Eva Fugcille

So, it’s the weirdest thing — NBC’s big “all-star” TCAs party had almost no attendees I had ever seen before, and I say this as somebody who writes a blog often featuring people of marginal renown who walk the red carpet in various venues. I know Amy Poehler is shooting a movie, but where was Ron Swanson? Christina Applegate? Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph? Some John Krasinski to soothe our apprehension about The Office now that Catherine Tate has hijacked it? Hell, even Whitney Cummings wasn’t on the red carpet, and although I’m fine with that, you’d think her show could use the boost.

What was left? Why, Ms. Eva “Pigford” Marcille:

And even she isn’t 100 percent committed. Although those pants might GET her committed, in a wholly different way.

She changed up her act for a later shindig:

This is a WHOLE bunch better, with the exception of how it makes her left breastal region look twice the size of her right. Like, in a way that makes me concerned she suffered a catastrophic bug bite and is about to descend into swollen delirium. Somebody at least get her an ice pack.

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  1. Mongerel

    Not wild about the sleepwear vibe the top is sending, but those sure are some interesting pants. I bet they feel amazing to wear. Too bad they look so heavy they’re in danger of slipping right off her. Of the two oufits, however, I don’t find the dress an improvement. Mostly because she looks like a goddess in white.

    • Syrax

      The pants weren’t as big of a problem to me. They could’ve been something. I just can’t with the top, with or without the pants.

      • Kat

        Really? The sheer spaghetti strap top bothers you but you’re cool with the draped hammer pants? If you say so :)

    • Flambe

      I have those pants! And yes they are ridiculously comfortable and airy.
      However, I would never have imagined wearing them like this, they look mad weird. I found them in an Indian clothing store, and they do a great job looking awesome under my colourful kurtas like I imagine they were originally designed for.

  2. Lynne

    Don’t love her clothes but she is insanely pretty. She’s really working the blond hair too. I feel like this is what Amber Rose thinks she looks like.

  3. Sabina

    I don’t understand that first outfit. It makes her legs look like Boba Fet or Fat Bastard. Why would you willingly do that to your legs? None of the rest of it is good either. It also kind of reminds me of icing, when it becomes detached from a cake and sadly floops onto the plate.

    • Sandra

      MacArthur Park is melting in the dark
      All the sweet, green icing flowing down
      Someone left the cake out in the rain
      I don’t think that I can take it ‘
      Cause it took so long to bake it
      And I’ll never have that recipe again, oh no
      Okay, this outfit isn’t green, but I COULD NOT resist.

      • Lauren Salas

        Oh my gosh, that’s a REAL song? I thought it was just a random Simpsons moment. (See the Lisa the Beauty Queen episode.)

        It’s perfectly appropriate description, regardless of not being green.

        • Sandra

          Bull true it’s a real song. Made it to #2 on the American pop charts back in 1968. This first recording was courtesy of Professor Dumbledore. Bull true again, I swear. Donna Summers covered it in 1978 and reached #1 on the Billboard charts. Evidence available all over teh interwebs!

    • anny

      Does icing really floop? I always thought it flolloped. Sometimes even willomies if there’s a stiff breeze.

      Anyway, those pants make me think of this by Project Runway’s own Andrea Katz:

      I must admit I prefer the crisper look. Eva’s version looks awfully heavy, as Mongerel said.

  4. Laucie

    I would call #1 a scrolldown fug, except that that the fugliness begins at the shoulders. Can it be fug, fuggier, fuggiest ? Exponential fug ?
    P.S. Enough with the foot tattoos. They detract from every shoe ever made.

  5. Mongerel

    I clicked on this post again to read everybody’s comments, (love this blog for the comment section as welll as the OPs) and it struck me how different her makeup looked in both the photos. I clicked over to enlarge them and wow, what a difference. She has the perfect face to demonstrate makeup techniques. These two photos qualify for a one of those DO’s and DONT’s articles!

  6. Evalyn

    She has such a pretty face. Both those makeup effects look so good – no over done, but so different. I do have an issue with how her manicure color matches her tattoo. Yuk.

    • Ms. A.

      Yeah her face is fierce! But I agree, the makeup is not good. I also wish she wasn’t blonde.

  7. Leah

    Maybe her left breastal region IS nearly twice as big as her right. Mine is!!

  8. hillary l.

    “People of Marginal Renown.”

    Love. Hang onto that one.

  9. Patti

    Re: First Pic — You’re too young to remember this…. but I wore that as a long-sleeved black jumpsuit circa 1987. I saved my money & bought it on payday & went out dancing in it. I was 5 feet tall w/stacked heels & hair and thought I was “all that.” LOLOL We also had clingy dresses with that gathered, drapey look.

  10. Claire L1

    OK… put a woman with that beautiful dark skin into white and I am so unbelievably forgiving…so take this with a grain of salt. If the tank were shorter and a little more fitted ( not totally body conscious, just more fitted) I think I could totally get on board with that outfit…but ONLY on HER. She looks like the worlds coolest yoga instructor….and I kind of like that.
    The shoes, however, are FREAKING ME OUT! It looks like she has an extra toe!….and even in the full size shot I can’t tell if it’s the strange color of the foot bed…or if she actually has extra toes.

    • G

      Yep, those white pants are extreme but with a fitted top she’d look badass in them. And the dress would be great if it fit her.

    • Amber

      OMG, does she have extra toes?? Because that’s totally what it looks like. Though, I’m not sure you would wear sandals if you were actually sporting extra digits…

  11. Chrissy

    She has a pretty face but I wish she would smile. And I’m concerned about her hair. It is so bleached. I wish there was a close up because it looks like it’s very thin on the top. Please leave your hair alone before it deserts you forever.

  12. Shiitake

    Good God! She’s been Photoshoped for the real world!

  13. Elle


  14. The Fugger

    This confuses me. On one hand, Eva Marcille (Pigford) looks like the low-rent Jessica White. On the other hand, I always presumed Jessica White to be the low-rent Eva Marcille (Pigford).

    The only way this works is if they’re BOTH low-rent versions of each other, which…actually, explains everything. Except how Eva Marcille (Pigford) managed to steal those harem pants from Katerina Graham without her noticing.

    And why typing Eva Marcille (Pigford) is so damn entertaining to me.

  15. Sajorina

    So, did she changed her name or did she get married and is going by her husband’s last name? I don’t get it!!! I don’t get her outfits either… They’re both FUG! But, OMG, her face is BEAUTIFUL!

    • The Fugger

      Marcille’s her middle name, if I recall correctly. So she uses that for modeling.

  16. Amber

    Yes, why DID she change her name? It seems to me that I knew the answer at one time, but have forgotten it. And am too lazy to google, apparently.
    Also, that first outfit looks comfortable, if nothing else. Like pajamas. I kind of what those pants now for that exact reason.
    Also, she looks great in white. She looks great in the gold, too, but it matches her hair color, which is always a no-no for me.

  17. Rubee

    So she’s Eva from ANTM!! This is the closest I’ve seen someone “rocking” Hammer pants- MC Hammer included-and it would look really improved with a less flowy top. She’s astonishingly beautiful, but I think that particular hairdo unnecessarily hardens her facial expresion. With that cut, a red hue would go better. The foot tattoo is gross, it looks as if she wouldn’t wash her feet ever. Hate it.

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