Fugger: Katharine McPhee

Fugs and Fabs: Creative Arts Emmys

The Primetime Emmys are in the air. CAN YOU TASTE IT?

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There are a number of people on Kat McPhee’s shitlist (I feel like that ought to be Kat McPhee’s ShitlistTM) after her launch of this Lipton Tea Something or Other:

And they are:

a) God, for making that weather happen and, therefore, creating all her hair problems.

b) Whoever decided she should wear stilettos on sand rather than wedges — surely only herself, as no stylish would fail to foresee problems like this:

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Fugs and Fabs: The Clinique Party

I just hope everyone at this party got a free tube of Black Honey Almost Lipstick, because that stuff is the bomb, and half the time Clinique is out due to said bomb-ness. Stock up, Emily VanCamp!

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Fugs, Fabs, and Fines of Coachella, Weekend One

Dear Coachella,

Thank you for bringing the crazy. Never leave us.


People Who Love The Crazy

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Fugshion Week Fugs and Fabs: Assorted People We Saw

Not as many doozies as we would like. What is the world coming to?

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Golden Globes Fugs and Fabs and Fines: The Ladies of Smash

We may disagree about these ensembles, but I do I think we are all in agreement that we can’t WAIT to hate-watch Smash again.

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