Fugger: Olivia Munn

Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at Various Super Bowl L Festivities

I spent my Super Bowl weekend doing filing, doing a magic show with the beans, cooking, and typing. So basically all these people and I had the same experience.

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Fubs and Fabs: Celebrity Coat Edition

Because it rained today and I am in the mood for some BRR.

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What The Fug: Olivia Munn in Balmain

Well. I find this uniquely, prodigiously hideous.

olivia munn ride along 2 premiere

It’s really tight in the pelvic triangle, barren in other spots… I referred to it my head as Mangy Flamenco Seatbelt, which coincidentally may also the title of an exciting Wilco/Ricky Martin collaboration.

But beyond the full frontal horrors, there is a rear window as well:

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Weirdly Played Cover: Olivia Munn on Good Housekeeping

Olivia Munn, Good Housekeeping, August 2015

“Ha ha ha! Hilarious! A pineapple! That was the creative for this shoot! Me standing here with some random-ass pineapple with pink plumage! Like it’s f’ing Paris Hilton’s house from 2005 and everything has to look like Barbie vomited on it! And like why I am I on Good Housekeeping talking about X-Men! Shouldn’t I be on Marie Claire or Glamour or something!!! Cosmo!!! Anyone! Hello! Joining a franchise! Dating a quarterback! Having it all! Oh yeah, ha ha ha, and HOLDING A F*CKING PINEAPPLE! It’s the ‘I carried a watermelon’ of 2015! SO HAPPY TO BE HERE HOLDING THIS PEPTO FRUIT!!!!”


Met Gala Fug or Fab: Olivia Munn in J. Mendel

I find this pleasantly caftanic.

olivia munn met gala met ball

I would’ve liked a thicker bunching on the bodice so that it was solid black. I don’t mind the sleeves being filmy, but the translucence on her chest draws the eyes straight there where the glare seems to be, and away from the rest. Still, this is both a pleasantly artsy choice from her, and possessed of a dash of crazy, the likes of which you might see on an old nighttime soap. I mean, if ever there is an event at which you should be applauded for not needing a bracelet because you have turned your SLEEVES into them, it is Met night.

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Fug or Fab: Olivia Munn in Mary Katrantzou

So, I pretty much love this, with one major exception:

olivia munn romper

And that is: I freely admit I am a total stick-in-the-mud about grown people wearing rompers.  I can’t help it. She is pulling this off about as well as a human ever will, but this is not Gymboree Play & Sing, and she is not soon to be handed a mallet and asked to bang the blue key on the xylophone while they sing about hot pastries. Half the reason it even HAS to be a romper is because it’s so short that when she sits down, it’ll essentially turn into a bathing suit, and so giving it a crotch seam is semi-protective. I sincerely award her lots of cosmically meaningless points for this — I can even live with the shoes, although there MUST have been a cuter colorful option somewhere that nobody gave her — because the fabric is that tempting. All playsuits are not created equal, and this one is high on the scale. But. It’s still a playsuit. On an adult.

Am I crazy? Do I have to relent and just deal with the fact that Rompers Are Happening outside elementary schools? Unforgivable pun time: Is a grown-up dinner on the town now, and forever, a rompin’ circumstance?

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Oscars Fugs and Fabs: Greens, Blues, and Purples

Not enough of any of these — never enough! — but still a nice showing.

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