Louis Vuitton must have carte blanche with the checkbook right now — not only do they have a boatload of regular ambassadors, but they seem to have assembled ALL of them for this show — minus Emma Stone, and plus a few other folks, status unknown. (Maybe Emma got tired of them after they put her in this dress that’s a cross between an upside-down mortarboard and a decorative bowl.) Congrats to them on basically being able to shoot money out of a confetti cannon! It certainly serves OUR purposes. Also, I’m delighted to inform you that in addition to a super Zendaya appearance, this slideshow includes the return of Regina King, who has been seen in public only once or twice that I know of since her son’s tragic death. I hope she’s doing better and it’s lovely to see her face, even if her outfit is… you’ll see.

Also, is this the backdrop that will make me miss the black ones? What in the WORLD are they doing. It looks like a construction site. WAIT: I just read that it actually IS a construction site?!? They took over a building Dior was going to use, and are turning into some kind of hotel/store/cultural space:

To keep an element of surprise, he wrapped the show space in an orange tarpaulin normally used for hot air balloons. “It’s a deep dive into the idea of ​​an extraordinary journey,” [Nicolas Ghesquiere] explained.

… Sure it is, pal. Sure it is.

[Photos: Marc Piasecki/WireImage, Jacopo Raule, Julien M. Hekimian/Getty Images]