Kristen Stewart has never looked THAT comfortable doing press, but she’s made a huge improvement between now and the first Twilight movie. That being said, I haven’t seen her look so sad at a series of premieres in a long time. I don’t think she looks sullen or crabby — and her body language w. R Pattz and Lautner both looks as relaxed and comfortable as ever — I think she just looks sad. Maybe she is sad because these are the last Twilight premieres she will ever attend, and a huge part of her life is finally drawing to a close — that kind of thing can make you melancholy. Maybe she is just thinking that she is going to miss having the always affable Taylor Lautner around. Maybe she dropped her cell phone in the hotel toilet. Whatever it is, I hope she cheers up. And I don’t mean that in the BE GRATEFUL AND STAND UP AND SMILE sense as much as I mean it in the Kid, I Think You Need a Vacation, So Go Get Yourself a Mai Tai sense.

The good news is, at least this time her outfits are cute.