It’s been an interesting time for Cardi B. She was indicted on Tuesday by a Grand Jury in that strip-club brawl case, and faces 12 charges (compared with just two, I believe, had she accepted a plea deal). The following day, and that timing surely is not coincidental, she released a music video in which she pulls out a gun during a threesome, gets interrogated and tried, may or may not go ballistic in a courtroom where all the witnesses end up dead, gets hauled to jail for murder, and then drowns her cellmate in their shared toilet. That is… a whole lot of plot, especially at this time in her life. I might argue that the video was not a SUPERB look? Jessica and I were discussing the other day that the current Bachelorette needs a panel of crones like us (but not us; just saying the stuff we too are yelling at our TVs) to give her perspective, because she’s super, super young, and Chris Harrison is only telling her what will get her to stay on TV and does not have any interest in actually rescuing her from one particular creep and also morons in general. Whereas a wizened lady can be like, “SWEETHEART, I know you want to bang him, but it’s NOT WORTH IT.” Anyway, I likewise think Cardi B might need a panel of older advisors. She is only 26 — I keep forgetting that — and I wonder if she needs some slightly more temperate, or perhaps cranky-sensible, people in her ear to make sure she doesn’t self-destruct. Can Beyonce do megastardom mentorships, kind of like how Coco Rocha has a modeling camp now?

However, fashion-wise, Cardi has a sense of occasion. I appreciate the effort required to coordinate her wig and her suit, and the color-blocking is intriguing:

Cardi B Court Appearence, Queens, USA - 25 Jun 2019

I am mesmerized by her nails — I would be unable to use my hands AND would be very likely to mortally wound myself if I wore those — and I don’t think that’s the bag for this outfit. But the suit has the right combination of polish and flair. So at least that went well for her this week? It could only be better if it had an ACTUAL silver lining.

[Photos: Rex/Shutterstock]
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