Rihanna accepted an offer to do the Super Bowl halftime show, for which there was a media day on Thursday. Outfit-wise, she delivered exactly what I want from her: something voluminous (the coat), something perplexing (the skirt), and something that looks incredibly irritating to put on and leave on for any amount of time (the shoes, which look like a couture knee brace). The skirt may have been a minor miscalculation…

Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show, media conference, Super Bowl LVII, Phoenix, Arizona, USA - 09 Feb 2023

… as when she sits down, it looks like she’s on a toilet with her underwear between her knees. I guess if anyone can make that look cool, it’s Rihanna.

Much has been made of the fact that Rihanna hadn’t made new music in years — other than her song in Wakanda Forever — but frankly I just think it’ll be fun to watch her do a medley of her career’s biggest hits. I don’t always need new. I just want to see Riri out there shredding it on a giant stage, creating demand that she may decide she never wants to satisfy because sometimes thrill of the chase is the best part. At this point, would people rather Rihanna released something so-so after all this time, or live in the thrill of being on tenterhooks forever wondering if something MIGHT drop? I’d vote for the latter. Make ‘em guess FOR ETERNITY, Rihanna.

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