I remember, on the first season of The Rachel Zoe Project, there was a piece where Liv Tyler came to Rachel to basically get her new spring wardrobe. Not styled for premieres or events — her walking around clothes. And I think there was a bit of chatter, like, “well, the paparazzi are everywhere and I don’t want to look terrible,” and she was essentially very friendly and likeable-seeming and my takeaway was, “I feel like Liv Tyler totally picks out her own walking around clothes, but doing this scene for the first season of her stylist Rachel Zoe’s TV show is a nice solid.” And I STILL don’t know who I think is picking out Liv’s walking around clothes, or if Zoe is even still doing her for events, but that said: whoever did this bunch did a mostly very good job, so buy SOMEONE a beer, Liv, even if it’s just yourself.

[Photos: Splash]