Miss Flo’s been very busy doing press for her new movie with ex-Zach Braff and it’s a good thing that she’s a youth, because this all seems like a very intense schedule on top of awards season. I’m sure she’s going to some event in that top photo there, because that is NOT a “I’m just popping out for brunch” look. It’s more of a “I’m considering taking a part inĀ Chicago” look, and that would DEFINITELY be a hit.

This feels more like the look of a woman who is running out to have eggs with friends and then try on some boots:

Celebrity Sightings In New York - March 21, 2023

Although, in fairness, the boots she’s wearing currently ARE cute.

And this look says, “I’m under contract to Valentino and just left a photoshoot:”

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - March 17, 2023

In a chic way, but still!

[Photos: Gotham/GC Images, David Krieger/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images]