My thought process looking at this photo: “What is that poor rando with that Blake Shelton-looking dude wearing? Wait, is that Blake Shelton? Is he in a movie? What’s happening? OH NO IS THAT GWEN STEFANI?”

Dear reader, it is. Part of the reason I didn’t recognize her, of course, is that she is now and forever in my head wearing a red lip (and has shorter hair). The other reason is because I was busy looking at her outfit and not her face. It’s…fringed booty shorts and a complicated bodysuit, under an army jacket, I think? That combination feels like her stylist spun a wheel and Gwen had to wear whatever it landed on, but what it really looks like is that she was in the middle of shooting a video when she realized she had to go to this thing, and she just threw on a jacket and ran out. Is that….possible? Can we just decide it is?

[Photo: Sara De Boer/]