First, a note on how we did this: Because so many of these outfits crossed SO MANY streams, we decided to experiment with presenting them by design house, wondering if seeing each grouping will give a sense of how they each interpreted “Camp: Notes on Fashion.” I’m SURE that we will miss a few here and there, due to the lateness of our writing hour and the fact that some fashion credits are still rolling in; if we do, we’ll scoop them up later into a catch-all post.

Moschino delivered its attendees in an open-topped double decker bus, because so many of the looks were so extra. Although every Met Gala has a whiff of camp to it, every Jeremy Scott show seems firmly ensconced in it, so this is basically his perfect night. With that in mind, I actually found myself bummed out that MORE of these people didn’t go as hard as the others.

We also tossed in Christopher Kane’s reps here, Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke, because their outfits FELT very Moschino. Also, I almost wrote Mossimo, as in the Target line, as in husband of Lori Louglin, as in perhaps in deep trouble for the college admissions scandal. That dude WISHES he was thinking about the Met Gala right now instead of about the FBI.

[Photos: Rex/Shutterstock]