Fugger: Gwen Stefani

Emmy Awards Fug or Fab: Gwen Stefani

I really liked this when she stopped by E!, but now that I’m seeing it from different angles, I’m questioning everything I thought was true.

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VMAs Well Played: Gwen Stefani in LAMB

There were a few moments last night when a look washed across Gwen Stefani’s face –  when she and Snoop were talking about Inglewood on stage, when she was being interviewed on the red carpet — that seemed to say, “sweet grunge revival, I am too old for this shit.” And at that moment, I felt a connection between myself and Gwen flourish and grow in a way it hasn’t since the days when I was in college and we used a pertinent clip from “Spiderwebs” on our outgoing voice message. And so it brings me EXTRA delight to tell you that she looked awesome last night:

The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

This is totally fun, and she looks fun in it, without looking: desperate, weird, sleazy, naked, inappropriately dressed for the occasion, too old, too young, too hot, too cold, too too, too anything. Learn from her, youngsters.

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Fugs and Fabs: The iHeartRadio Awards, The Show

In short, a variety of very famous people didn’t walk the red carpet at this thing. Is everyone avoiding Giuliana?!?

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Casual Fuggerday: More Coats

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so let’s roll with the outerwear. Snuggle in, folks.

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Fugs and Fabs: Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts Gala, Part 1

Not cool, universe, to jam a star-studded event into the very end of a GFY posting week. To make smaller slideshows, I split things into two morsels; this one gets you Gwen and Gavin and Demi and Geena, among others, but stay tuned for Charlize, Amy Adams, and Freida and Dev.

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Fugs and Fabs of The Bling Ring premiere

Yeah, she’s not in the movie, but whenever the Sev is at an event my antenna perk up a little. She’s usually a Very Special Fugpisode, and even when she’s not, it’s worth a quick ogle.

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