Fugger: Gwen Stefani

Oscar Fug Carpet: Gwen Stefani, But With Bonus YAY

I know a lot of people think certain fuggery is sacred, but I generally don’t — I mean, MAYBE Joan Collins, at this point, but not Kate Moss, not Helena Bonham Carter, not even SWINTON. And definitely not Gwen Stefani. Especially not now:

This looks like a video game about surgery.

Oh, and in case you wanted me to put my money where my mouth is:

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Fug Stefanfug

I know there is this prevailing sentiment that Gwen Stefani can do anything, simply because she is Gwen Stefani.

But I can’t sign off on that view. Yes, I like the hit of electric blue on her feet, and yes, Gwen Stefani looks way better in this than, say, I would, or Thomas Jane would, or Sarah Jessica Parker, or anyone in Twilight, or John Madden. But I don’t think “could be worse” is very hearty praise. Two hours ago I think that was sitting on her lawn, stuffed with freshly raked leaves. Since this is an art gala, maybe she thought she’d work that to interpretive advantage, but sadly I don’t think Death by Hay Fever is a very fulfilling message.

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WAIT.  Gwen Stefani is in the new (and apparently kind of awesome) Newsies musical?



Fuggaback Girl

At first this doesn’t seem like much.

Bra strap, belly shirt, crazy shades that look like she should have on a head scarf and be in a convertible as some man from 1964 whisks her off for a mini-break… it’s just Gwen being Gwen.

In the words of Bonnie Tyler, turn around


What’cha Fuggin’ For?

Apparently, the recipe for being Gwen Stefani is: one part peroxide, two parts red lippy, two parts Chico’s, one part picnic, a liberal dash of genie, and a soupçon of Boy Scout Knot-Tying Merit Badge.

I guess L.A.M.B. stands for, “Look At My Blanket!”

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Well Played From The Neck Down, Gwen Stefani

I’m batting cleanup on Cannes a little, and couldn’t let this Gwen Stefani outfit pass without judgment.

It is Armani Prive, and although it’s very striking, I keep hoping, say, Victoria Beckham will show up in the exact same dress and then the two of them will have extreme tantrums for about an hour including commercial breaks. Of course, since V.Becks is pregnant, that shoots to hell the story where she loses her virginity in a hotel room shortly thereafter. I am pretty sure it was not an immaculate conception, because have you SEEN her husband?

Anyway, back to Gwen. Aside from the echoes of 90210 glory, and maybe even slightly because of, I rather like this on her. I appreciate that it’s got a twist to it but manages still to be less busy than some of what she likes to do — before Cannes, it had been a while since she showed up wearing gowns, and it’s interesting to see how she’s metamorphosed since her last mega media blitz. The back is also lovely in its simplicity:

But we have got to talk about her makeup.

pull up a stool at sephora, gwen



This amfAR event already brought us Karl and Courtney together at last, and Mischa Barton looking stunning after her near-victory in Fug Madness 2011. It seemed egregious not to let the evening’s other delights enfold you in their arms and whisper you sweet nothings, or alternatively, nothing sweet. I mean, Gwen, what ARE you doing with your groin?