The Rook is a Starz show based on a book, which Stephenie Meyer (of Twilight fame) adapted before leaving the show due to creative differences. (It has not been super warmly received, so maybe Stephenie was right.) The EPs who ended up running it also worked on Prison Break and FlashForward — and while I did not stay the course with the former show, my friend Carrie and I watched the ENTIRE single season of the latter because we always pick one really fun-terrible drama to watch together, and IT WAS A MESS. Courtney B. Vance deserved better. I STILL have a recording on my phone of one of Joseph Fiennes’s insane line deliveries. Also, one early episode was supposed to hinge on Joseph’s brilliant, dramatic discovery of “a continuing theme of crow attrition,” which was the lamest twist ever, and I often turn to Carrie or Kevin and randomly mimic the actor whose character scornfully responded, “Crow attrition?!?” So I guess what I’m saying is, FlashForward was some pretty good dumb-awful fun in the end, and maybe this will be too? I only add Starz when Outlander comes calling, so someone will have to keep me posted.

Also, Olivia Munn has been promoting the heck out of this, including a rainy event in Colorado wearing a Tom Ford suit:

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I didn’t have a full-length shot, though she put a posed one on her Instagram of her leaving the hotel, and the jacket is more open and shows more clearly that she’s not wearing a shirt. I wonder if she boob-taped it in the car so that there wouldn’t be any accidental flashes on the red carpet. Apparently it’s this suit; I think I like it better with the pink lapels? Let’s discuss, after we adjourn to the slideshow.