Fugger: Rinko Kikuchi

Fugs and Fabs: Patterns at the Independent Spirit Awards

We covered a couple folks from this during the Oscars — like what Cate Blanchett wore — but so very many more celebs went to the Independent Spirits, an awards show that was meant to be so casual that people might bike to it, but which is steadily turning up the fashion volume to, oh, MTV levels at least.

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Fug or Fab: Rinko Kikuchi (With Bonus Idris Elba)

First of all, I just said to Heather, “I wish my LIFE had Bonus Idris Elba.” If you ever watched The Hour on BBC America, you probably saw him playing Laura Linney On Masterpiece Theatre for them, with the bonus that he also kind of chatted about whatever happened on the previous week’s episode as he introduced the new one. I want to be living a life where sometimes Idris Elba pops up and reminds me what I’ve been up to and what I need to remember, like, “last week, you had that gypsy curse removed. Also, you’re out of toilet paper and you owe the library over five dollars in fines.”

Second, as I always say about Rinko, I wish she was in EVERYTHING, because she never shows up wearing, like, a black sheath dress. And obviously I love a good LBD, but you have to appreciate a woman who never fails to bring the drama. And this short, dark hair is really chic on her.

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Fugs and Fabs: Rinko Kikuchi

Hey, remember Rinko Kikuchi? She was nominated for an Oscar for Babeland wore some fantastically cracked out stuff on the awards circuit, which was awesome — and now apparently she’s in Pacific Rim, which, I don’t THINK Guillermo del Toro wanted me to lean over to Fug Friend Carrie in the movie theatre and say, “I didn’t know they were making a new Transformers” but I still did.

Anyway, I’m glad she’s back, even if this is….well, not that much of a surprise from her:

That haircut is so cute on her that I accidentally just spelled it “haircute.” And I’m excited that someone saw that sheer, thigh-length formal vest and thought, “YES. Let’s do that. Maude would approve.”

I think everyone would approve of this, though:

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Fugko Kikuchi

RINKO’S MOM: Rinko? Rinko, come down here right now and show your Aunt Murgatroyd how much you LOVE the dress she made for you out of all her leftover personalized stationery!

RINKO: FINE. HERE. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? Because in ten minutes I am totally recycling this thing.


Rinko Fugkuci


I’m sure at several offices around America right now (AKA, those owned by Conde Nast), someone is saying to someone else, “I just LOVE what Rinko Kikuchi wore to the IWC event last night! Those high-waisted, tapered khakis! The blue vest! It’s like a post-modern take on the Wal-Mart uniform! That’s so refreshing! So now! So unflattering! I MUST have it this spring!” As for me,  you know, I think I’ll pass.


Oscar Fug Carpet: Well Played, Rinko Kikuchi

I admit, I was hoping that Rinko Kikuchi would show up to the Oscars wearing something crazy — a dress made entirely of bubble wrap, maybe, or couture legwarmers, or a turban. I wasn’t alone. On the E! preshow, they ran a crawl along the bottom of the screen featuring text messages that viewers had sent in. Typically, they said things like, “Jennifer Hudson RULES! — Sarah in Chicago,” or “Where’s Rachel McAdams?!?! – McGosling Lover in Houston” or “Ryan Seacrest is so HOT — Ryan in Los Angeles.” But one message caught my eye in particular. It said, “Wear something crazy for us, Rinko!” (Sadly, I did not catch the name of the sender. If you’re out there: well played, sender.) And yet, I can’t say I’m disappointed with Rinko’s lack of Oscar crazy:

Because she looks awesome. This is what I imagine Chanel couture SHOULD look like, when I am imagining having the kind of money it takes to buy Chanel couture. I don’t want to spend my bazillions on ankle spats. I want to spend them on something like this: exquisitely fitted, chic, a little sparkly, and very glam. And yet I hope this is not the last we’ll see of Rinko Kikuchi. For one thing, her name is cool. For another, I suspect she has not worn the last of her out-there outfits.