Fugger: Cate Blanchett

Fug or Fab: Cate Blanchett in Alexander McQueen

I am not sure this is what I would call “outside clothing.”

cate blanchett AACTA Awards Australia 2015

It’s DEFINITELY something she might wear while swanning around her house. Probably in heeled marabou slippers, as she liberally powders herself and nibbles on pate smeared onto toast triangles before SCREECHING at the maid to PLEASE scrape the rubbishy garnish off the top because WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY and then trying to figure out if she can put vodka in her perfume spritzer to make alcoholic mist.

Call it. BE HONEST.

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Well Played, Cate Blanchett in Giambattista Valli

Well, this is refreshing:

IWC 'Timeless Portofino' Event Zurich - Gala Dinner

Giambattista Valli is REALLY into the Fabulous Skirt With Everyday Top right now — as we also saw on Lena Dunham’s Emmy dress. (I am imagining Lena Dunham reading this on her phone right now and saying, “it’s VERY UNFAIR to compare ANYONE to Cate Blanchett” and I do agree. I also had a dream last night, by the way, that Lena Dunham and I were shopping for school supplies together and we bought the cutest notebooks, you guys.) This particular iteration is glorious, both in general and on her specifically. I want this woman to sweep past me holding a cocktail and being glamorous. I will be happy to stand in her wake.

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Fugs and Fabs: Cate Blanchett

Cate is at the Zurich Film Festival for a screening of Blue Jasmine. How is that possible? She’s been there, done that, and won an Oscar that’s already collecting dust on her mantel.

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Fugs and Fabs: Cate Blanchett

Cate the Great (Cate the Grate? No, that’s insulting) is starring in The Maids in New York right now, and apparently the production is quite excellent, although I confess it sounds like a rather confusing play. And I say that as a person with a degree in literature who also was once the president of her high school drama club so you know I know my shit. Regardless of all that, what this really means is that she’s tromping around New York every day and we get to eyeball her outfits. Turns out she loves a bootie.

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Mostly Well Played: Cate Blanchett

She even runs errands with panache.

Cate Blanchett

Panache, and a potentially odd choice of footwear, but then again, she wouldn’t be Cate Blanchett if she weren’t making me question everything I thought I knew.

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Fug or Fab: Cate Blanchett in Fausto Puglisi at Comic-Con

I am sure there are plenty of people who complain that Comic-Con isn’t what it used to be — whatever it is that it used to be — and while I don’t know about that, I WILL say that when Cate Blanchett shows up for your event, you can’t say it isn’t major. (She was there for the panel for The Hobbit 3: Back In The Hobbit, which…don’t even get me started on the fact that they made The Hobbit into a trilogy. Not everything need be split into thirds. Sometimes both your sandwich and your relatively slim volume of elfin adventure can be consumed in one sitting.)

Cate-Blanchett-Comic-Con (2)

I don’t HATE this, but I do think it looks like a Project Runway challenge where everyone had to take her bathrobe and make it into a day dress. It might WIN that challenge, but still.

She looked much less fussy when she arrived at LAX this week:

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