Fugger: Miley Cyrus

Teen Choice Awards Fug Carpet: Miley Cyrus

Honestly, aren’t we tired of this?

The sheer shirt/visible leather bra thing doesn’t really feel all that shocking anymore, or surprising or interesting or avant-garde or whatever it is that Miley here is trying to be. It actually feels kind of over. Yeah, yeah, you’re wearing a leather bikini top. Give me a call when you’re trotting out something we haven’t seen before. Isn’t it time that we look at an outfit, think, “Has Lady Gaga already done this?” and if she HAS, we put it away? I think the answer is yes. The bonus is that this means far fewer people will walk outside wearing breakfast food.

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Fug or Fab, Miley Cyrus

When I saw this photo in thumbnail, I must admit that my reaction was to yelp, “MILEY WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?” But now that I’ve seen it, closer up, it might not be super, super terrible? What do you think? I mean, I know that’s an insanely powerful endorsement.

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Fugs, Fines and Fabs of Miley Cyrus

The crop top brigade continues apace.

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Who Fugged It More: Miley Cyrus vs Katerina Graham

There’s something very dated-feeling about this.

I don’t know if it’s the dress with giant pocket flaps at the hip bones, or something about the bodice, or the aggressive goldness of the Chuck E. Cheese tokens with which it’s been decorated. But it keeps reminding me of the inappropriately grown-up things people bought at Express and wore to my middle-school formal dances (a girl’s first French twist thinks it needs her first cocktail dress too). It isn’t making me black out with rage, but it’s stale.

Miley’s version was less “our little girl’s NOT all grown up, but don’t tell HER that” and more “when did our little girl get into bondage?”

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The Fugmb

I don’t know what to say. SUPERMOON has taken my words this week, and also my WORDS.

All I can think of is to vomit up “silk business jazzercise starring the women of Empty Nest,” which is not a phrase I ever expected nor wanted to type in my life. DAMN YOU SUPERMOON.

Miley has a message for SUPERMOON too:

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Fug Can’t Stop

Pants are (mostly) dead to her!

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