Fugger: Viola Davis

Fugs and Fabs: The Women of the TGIT Party

I believe the theme of this party is ALL HAIL SHONDA RHIMES.  And while I don’t always love what’s happening in Shondaland (see: HUCK), I wholeheartedly agree. If forced to watch only Ryan Murphy shows or all Shonda Rhimes shows for the rest of my life, I would pick Shonda every single time and it wouldn’t even be close. I pick you, Shonda. I choose you. I love you.

Okay, so this sentiment may be partially brought to you by the fact that I have been rewatching early seasons of Grey’s lately and oh my god, it is so good. I forgot how much I obsessively loved that show. But also Shondaland shows (with the except of HTGAWM, which isn’t really her baby as much as it is a child that’s been crashing at her house for the duration) are really good at romantic longing (even when I am enraged with Fitz, his scenes with Olivia are always extremely effective), female friendships (MEREDITH AND CRISTINA FOREVER), and also coats (i.e, the collected works of Olivia Pope). Those are my three favorite things in the world. Now, no one wore a coat to this event, and Kerry Washington was not in town, but I AM about to bring you women having a good time in a variety of good-to-terrible outfits, and sometimes that is enough.

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Emmy Awards Well Played: Viola Davis in Carmen Marc Valvo

First and foremost, her speech was great and you should watch it.


On a more shallow note, she also looks great and her lipstick AS USUAL is perfection. I was thinking about this yesterday. There are three kinds of celebs, sartorially-speaking. There’s the celeb that is very likely to show up looking all Bonkers Misguided even when you desperately hope she doesn’t — like, say, a Jennifer Lawrence. There’s the celeb that you HOPE pops up somewhere looking slightly bizarre, because it will be amusing or interesting or secretly great — your SWINTON, or your Helena Bonham Carter, or Solange. And then there is the celebrity that you simply never worry about, because even if what she’s wearing isn’t the absolute pinnacle of all she’s ever worn before, it’s HIGHLY unlikely she’ll make you cry sad tears.  She generally makes smart outfit choices, and she knows what works on her body  — like Viola Davis (Julia Louis Dreyfus also falls into this category). I’d use the word “reliable,” except that seems like an insult; it’s not. As ever, Viola looks elegant and polished, her head looks fabulous, her dress makes the most of her enviable shoulders and upper arms, she’s wearing something that’s age-appropriate but not in a way where that’s a euphemism, and the whole thing photographs perfectly. Which is exactly what you want for your history-making win.

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TCAs Fugs and Fabs: The Women of ABC

So, before we get into the clothes — some of which are really good, by the way — let me get this off my chest please: I kinda want to start recapping Empire next season, but I’m already doing Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, Nashville, The Good Wife, and The Royals (which isn’t back until November, so at least there’s that). I may need to jettison one of those, if not two, but I can’t decide which one(s) aren’t worth the time and effort anymore. Do we boot Muuuuuurder? Do we figure Scandal has gone too far, or give it a chance now that the landscape in that White House has changed a little? (I will be honest, that might be my frontrunner to get the chop.) Do we say an affectionate farewell to Nashville? Is The Royals only fun in theory? Or do I try to do them all and just… deal with it? DECISIONS.

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Well Played, Viola Davis

Well, I typed the headline before I really stared at the picture.

viola davis how to get away with murder

Strange things are afoot at the Circle Cups. Her right boob has some strange pulling and bunching of the fabric, and I can’t figure out why. I am still giving this to her for her entire head, the color and POTENTIAL of the dress, and the awesome shoes and pedicure — and also because I’m admittedly in a hurry, and hey, it’s thematic for me to let her get away with murder, isn’t it?

But the real full marks come from what she did earlier in the week at an LA Times panel discussion:

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Fugs and Fabs: The GLAAD Media Awards

Kerry Washington may have won the night. At last!

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Oscars Fugs and Fabs: Wearing White

As ever, if it seemed like we missed a big star — like Beyonce — she more than likely got her very own post. Let’s eyeball the rest of these ladies, though.


SAG Awards Well Played: Viola Davis in Max Mara

I enjoy the woman standing behind Viola there, snapping a photo. And who wouldn’t? She looks fab:

The 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Arrivals in LA

Great dress, great hair, great earrings, great bracelet, GREAT clutch. That woman is right to take a picture, as it WILL last longer, and she might want to refer to this more than once.

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