Back in February, Rihanna was photographed in a fur coat, prompting PETA to send her a faux one to replace it. She wore a vintage Fendi fur for a hot second at the Met Gala, but then late last week, wandered around New York City in this ensemble — which is being credited as faux. That brings with it a whole other set of issues, I know, but at least it’s… better? The overall problem for ME, aside from being squicked out at what those ground-skimming pieces might be picking up from New York’s pavement, is that she looks like that most oxymoronic of things: a futuristic cavewoman. Maybe she’s rebooting Clan of the Cave Bear, but setting it in 2099, and hiring Gund to do the costumes. It DOES look like she already skinned a shelf’s worth of their product.

[Photo: Gotham/GC Images]