After an outing wherein these three comported themselves fairly admirably, sartorially speaking, this is one big collective pile of Ugh:

Cameron actually looks great, I think — cute dress, good shoes, well-accessorized, good lipstick — but she’s wearing basically the exact same thing. I kind of hope she goes through this entire trip wearing just long-sleeved black mini-dresses to f with us all.  Kate Upton needs to set those shoes on fire — your dress is WHITE. YOU HAVE SO MANY OPTIONS. LOOK ALIVE, FOOL — and although she looks, objectively, pretty good, I wish she had worn some lipstick.

And then there’s Leslie. Oh, Leslie Mann. I almost always like what you wear. And that is why I am sad that you are wearing the dress version of Sally Draper’s least favorite car coat, at least one size too big for you. Even the pattern is all janky at the bottom. It looks sad and it makes me sad and it’s FRIDAY. I don’t want to be sad. Help me not to be so sad.

[Photo: WENN]