Here, Kat McPheeFo (she took David’s name) is, per Entertainment Tonight, “on hand at this year’s Vocal Star seminar for aspiring music professionals to lend her wealth of wisdom and experience.” Which is good, because I saw the step-and-repeat and thought, “Vocal Star is a VERY generic name for a TV show.” (I assumed it was the next attempted iteration of The Voice/American Idol.) But this is also kind of a generic outfit, although it must be said that her hair looks tremendous. But this ensemble, plus the way she’s standing, makes her look like nothing so much as a Real Housewife here — and, given that David’s previous wife, Yolanda Foster (Gigi and Bella Hadid’s mother) was a Real Housewife, there is some entree there. Perhaps Kat can join RHoBH and liven things up a bit over there. Her tagline can be, “I was an Idol, but now I’m just idolized.” Or something. We can workshop this. Bravo, please call me. I have thoughts.

 [Photo: FayesVision/]