Fines and Fabs: Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart has never looked THAT comfortable doing press, but she’s made a huge improvement between now and the first Twilight movie. That being said, I haven’t seen her look so sad at a series of premieres in a long time. I don’t think she looks sullen or crabby — and her body language w. R Pattz and Lautner both looks as relaxed and comfortable as ever — I think she just looks sad. Maybe she is sad because these are the last Twilight premieres she will ever attend, and a huge part of her life is finally drawing to a close — that kind of thing can make you melancholy. Maybe she is just thinking that she is going to miss having the always affable Taylor Lautner around. Maybe she dropped her cell phone in the hotel toilet. Whatever it is, I hope she cheers up. And I don’t mean that in the BE GRATEFUL AND STAND UP AND SMILE sense as much as I mean it in the Kid, I Think You Need a Vacation, So Go Get Yourself a Mai Tai sense.

The good news is, at least this time her outfits are cute.

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  1. Stefanie

    That yellow dress is fab. I seriously love it. And I love it even more because it isnt see through. Or lace. Or cracked out. And those shoes? Please come home with me!

    • Jasmine

      DITTO TIMES A THOUSAND. I love that first outfit so much. Even more so because I did my hair in a braid just like that last night– I’m so fashion forward!

      She definitely looks a little… downtrodden. I see sadness behind those eyes. It is super refreshing to see RPatz looking so HAPPY OMG SO CHEERFUL! though. It’s either one or the other, I guess.

      • Kate

        I WANT that yellow dress, bustle and all. I could really use some more volume in my trunk, and I hope this trend sticks!

  2. Other Emily

    She looks great in that yellow dress. It’s so cute, and the shoes are amazing. AMAZING. Hola Lovers indeed. But she does look sad — maybe she wasn’t feeling well. There were some scenes on Justified last season where poor Raylan was having some tough moments, and I was amazed at how well Olyphant was portraying the beat-downness of the character. Then I read that he had a fever of 102 during filming. Perhaps K-Stew has the flu?

    • Stefanie

      Can we take a second to marvel in the greatness that is Timothy Olyphant? He has made me want to take my clothes off since he played loveable drug dealer Todd Gaines in Go. And he’s only getting better with age.

      • April

        @Stefanie – YES! Timothy Olyphant, shirtless in a santa hat = win. Santa hat optional, actually.

      • ortenzia

        SO TRUE ABOUT TIMOTHY OLYPHANT. Seriously – how is he not getting the sexiest man whatever at people? He wins. Have you seen The Crazies? Hello nurse.

  3. Jenna

    I love all of KStew’s outfits here. I might have had initial misgivings about the length of the yellow at first, but it works for both her signature leggy look and for the overall style of the outfit. Also SHOES YES. I WAAAAAANT them! I could never wear them, but I just want to put them on and sit around with my feet placed Just So and admire them.

    I wish I knew what was happening in that last picture. It looks hilarious! And also oddly similar to Brendan Fraser. Perhaps in “Monkeybone?” Robert, please don’t remake “Monkeybone.” That movie was terrible.

  4. drlemaster

    Her sadness looks a lot like my Dad’s in some of his wedding photos. Which means it might not be sadness at all, but the effects of the celebrating the previous night. Or some mundane illness, but I like my version better.

    • Anna

      “Her sadness looks a lot like my Dad’s in some of his wedding photos”.
      Oh dear, that sentence by itself is just heartbreaking!

      I do hope it’s just exhaustion though, I don’t know why but for some reason I’d really like to see her happy and smiling.

  5. nichole

    She looks more pained than sad, like maybe she’s got a migraine and can barely string together a coherent thought.

    Love the green dress and the second dress is pretty good too.

  6. deee

    I am relieved and pleased that she is wearing leather high waist shorts. That’s a problem.

  7. Helen

    Great shoes!

    The yellow might be just a little bright for her complexion, but that’s a tiny quibble. It’s an adorable dress and she looks great in it. Except I think they were all hung over that day (+1 to drlemaster). This doesn’t look to me so much like sadness as like, “Damn, I knew I should’ve stopped earlier and gone to bed…” To which I am very sympathetic!

    Nice to see Pattinson wearing a suit that fits.

    The black/white with the neck thing, I don’t know… Is it another Stella McCartney? Not that it matters; even if it isn’t, I’ve kind of had it with that contour-patterned look unless it’s a bathing suit. But I love the foofy neck thing.

    And, for whatever the show is, those leather shorts seem perfectly appropriate. It looks pretty casual. And Stewart wears them so well! Also, not so hung over, there.

  8. Esmerelda

    I love the houndstooth-y shoes. I want them.

    I will never see these movies unless I lose a bet or there’s a massively entertaining drinking game involved. I’m not convinced that any of these kids can act, but hot damn, do I find R Pattz endearing and charming as all hell. He’s totally aware of how ridiculous this all is and seems to have a decent sense of humor about it all. Unlike Ms. Stewart over there.

  9. witjunkie

    I was thinking either hung over or jet-lagged. Where were they yesterday? This kind of thing has to be just grueling.

    LOVE that yellow dress, and those are not words I’m accustomed to typing.

  10. mimi

    I don’t think she looks sad…more exhausted looking than anything else. In fact, they all look tired and with good reason. They have been country hoping all week to promote the final Twilight movie. I like the yellow Dior on Kristen a lot. Hard color for most to pull off but she manages to do just that. Love those shoes! Have to say I have major shoe envy as well as leg envy. Man, she has great legs for minis.

  11. mary lou bethune

    I never saw those movies except on rerun, found them overwrought and poorly acted, but of course they were epic for a generation. I guess like Star Wars…
    And those actors, except for Harrison Ford, never did anything else. So, I wonder who the Harrison Ford of this franchise will be? Maybe it’s already Dakota Fanning?

    • Donna

      What about Carrie Fisher? Albeit, her career as a writer is more successful, but she’s awesome in When Harry Met Sally (for instance).

      • Corriner

        Star Wars and Twilight are not even comparable. At all. For many reasons I won’t get into here…

        Kristen had an extensive career before Twilight, and as long as she continues to make good choices with scripts (On the Road, Focus, etc). I think it’s safe to say she’ll be the most successful post-Twilight.

        Robert Pattinson will likely do just fine too. I am the most concerned for Taylor’s career, which is disappointing because he just seems like a cool dude who has dealt with all the Twilight stuff with the most grace and humility.

      • Claire1

        Carrie Fisher is FABULOUS….
        her understated cameo work is amazing…. even in that ridiculous ( and I watch it every chance I get) “Loverboy” was great…. and The Burbs? Truly… the woman is just a joy on the screen…

    • Shanti

      Mark Hamill has had a fantastic voice-acting career post-Star Wars. He’s done the voice of the Joker in TV and movie animation, as well as in the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City video games.

  12. maryse

    she’s got bags under her eyes. she’s exhausted. also i love that yellow dress.

  13. glee

    So far, it’s been: LA, London, Madrid – and I am sure there are more cities coming up. I feel bad for all of them, but Kristen does look outright ill, like she should be at home with some chicken soup.

  14. AK

    The yellow dress is adorable, BUT I can’t look at it without my brain screaming tennis dress! I mean, it’s even the color of a tennis ball.

    • TonyG

      I had exactly the same thought about the tennis-ball-colored tennis dress, except that I did not like it as much. That very structured skirt is not doing it for me. Something about it looks off-kilter/off-balanced to me.

  15. PB

    There aren’t many people who would look good in that yellow, but KStew is apparently one of them . She looks almost like she’s alive. Now if we could just combine the smile of photo 5 with the yellow dress, we might really be onto something.

  16. holly

    I can’t stop mentally tugging that yellow dress down & smoothing out the wrinkles. The waist seems too high.

    • Maria

      Yes, my first thought when I saw it was, “Cute, but it doesn’t fit.”

  17. ceecee

    Put me down as “anti-bustle”. I’m a sucker for yellow in any iteration but in my opinion the bustle ruins it. It makes her hips and butt look huge and this girl is not huge.
    The black and white shoes are fierce.

  18. Anna

    Re: El Hormiguero.

    I’m Spanish and well, it’s a TV show kinda aimed to kids. I mean, they do these crazy stunts and, almost always, it’s kinda embarrasing for the watchers AND for the guests.

    And I thought about you yesterday, FugGirls, because the host on El Hormiguero asked K.Stew about her almost-nude dress and she was sort of… embarrassed. I don’t know, she’s never been the heart of the party (or so it seems), but yesterday she was a little irritated and when asked about the dress, she didn’t want to talk about it.

    R.Pattz was a good guest, he laughed and made jokes about everything. He even said he was going to be the one wearing that dress!

    Cheers from Spain!

    PS: Excuse my English, please! :P I love you, FugGirls!

  19. Bottle Ginger

    Nobody with pale skin looks good in neon yellow, even if they have the best professionals doing their makeup.

    I actually adore the cut of the dress, it manages to be retro, futuristic, and flattering all at the same time – not many dresses can do all that! But she should have gotten it in a red or a green or a white, something that doesn’t make her skin look so sickly. When a girl is exhausted from doing a press tour and months of tabloid attention, she doesn’t need colors that make her complexion look grey and drab.

  20. ChristieLea

    Yes, as someone worn down by her constant scowling, I do agree she looks exhausted in the first few pictures. But oh, what a cute dress! Simple and structured and somehow, both classic and futuristic at once. LOVE.

  21. pantsonfire

    I love everything about the yellow dress look, including her french braid. And her makeup finally looks good again! Praise be.

    I like her style, generally (though, of course, there will always be a few misses) and I really do think she’s a beautiful miss, but I have to acknowledge that yikes, she was unwatchable on Conan the other night. I tried, lord how I tried. But I lasted less than a minute of her awkwardness. I’m ok with shyness, but it manifests itself as something altogether off-putting with her. Yikes. But at least she keeps going out there and giving interviews and doing her job, even though it has got to be not all that enjoyable for someone so horrible at it.

  22. elp

    HOLA LOVERS indeed, those shoes are my favorite thing she’s ever worn.

  23. AndersonicTK421

    The frock recalls the Narciso Rodriguez for Kohls line that actually got me into one of their stores – only to find the quality of the materials astonishingly low. I KNOW WHAT DID I EXPECT but sheesh…

  24. Conchobara

    I never in a million years thought I would see not one but three great pictures of KStew. She looks seriously good in these! Even the leather shorts seem okay for the venue.

    Re: the first couple of pics, I agree with nichole above, that is exactly the look I get during a migraine–squinty eyes, hurty head.

    And finally, whatever that game show has them doing is AWESOME. I’ve never seen RPatts look so happy!

  25. BrownEyedBetty

    Don’t jump all over me people but that dress is seriously FUG. I’m pretty sure nobody looks good in dayglo yellow. highlighter yellow. yuck. And furthermore, she really doesn’t have the legs to pull off the “leggy look” she’s so fond of. Her legs looks sort of anemic or something. LIke they’re not 100% able to do the job of propping her up. She looks shaky on them. And honestly, she always looks (at least) like she’s not completely comfortable in the limelight and (at most) terribly sad about something. I’m not sure I read tired in her eyes. I see uneasiness. And let’s face it: it’s historically been hard work just to get her to smile in the press junkets. I don’t get it. I don’t get her. and I just can’t get on board the KStew Train. Fug Madness here we come!

  26. Susan

    I love it. Style, color, shoes, hair, make up, it all works for me.

    There are many many many pictures of Kristen smiling., by the way.

  27. Tracey

    I like the dresses and perhaps she looks sad, but a constant problem with Kristen that often ruins a look (other than her unhappy expressions) is her POSTURE. My mother forever told my sisters and me “get your shoulders back” “stand up straight” “don’t slouch” and she was right! I guess her mother never felt the need to give her such sage advice. Oh, and I like the shoes too.

  28. kess

    The guys can’t wait to see the back of her – look at that 1st pic, they both have that I’m enduring this look, and they both try to avoid looking at her or in her eyes.
    When they used to be all about gazing adoringly at her – she’s been working overtime, it’s almost done – and she didn’t win him back and he’s pretty happy to escape.

  29. house mouse

    Bless that Lautner kid. His big doofy face always makes me smile in spite of myself.

  30. Nancy

    I love the yellow dress outfit BUT – I know I’m flying solo here – I’ve never thought that she looks good showing that much leg. It just looks gratuitous. Her legs are fine and all, but – I’m sorry – they don’t knock my socks off. So why go that short? Just, cuz? Because she’s young and supposed to? I think an extra smidge with the length would be just as cute and more flattering.

  31. Mikki

    Hopefully by this time next year, we won’t hear/read anything about these so-called actors. As far as fashion goes, to keep on topic…nothing exciting here. At least she’s covered a little more than the other outfits we’ve seen her in…but money doens’t buy taste these days, does it?

  32. Pip

    LOVE the yellow dress, want it!!!

  33. Gill

    I feel like I’m the only one who’s kind of ‘eh’ on the yellow dress. The colour is awesome and she’s rocking it (and those shoes), but the cut and the bustle give me uncomfortable extremely-chic-tennis-outfit vibes.

    Love her other looks, though. And she definitely deserves a Mai Tai.

  34. Erin

    I love that Lautner has embraced the absurdity of his character and plays it up in his interviews. I’m also relieved that Pattison has loosened up and lost the sullen, tortured artist aura. Based on his recent appearances, he seems to have a decent sense of humor.

  35. K

    Dear God someone tell me where I can buy the shoes.