CFDAs Well Played: Olivia Wilde in Mollie Parnis


So, this is kind of great.  It’s from Decades, which is this great store in Los Angeles (upstairs is mega-high quality vintage, downstairs is designer consignment, and I had to make a deal with myself that I am ONLY allowed to go if there is a metered parking spot on that very block, because it is impossible for me to go inside and not buy something. Usually shoes), and it was last seen on Anjelica Huston, with Jack Nicholson, at Cannes, in 1974:

Olivia Wilde CFDAs (1)

I mean, I love me some fringe anyway, and I think she’s selling it regardless, but COME ON. If you’re looking for a dress that’s appropriate in case you have the need to throw a drink in someone’s face — as you always ought to be — make it one with HISTORY.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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  1. Sandra

    Decades should definitely be invited to be a vendor at the FugNation Convention.

    • Sandra

      Meant to add I LOVE this dress! She maybe could have put her hair up, but otherwise she’s killing it here.

    •  patricia

      I just spent 45 minutes on the Decades website, styling everyone in Hollywood in Vintage gowns. PS- Remember Escada??? 1980′s at it’s best.

  2.  Anita

    How does one go to the bathroom in this? Do you need a fringe-wrangler or two? I do like it though, except for the ubiquitous skinny-strap shoe.

    •  KLeewrite

      I don’t normally like that super-minimalist shoe, but I actually think it works here because there’s so much going on with the dress itself.

      •  Anita

        I agree the shoe works with the dress, I’m just tired of seeing them EVERYWHERE.

  3. Christy

    Best. Favorite. LOVE!!!
    That’s some sexy, sassy history right there.

    • marylou bethune

      Can you believe how hot Angelica and Jack were? She always brings the class, as he famously said.

      • Lisa

        Angelica looked so, so cool. Effortless.

        •  Morris

          Olivia ain’t no Anjelica, she was so majestic in her day. Amazing face, amazing presence.
          Olivia just always seems so smug to me. Or maybe she has Resting Smug Face…
          The dress is gorg!

  4. nobody much

    I need to throw a drink at someone. I just need to get a someone, a dress, shoes, drink…

    • InvaderTak

      I will be the someone! I can drive anyone crazy, and I have no objections to being doused in booze!

  5. valueofaloonie

    Aah, I should not have clicked on that link to Decades.

    My wallet curses you, Fug Girls! My new shoes, however, thank you.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Heh. I got inadvertently saved from myself – everything they have in my size, and they are glorious things that I fully covet, was originally worn by Anjelica Huston. She’s eight inches taller than I am. No way I’m trusting any tailor other than the original designer to scale those down for me! You can’t just hem them, that won’t work. So they are not options.

      Kinda sad, but… just as well really! :-)

      Hope you love your shoes and wear them to pieces!

      •  elin

        She’s about one inch taller than me… I guess it’s lucky I don’t have several thousand dollars to blow on gowns I have no reason to wear, or I just might have.

  6. TheZulk

    Weird, I somehow entirely missed the part where she had her baby. I legitimately just thought she continued to look like this while she was still gestating.

  7.  HelenBackAgain

    Love the dress, not so much with the hair and makeup. But really LOVE the dress.

  8.  KarenG958

    Best she’s ever looked! The dress history brings it!

  9. LT1

    Wow, did I fall down a rabbit hole with the Decades site. I’m imagining whole histories behind every pair of slightly-worn shoes and dress. Now I want to go to LA just to visit the store.

  10. Lori G

    Oh my god, I actually own that dress! I was extremely lucky during my many years (decades, actually) of vintage collecting, because I actually own two different fringed Mollie Parnis dresses (hey, sometimes a girl can’t just have one fringed dress in their collection! I know you both will understand, and feel my pain). I always try to learn about the history of my vintage pieces (that is part of the fun), but I didn’t know about Anjelica wearing this one, that is so, so fabulous! Once again, you guys have made me smile AND I have learned something new from you – how cool is that? (Ok, and with that said, Olivia looks pretty fab. Thank god I style mine differently, when I wear it, because if I ever ran into her in NYC, you just KNOW we would be wearing the same dress, while shopping at Whole Foods. When I wear mine, I pile on rhinestones, I often wear a big brooch right at the top by the shoulder, and am a BIG believer in the “NAB/Need a Bracelet” concept.) Ooh, I can’t wait to throw a drink in someone’s face, the next time I wear this dress! xox

  11. Tiffany

    Love it! And her hair and skin look so amazing!

  12. Joanie 

    And Decades is one more reason I’m kind of glad I’m plus size. I would be whoring myself out just to buy half the stuff in there were I the size I was back in high school

  13. Rick Owens Addict

    Fug Girls, you know Decades had a one-season reality show right? Dukes of Melrose.
    It was both hilarious and educating. You want to watch it, if not just for the amazing clothes (and the wardrobes they come from) but also for co-owners Cameron & Christos’ constant and very funny verbal spats and Cameron’s love for mint green fur hoodies.

  14. Cameron

    I love FugGirls and this post and think Olivia looked divine. Anjelica was thrilled too xxx Cameron

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