Fugger: Dakota Johnson

Fugs and Fabs: More Celebrity Airport Style

This installment of Celebrities Wearing Things At The Airport is EXTREMELY A-list, you guys.

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Recent Fugs and Fabs; Dakota Johnson/Anastasia Steele

They’re shooting Fifty Shades Darker right now in France and Vancouver, and that means Dakota [WAIT where did the rest of my post text go?!? This stopped midsentence when it was published. I... well, I wish I could promise it had a sparkling ending. I guess what it means is that Dakota is often to be caught wandering around in clothes in public, and ergo, we can look at them. BRILLIANCE.]


Met Gala Fugs and Fabs: Everyone Else

Take the Met Gala out of the oven, because it is done.

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BAFTAs Fugs and Fabs: The Others

We have got to talk to these BAFTA people about not scheduling them against the Grammys EVERY YEAR. There’s plenty of room elsewhere, dudes.

Edited to add: A commenter pointed out that Nanette Lepore had some feedback on Dakota’s Dior dress. Well played, Nanette. I feel like this stuff happens a LOT (Monique Lhuillier’s collections always seem to evoke other people, to me), and I can’t decide if I think designers need to accept it as part of creative life — like an accidental mind meld, or how everything in life is influenced by what’s come before it – or if they should all rage against the machine. I see an argument for both, honestly.

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Fug or Fab: Dakota Johnson in Marc Jacobs

You know how GFY generally feels about all things gold and shiny, so I hope it’s not a sign of a loose screw that I haven’t immediately signed off on this:

Dakota Johnson

Is it the cut — all that seaming slicing and dicing things by her hips? Is it the rosette-style detailing around the arms? Is that overwhelming things, or taking it to a precious place when something sleeker would have sufficed? Is it the gold platform sandal poking out the bottom? I don’t know, but somehow– even with lovely makeup — this doesn’t come across like quite the assertive gold-drizzled dream that I want it to be.

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[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Fug or Fine: Dakota Johnson in Saint Laurent

This How To Be Single movie looks excruciating, which means I will totally be watching it on a plane in six months. But Dakota’s head and makeup here are perfection:

dakota johnson

The dress… it’s not my personal bag of tea. I have a hard time getting excited about being covered in a bunch of starfish, looking like a beach that’s been hit with a rogue wave chock full of marine life. In less elegant terms, I don’t want things on me. But I have to give it to Dakota that the cut is pretty on her, and without actually knowing much about her, this entire aesthetic — a little bit boho, a little bit vintage – still feels organic. I believe that she would want this dress, rather than being handed it and told to suck it p and change before she missed her limo. Call it a case of the context making the clothes seem more becoming than, to my sensibilities, they ordinarily might be.

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What the Fug: Dakota Johnson in Gucci

We forgot to post this when it first happened on The Tonight Show, but it’s too bananas to let slide any further. Behold, what happens when you beg an actress over and over again to embrace color:

Dakota Johnson tonight show

It’s like a mixture of a cartoon present, this Reem Acra show, and a store that sells the sort of dolls whose eyes follow you no matter where you are. Her nose has been well and truly thumbed at us all.

it improved with Seth Meyers