A note: For mysterious reasons, you likely need to clear your cache before looking at this, if you haven’t already (if you have, you won’t need to do it again). Tiffany is on whatever this weird issue is!

It would seem Katharine McPhee is starring in Waitress on the West End (she also did it on Broadway), which I had to Google in my efforts to understand her presence at these awards. Good for you, Kat. I ALSO would take my act to England if I could, but I’m not sure any theatre in the West End is ready for all this hot blogging action to hit the stage.

Also, apparently Come From Away won for best musical, and I heartily endorse that — we saw the tour when it came through Los Angeles and it’s clever and great and the kind of thing where you leave the show feeling like good people do still abound. I wanted to go to Newfoundland and hug every soul I met.

[Photos: WENN]