The context of this outfit: a Grammy pre-party in Los Angeles during what was probably a 66-degree evening after a warm day.

If she’d been in New York, or Chicago, or anywhere else that’s been tongue-bathed by the polar vortex, I would be worrying about frost in unsightly places. Or even sightly ones. Being in Los Angeles makes this only as seasonally inappropriate as our climate already is. But: That’s a camisole with big dreams, right? A shirt with aspirations? An unfolded napkin looking for someone to take a chance on an unknown cloth? It reminds me of that scene in Clueless where Cher’s father is starteld by her micromini, and she shrugs that it’s a dress, and he snaps, “Says who?” and she pouts, “Calvin Klein!” Because this is, indeed, Calvin Klein.

The shearling coat looks comfy, though. Part of me thinks it’s a goofy, cotton-candy delight, and she’s young and at least 65 percent dressed, so I should just sit down and relax. But this also might not look out of place on a Lady of the Night trolling for johns on top of people’s Walk of Fame stars. That may not make it BAD — perhaps that streetwalker in question has really good taste and is a rom-com waiting to happen — but it might also mean she could do better.

Let’s examine her head, though:

Gorgeous eyes, perfect lipstick, impressive skin tone, and the best her hair has looked in a long time — she needed to freshen things up, and this did it. Her face really carries a pixie cut and the platinum color. In fact, the whole thing harkens back to the Cosmo cover from 2013 that I loved so much. Maybe that’s her comfort zone right now while she plots whatever alarming antics she’s going to unleash on her tour. I’ll take it. But based on the coat, the Plushy population may want to gird its loins.

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