I don’t mean literally — although, that too, if you wear one and want to talk about it. I was thinking about this over the weekend: I feel like most people have at least a loose uniform for their daily wear. (Even very fashion-y eccentric folks generally have some low-key personal guidelines for what they’re most likely to put on their bodies every day, even if it’s “something with feathers.”) Like, for some people, it’s “cute A-line dress and cardigan,” with sleeve/tights/shoes differentials for weather. Or “jeans and silk blouse” (that one is me, though I veer into Dress Town in the summer, and of course I often swap in a striped tee). Or “palazzo pants and vintage band tee” (that person is cooler than I am for sure). You get it — the general outfit parameters you find yourself reaching for most often. What are they? I am curious!