Fugger: Cate Blanchett

Golden Globes Fug Carpet: Cate Blanchett in Givenchy

You know how in True Blood, some of the vampires could “glamour” people as a form of mind control? I’ve decided that’s what Cate is doing here with this facial expression. I refuse to take the bait.

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Blue Fugmine: Cate Blanchett in Erdem at the W Magazine Party

In fairness to The Blanche, she had already been to an event in this outfit — a Q&A about Carol — and that may account for why her makeup seems a little bit like she was just caught heaving a large sigh.

cate blanchett W magazine

However, it’s not like she wore great makeup to the other event and it just wore off; she looks basically the same. And of course, she willingly wore the gown, which to me is like a bastard hybrid of a boxy Balmain and a baroque Valentino and something a child designed with a spirograph. Carte Blanchett needs TENDING, Cate. Like a garden. You have to water it and mix in some special sauce to get the flowers to grow bigger than your neighbors’. Maybe hers got surprised by a sudden frost.

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Fug or Fab the Covers: Cate Blanchett on Harper’s Bazaar UK

As we careen deep into a awards season, get ready for Cate Overload. (Is there such a thing? Before you answer that, consider that I originally accidentally typed “Cate Overlord”)

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Well Played, Cate Blanchett in Marc Jacobs

And La Blanchett opens 2016 firmly back in her best wheelhouse. Namely, sporting something long-sleeved and elegant, that wouldn’t look out of place in a ’40s movie — or, more likely, given that we cannot time-travel (although, honestly, I would believe that CB can time-travel), in a new movie set in the ’40s, wherein she’s playing someone very rich, very well-dressed, and just mildly evil. Bonus points for winning my favorite bracelet of the year to date. (I know. But still!)

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2015: Re-evaluating Cate Blanchett’s Carte Blanchett

“Carte Blanchett” is the idea that Cate Blanchett brings so much panache to a dress that she gets her own flavor of carte blanche — in other words, she can make lemonade out of some shriveled up old rocks she found in the yard. But it felt like she limped toward the end of the year, fashion-wise, and some commenters were wondering if she’d lost her mojo. Let’s take a look back and see.

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Fug or Fab the Cover: Cate Blanchett on W Magazine, January 2016

I enjoy that W magazine is still doing artsy covers. It’s nice to have something leap out at you on the newsstands for reasons other than insane Photoshop jobs.

w magazine january 2016 cover cate blanchett

There’s a SWINTON quality to its austere fearlessness. It doesn’t want to be pretty. It just wants to seep into you. So while I don’t know if I LIKE it, exactly — I never imagined a cross between Elizabeth and The Crucible; come to think of it, though, I am fairly sure the Virgin Queen would in a fit of pique testify to seeing Robert Dudley with the devil — I am definitely pleased it exists, and gives me something fresh to look at when I’m taking a break from bewailing the usual suspects.

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Fuglizabeth: Cate Blanchett

As of this writing, there weren’t any pics from our sources of Cate alone at this event.

cate blanchett pirelli calendar

Which may have been a strategic safety-in-numbers strategy, in the hopes that we might not notice that she’s wearing a nightgown borne of the torrid affair of some fishnet stockings and a spirograph.

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