My husband walked by as I was examining this photo and he said, “Yeah, you should write about that hat.”

It is amazing that he thought it was a hat, although I don’t blame him for trying to live in sweet, sweet denial. Pretending it’s a hat is a tender way of avoiding the reality that it’s something she attached to her hair:

It is as if Charo came out with a line of My Little Pony accessories for four-year olds, and it is wrapped around Miley Cyrus’s topknot. She’s Miley Little Pony. And it’s too bad, because the other noteworthy thing about the outfit is it’s total normalcy; I mean, yeah, the blouse is not great, but it’s all very regular, until you get to her highly flammable rainbow scalp. “It looks like a silly thing,” scoffed one of the beans (not the same bean who, at the Dodgers game, sat in silent despondence because the hair of the woman in front of him was making him terribly upset). And it does. It is a silly, silly thing. Even a five-year old knows it, girl.

[Photos: Splash]

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