forward through) this season. I like Demi too, though her clothes are usually pretty cracktacular (especially here)…but that should make for some good Fug the Shows!

  19. Shiitake

    Love Mindy’s dress, and the Gleeks looked very dapper.

  20. Nebula

    Britneeeeeeeeeey!! Yay! (Is it a coincidence that both she and Demi Lovato are making grin-and-bear-it faces and refusing to allow their arms to come in contact with Simon Cowell in that picture? It’s all very, “oh god, don’t touch me, creepy boss”.) Also, Demi, what is going on with your hair. Your actual hair is so lovely and flattering, why all of this extra business, and with the blonde?

  21. Adu

    I got distracted by James Purefoy and then all I learned from this slideshow is that James Purefoy has a new show. Will I watch it? Likely not. FOX isn’t as liberal with nudity the way HBO is. Will I be rewatching Rome this weekend though? Affirmative.

    • Ama

      James Purefoy as Marc Antony was pure sex! I wanted to make out with my tv screen because of him.

  22. AM

    My main complaint with these photos–only one picture of James Purefoy? Please tell me he’ll use his “real” accent on this show. And I like his suit and shirt.

    • Other Emily

      He needs to have his own accent. I do wish he’d be nude, but I’m willing to watch him clothed so that I can be reminded of how hot he is when he’s nude. HBO is like my best friend, really.

  23. elle

    Britt on TV yay!!! Simon needs a Fug treatment, plunging hirsute vee neck and all.

  24. BD
    • Kathryn

      I was wondering the same thing! I can only assume Pacey’s getting his very own post. Until then I have tumblr which has approximately 70,000 pictures of Josh Jackson and Anna Torv at the Fox Upfronts.. I believe one of them even had a comment about their clothes.

  25. vandalfan

    19 out of 21, not a clue. Also, that Newton gal’s standing in buckets, methinks.

  26. Caitlin M

    Yikes, Zach Gilford, bad look. But AMEN on the Emmy. If “The Son” wasn’t a perfect Emmy reel, what was? Sigh, poor Matt Saracen. Am I going to have to watch a new TV show? Do tell.

    • Carolyn

      You just made me tear up by the mere mention of ” The Son”. At least Matt lived happily ever after with Julie Taylor.

    • Kara

      “The Son” was the best episode of TV – not of Friday Night Lights, of TV – that year. Simply amazing television. I had no idea Matty was going to be in a new show!

  27. Mary

    What? No Fringe shots?? I’m surprised since Pacey is in it… I’ve got them on Facebook… Albeit it’s not the best I’ve ever seen him.. .

  28. mary lou bethune

    I love MIndy, New Girl and all its stars, Lea, Don Johnson, ZOOEY but I am sick of Darren … his head bobbing is the reason I stopped watching GLEE…
    the blonde in the pants made a good choice- very chic…

  29. Sue

    Nobody’s commenting about how lucdicrous Simon Cowell looks? Trying hard much?

    • Art Eclectic

      “Trying hard much” describes all his actions in trying to make X Factor far, not working.

  30. Trey

    Hannah Simone looks lovely, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that it reminded me of something I’d seen on someone else, something that I had very negative feelings for…and then it hit me:

    Color-reversed, but still!

  31. Donna

    Wither Schmidt? 21 photos and not one of the fantastic man that is one of the main reasons to keep going back to New Girl? Another reason I love him is that I recently saw a pic of him with his 3 year old daughter at a reading event, and besides that it alone was adorable, I wondered if he had been a SAHD until the show took off. Bonus points!!

  32. Kara

    Am I the only one who was reading to see what Britney would “say”? I mean, I did learn that Matt Saracen is going to be in something, which is INCREDIBLY valuable information, but I also really wanted to see what Britney had to say about her new job. And I am looking forward to her being out more. Her extensions look like crap, though – I’m sure her real hair is completely fucked up from wearing extensions for so long, so I kind of want her to shave it again, buy a top-notch wig (she’s getting $15M, she can afford one), and let it grow back healthy.

  33. fritanga

    Where the hell was Max Greenfield? And Hannah Simone looked beyond cute and beautifully put-together. That’s how it’s done, Deschanel (AGAIN with the dark tights?).

    Jake Johnson is a sad little man with funky hair and clothes, but he was obviously so happy to be there, you’ve gotta smile.

  34. Mooshki Mitchell

    Only 8 more days until the glorious new season of ‘So You Think You Can Guess What Kind of Crazy/Awesome Outfit Cat Deely Will Wear This Week?’ begins! Woo! And Hoo!

  35. Neil

    Jake Johnson’s hair does indeed look terrible (and usually I think he’s really cute). I feel like he needs to put some money in the douchebag jar for that over-gelled look.

    Hannah Simone looks great, and I like Cat Deeley’s outfit too, peplum and all.

    Don’t like Lea Michele’s dress at all. It’s a little too try-hard for me. I guess that fits in with her Glee character, but still…

    James Purefoy is the hotness, I don’t even mind the hairstyle. And his suit and shirt looks good.

    • Erin

      Too much of Schmidt’s hair chut-i-ney, I suspect. I have unnaturally high hopes for the pairing of “New Girl” and Mindy’s project.

  36. ChaChaHeels

    Just yesterday I was wishing Britney would try and make a comeback somehow, just so I could experience the letter of fug again. And here she is! I will not watch X Factor, but I will forever be grateful for its existence because Simon Cowell is indirectly responsible (gotta give him credit here) for forcing both HOLA LOVERS and Letter of Fug, Y’all into creation.

  37. TonyG

    More Britney monologues! That was hilarious. Maybe when you do recaps of X Factor in the Fall, it can be done with Britney monolgoues!

    • ML

      I’m lighting a prayer candle now just so this will happen. I need those in my life again.

  38. wordphreak

    I would put Martha Plimpton in a more interesting DRESS! She is way too fabulous for that grey thing.

  39. Victoria

    Lea Michele – pretty face – wha?? One of these things is not like the other.

  40. Struds

    I think Dakota Johnson is the spitting image of her dad

  41. ML

    You had me at “TRUTH, Y’ALL,” Fug Girls.

  42. Alison

    I don’t know who Mindy Kaling is, but I’m feeling the frock, so pretty. Her tan is a little too Valentino for me, but I’m just being picky. She looks cute!

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