So, I got very confused when I first saw this dress.

I didn’t realize that she’d gotten caught in a gust, or something, and that her fringe had blown up; I  just thought there was a random see-through blotch right over her belly and was ready to take up arms against whatever almighty force of fashion decided she needed a peephole shaped like a U.S. state. I can’t decide if it looks like a mirror image of Illinois, if said mirror-image also face-planted, or Ohio if its Eastern edge got stretched, or… hmm. I certainly hope “What U.S. State Does Liv Tyler’s Unfortunate Mesh Swath Resemble?” becomes the next game that sweeps Facebook.

Anyway, here is the dress as it was meant to be seen:

It’s fine. It’s fringey. It looks nice with her eyes. I’ve seen worse. But then of course we all know that lurking beneath is this:

I feel like it’s not uncommon for there to be see-through areas underneath fringey things — isn’t that some wonderfully sophisticated terminology — and so someone with more fashion knowledge than I should definitely weigh in on the practicalities of making this sort of dress. For ME, knowing that such an unflattering see-through stripe lurks beneath the surface in this particular way, with an apparent danger of being exposed, makes me less enamored; in other words, it’s the holes that disillusions me about the whole. Maybe that’s unfair. But the thing is, I don’t think you’d NEED a gust to expose them; you just need MOTION. Like, walk down some stairs, turn around to chase a crudite tray, dash to the ladies’ room to gossip with someone… it’d be a fringefest. How am I to feel? FIX ME.

I knew I could count on you:

  • It's a cool dress. Don't worry about the mesh bits. (12%, 489 Votes)
  • Well, they are kind of HIDEOUS mesh bits. It would be better if they were not lurking. (54%, 2,226 Votes)
  • I REJECT IT ALL. (34%, 1,382 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,097

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[Photos: Getty, Pacific Coast News, Fame/Flynet]

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