Fugger: Liv Tyler

Casual Fuggerday Real-Talk: Ponchos

I’m not sure how I feel about this EXACT poncho — the turtleneck feels like a snuggle too far. And for whatever reason it has pockets that she either prefers not to use, or can’t reach, because where are the armholes?

But it spawns a larger question. Ponchos: yes or no? They certainly LOOK cozy sometimes, but then they also look like tea cozies sometimes. And I’m not sure about having my arm movements restricted. You never know when you’re going to need to raise them in the air like you just don’t care. What are your feelings? Any real-world stories of poncho joy or heartache to share?

Let's boil it down. Ponchos:

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[Photo: Pacific Coast News]


That Fug You Do

At first, I debated whether I minded the vest layered over the dress.

I mean… it’s a look, as they say. The dress itself is pretty plain; maybe Liv was just trying to spice it up a little bit, or detract from the wrinkles, or be free to eat some passed hors d’oeuvres with maximum abdominal comfort. But it nagged at me — it all still seemed sort of shapeless and bland, even for a dress that was trying to give itself a menswear contact high. And then:

always with the ‘and then’


Fugs and Fabs: the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards

Some of these are more successful than others. I love the Vogue Wall of Bushes behind everyone though. First of all, it’s an elegant backdrop for arrival pictures and you know that’s one of the reasons Vogue always uses it.  Second,  I like to imagine that Anna makes every celebrity compete in a mini Triwizard Tournament to get to the open bar, and this is the hedge maze portion of the evening.

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The Fugcredible Hulk

Liv Tyler is really gorgeous.

But this is the most disturbing thing. I feel like this tee shirt looks like the sort of thing they showed patients in Ye Olde Sanitarium (in, you know, Olden Times), asked them what they saw in it, and then when the patient said, like, “That’s what it looks like inside me head, guv’ner” (that’s Cockney Olden Times) or “that’s what happens in a Praying Mantis Whorehouse,” or, “You know, the gruel here is terrible. Have you people never heard of cumin?”  the Psychiatrist nodded gravely and stroked his bread* and made a note and said, “MmmMMM” and then started wondering how soon he could schedule the Secret Lobotomy (reading lots of trashy books has taught me that, in Olden Times, the vast majority of lobotomies were Secret — as of course were most affairs, many babies, and several marriages). Dramatic fictional material but perhaps not ideal for wearing around.

*I am leaving this typo because I find it hilarious. WHAT I WAS HUNGRY WHEN I WROTE THIS.


Met Ball Fug or Fab, Liv Tyler

I was JUST about to Well Play this, until I noticed something:

There are like, VERY THREE DIMENSIONAL FEATHERS on the front of this dress that make it appear as though she’s been dive-bombed by a flock of suicidal doves and I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this but I have a total bird phobia and oh my god it usually it doesn’t manifest with feathers on outfits (like the ones at the bottom are totally fine) but this bodice is freaking me out I have to go now.

Look at the back FAST


Well Played, Liv Tyler

I think I can say, with total confidence:

This might be the absolute cutest Liv Tyler has EVER looked.

What? Sometimes I seriously don’t have anything snarky to say.

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