Hey, remember Rinko Kikuchi? She was nominated for an Oscar for Babeland wore some fantastically cracked out stuff on the awards circuit, which was awesome — and now apparently she’s in Pacific Rim, which, I don’t THINK Guillermo del Toro wanted me to lean over to Fug Friend Carrie in the movie theatre and say, “I didn’t know they were making a new Transformers” but I still did.

Anyway, I’m glad she’s back, even if this is….well, not that much of a surprise from her:

That haircut is so cute on her that I accidentally just spelled it “haircute.” And I’m excited that someone saw that sheer, thigh-length formal vest and thought, “YES. Let’s do that. Maude would approve.”

I think everyone would approve of this, though:


[Photos: WENN]