Fugger: Rihanna

Breezily Played, Rihanna in Dolce & Gabbana

I think I speak for all of us when I say this is…

Rihanna Out And About In NYC


[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


Fug or Hmm: Rihanna in Thierry Mugler at the Billboard Music Awards

I’ll give Rihanna this: Her vintage outfit here is totally, totally, unexpected.

Rihanna in vintage Thierry Mugler

Unfortunately, it also looks like she forgot to change out of it after her hair appointment. So her points for surprise get canceled out by shaky execution. This is why gymnasts get two attempts on things like the vault: So they can average their scores. Here is Rihanna’s second run:

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What the Fug: Rihanna in Concert in Vancouver

No, you’re not mistaken. Rihanna IS dressed as the progeny of a Kardashian and a baseball.

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Fug or Fab: Rihanna in Miu Miu

Someone on Twitter — and if it was you, PLEASE tell me so I can give credit where it is due — noted that RiRi here looks very much like she’s in costume as Margo Tenenbaum:

Black Girls Rock! 2016 - Show

That’s my favorite GOOP character, too! Finally, Rihanna and I have something in common.

[Photo: Miu Miu]


Fug or Fab: Rihanna in Gucci

Is it wrong that when I saw this, my first thought was, “I TOTALLY want to wear this when I’m a crazy old lady?”

Rihanna Steps Out In NYC

Please be kind enough not to remind me that I’m nearly already. Thank you.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Fug or Fab Cover: Rihanna on Vogue, April 2016

There are a lot of things I really like about this cover: The comparatively spartan text, which lets the image push through and allows it to have depth. The illusion that she’s walking on water, or rising out of it. The colors. I feel like, if I were to reach out and graze it with my fingers, the sequins would tickle my skin.

But the one constant about Rihanna even in a storm of sartorial madness — even atop a pink cotton-candy cloud, or a totally naked dress — has been her face. Her stunning, stunning face. And this cover somehow takes away from that.

[Photos: Vogue]


Fug or Fab the Cover: Rihanna on Vogue UK, April 2016

I know that I have tendencies to joke about how my Barbie owned whatever crazy XYZ a celeb is modeling, but I AM NOT KIDDING when I tell you that this entire get-up is very similar to what my Western Barbie wore when she rode her horse Dallas off a cliff. (My Barbies led a VERY dramatic life.) (Also, that Barbie could wink, as you see in the ad, and my doll’s eyelid had a habit of getting stuck so she looked kinda drunk a lot of the time. Maybe that’s why she ended up over the cliff and in the ravine.) Seriously:

Rihanna UK Vogue April 2016

If you turned to me and confessed that, actually, Rihanna is an immortal time-traveler, and this is proof that she was a top model in 1981, I would TOTALLY believe you.