Fab and then Feh: Shailene Woodley in Donna Karan Atelier at the Divergent Madrid Premiere

This dress is quite pretty  — and she looks nice in it, the color is great, and I covet that cuff bracelet — but she’s starting to look a little bit like she’s over this endless press tour:

Not in a bratty way, just in a sort of gazed over way, and, in the following photo, in a sartorial way:

“Can I go home now? Please? Anyone? I have so much Real Housewives stacking on my DVR right now. Hello? Someone? Is someone ever going to let me go home?”

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  1. Tamarin

    That red dress is so simple yet so effective.

  2.  Kristen from MA

    I love the red dress, even if it looks like there might be sideboob involved. Kudos for the bracelet.

    I actually like the 2nd outfit, though I think it would be fab if the sweater were a bright color. I wish I could rock riding pants and boots like that.

  3. Annelie


    • Jenz

      J. Law needs to leave Dior and come over to Donna Karan… :)

      •  Kristen from MA

        Or Calvin Klein, Tom Ford, Michael Kors, or basically anyone else. They just don’t know what to do with her. :(

  4. Liviania

    If there’s one thing this endless press tour has made me realize, it’s that Shailene Woodley has endless legs.

    • Wildviolette

      And the sweetest, most friendly smile.

    • SPJava

      And amazingly she is reported to be only 5′ 8″.

      • martinipie

        That seems so much taller than most other Hollywood teeny people that, with the addition of heels, it’s no wonder she looks so statuesque!

      • CCKilleen

        Really!? She always looks like such a talllll drink of water. I mean 5’8″ isn’t short but I thought she was taller! I thinks she’s lovely, her and the 2 Emmas are such class acts.

        • JessJessJessBo

          Are you serious? She is a tall drink of water (5’8″ is Kanye’s height) compared to most of the actresses you see… ScarJo 5’3″ Megan Fox 5’6″ SJP & Amy Poehler 5’2″… which works ‘cos the leading/famous males in Hollywood are only just a whisker above them (so to speak) Woody Allen 5’5″ Tom Cruise 5’7″ Mark Wahlberg 5’8″ (*dream shattered)… but yeah… all part of the illusion of heels and hair-highlights and highly-planed-camera-angles

  5. Alicia F

    She is the Hollywood girl most likely to poke her thumbs through the cuffs of her sweater, isn’t she?

  6. Orange Clouds

    I doubt Shailene Woodley is the type to relax by watching Real Housewives. She’ll probably reconnect with herself by being in nature. :)

    “If I wasn’t an actress, I’d probably do something with food. Finding seeds, planting seeds, watching them grow, harvesting the fruits, cooking the fruits, eating them, seeing how my body reacts, and even digesting.”

  7.  Aspasia

    While Shailene is gazed over, she is probably doing a telepathic communion with Nature and thinking about which private part to suntan next.

    That red is beautiful, though. I wish she would have done something with hair or makeup. Gaia wants you to have styled hair and makeup too, Shailene. It’s okay.

    • Shannon

      Exactly. While I don’t subscribe to the school of thought that women always have to wear a bunch of makeup, Shailene here (I’m sorry, but I hate that name SO MUCH) needs to realize that if she is going to be photographed, she needs to wear makeup. Plus she looks so greasy and shiny. Yuck!

  8. Dina

    I’m sure it’s easier when you’ve got her body, but everything she wears fits her perfectly. Even those leggings with the sweater.

    •  Holla

      Yes, she does have a great body, but so does most of Hollywood and most can’t seem to get correct fitting clothing. She needs give out her tailor’s number to people.

      • Dina

        If i were her, I would never, ever give out that tailor’s number, lest he or she become too busy to make all my clothes perfect :)

  9.  Mina

    That second outfit looks like what girls wear after they have finished horseback riding. Is that a metaphor: “I’m sick of riding around on this tour.”

  10. filmcricket

    She has definitely been putting the minimum effort in. “Okay, I’ll wear a designer gown, but it has to pretty much be a pullover.” “Okay, I’ll put on eye-shadow and lipstick so my face doesn’t totally disappear, but I refuse to wear foundation.” “Okay I’ll take that bracelet but I’m not removing the one-and-a-half nails’ worth of robin’s egg blue polish I have on.” That she still looks pretty damn good is a credit to her face and figure, that’s for sure.

  11.  Christy

    Has she talked about that pendant necklace having some significance? I’m just curious because she wears it all the time.

  12.  Berry

    I swear to everything and anything that’s holy that I’ve worn that exact outfit to go horse-back riding. The second one, I mean. I’ve never gone horse-back riding in a lovely red frock. Although that could be fun too, I guess, in a romance novel cover art kind of way.

  13. Sophy

    She look amazing in the red and actually good in the sweater and leggings/boots combo- which is quite a tribute to her great body!
    But why do they make them do these endless promo tours? It make me tired of the movie before it even opens!!!!

  14. Sandra

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d tired of it. I am, and I haven’t even had to go anywhere or do anthing.

  15. Alyssa

    I think her second outfit would look less “I’m done” if she’d done something with her makeup. Nothing crazy, but a little lipstick would do the trick. I love the red dress.

  16.  Courtney

    I have no complaints. That DK is AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL and if only JLaw would’ve worn it to the Oscars I would’ve been overwhelmed with happy. I love that color, I love a dress with some kind of strap, and she looks FAB.

    Even her second outfit I can’t totally hate, considering I spent 95% of The Winter That Would Not Die wearing the exact same thing (except, er, the cheapo Target version) under various parkas. It’s sartorially exhausted, sure, but it’s not a vagina sling. Her press has been going on forever and the TFiOS tour is gonna start up in probably less than a month. You wear that comfy sweater, girl.

  17. SPJava

    Once Again Shailene dons a beautiful gown and knocks it out of the park. She’s been on target thru out the PR tour.
    The plea for an end out fit also works for me in a “Show me the way to go home” way. :} Shailene has done a great job promoting Divergent and now that the foriegn openings are happening I believe her shift is coming to an end. Rest up girl, The Fault in Our Stars premieres are less than 2 months away!

  18.  muskokamom

    I seem to be the lone voice of disagreement. I think the fit of the dress is not great. It reminds me of Gwyneth’s Oscar dress. And the tie around her neck looks awfully uncomfortable.

    I’m fine with minimal makeup if that is her preference an nature but I am not ok with the poor manicure. This is her workplace and I would never go to work with chipped polish nor do I want to come across others with dirty looking, unmaintained nails. Just remove it!

  19.  MissElaineous

    That “can I go home yet?” face is quite similar to the one JLaw displayed at the tail-end of the American Hustle junket.

  20. maggiecate

    I’m loving everything about this dress except the cut of the bodice, which I would like to have seen extend a touch further round the ribcage. The fit isn’t great – you can see the padding – and because it’s so narrow it’s making her look shoulder-ey. She certainly doesn’t look as comfortable in it as she did in the white one from a couple of days ago.

    I’m not surprised she looks a bit glazed – she probably can’t remember what country she’s in!! It’s just a long series of airport-frock-cinema-airport.

  21. Sajorina

    LOVE the red dress… She looks AMAZING in it! That cuff is Wonder Woman-ly AWESOME! I like the 2nd outfit, but not for a press tour! She must be introduced to pressed powder and maybe do something different with her hair to glam it up!

    • Shannon

      Sajorina, I do agree with you, but I just want to ask — why do you always use exclamation points? Because seriously, ALL of your sentences do. In every comment you post. I don’t mean it to be bitchy, but it’s something I’ve noticed. Are you just naturally an extremely perky person?

      • Sajorina

        No, not a perky person at all… I just think that periods are boring and prefer to use exclamation points! I’ve explained this here before, I’m not shouting at anybody! When I’m really excited I use 3 exclamation points (!!!)! ;)

  22. gryt

    Nah, she’s not going home. She’s going horseback riding.

  23. HelenBackAgain

    I like both outfits, but Woodley herself looks badly in need of washing.

  24. Gypsy Danger

    I love seeing the names of movies in different languages.

    I like the dress but think that the bodice needs to be fitted better.

  25. G

    The two pleats on the red dress are gorgeous but couldn’t she get it hemmed so it doesn’t drag sadly on the ground?

    • G

      Or maybe the whole thing slid down. If the dress was hiked up a few inches the bodice would fit better and the skirt would be the right length.

      • HelenBackAgain

        Hmmm, you’re right… looking at it again, I think it’s a little too big altogether, and that’s why it’s kind of falling. Pretty dress; doesn’t really fit.

  26. jean

    I love her casual outfit! No fuss, good boots, hair in place. So much better than her cutoff jean shorts & flipflopss

  27. Lo Pott

    So that’s what it looks like when a dress wears you.