Sarah Burton joined Alexander McQueen in 1997, and took over as head designer after Lee’s death in 2010. She’s the only person apart from the man himself who’s truly woven into the line’s DNA, and they haven’t figured out her replacement yet; it’s tough shoes to fill. I was a bit surprised they didn’t stack the front row even more, but Burton also doesn’t seem like the type to make that kind of big deal out of herself. Still, of course, they got Cate, one of her most loyal A-listers. I wondered if they’d also get the royal Kate, since that wedding gown was a BIG household name moment for Sarah, but Kate probably would’ve taken some heat for flying to Paris for that.

As for the show, which you can also see below, Kaia Gerber opened it and of course Naomi Campbell closed. The theme:

Her spring 2024 collection was titled Anatomy II. Show notes relayed a statement from Burton: “This collection is inspired by female anatomy, Queen Elizabeth I, the blood red rose, and Magdalena Abakanowicz, a transgressive and powerfully creative artist who refused to ever compromise her vision. This show is dedicated to the memory Lee Alexander McQueen, whose wish was always to empower women, and to the passion, talent, and loyalty of my team.”

I decided to drop the show in here today, as well, instead of running it separately. I’m shaking things up! I’m a rebel! What will I do next???

Cate Blanchett really ought to wear that white coat with the beautiful rose depicted on it. I won’t say I’ll eat my hat if she doesn’t… BUT I MIGHT. I’m that crazy.

[Photos: Dave Benett/Getty Images, Launchmetrics Spotlight]