Anne Hathaway hosted the CFDAs, so I suppose it’s only fitting that — in the grand tradition of all such events — she changed clothes at some point. You already saw her double denim Ralph Lauren ensemble on the red carpet; here, she’s in Rodarte, a Spring/Summer 2018 gown that was shown on the runway with a bunch of corsages that look like gift-wrap experiments. Anne was correct to remove those. It doesn’t need any more froof than what it’s already sporting.

On their own merits, I am not a huge fan of either? The denim outfit would have worked better for me if it weren’t two pieces because say oddly together, or if she’d done something else with the top and kept the skirt. And this one, I would have bypassed on the rack, but it looks nice on Anne even with all its busyness — although I’m fixated on the pelvic area and how it feels like I can see underwear that’s really more of a modesty patch. Neither is my dream. BUT: These are both great arguments for why those designer contracts, though obviously lucrative and therefore with their own advantages, make things so boring. Anne doesn’t have one that I know of, so she can splash out and do two completely different things with two American designers at an event IN America honoring our homegrown people. It’s all very smart styling, even the big swings of it all — especially the big swings, in fact, because the CFDAs are the best place outside the Met Gala to take them. If that’s the Fashion Prom, this is the Fashion Oscars, after all.

Which do you like better? And yep, I’m going to make you pick, because I’m a jerk like that. I think I prefer the denim overall, I may change my mind before I get to the little voting button.

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[Photo: Bryan Bedder/WWD via Getty Images]