Fugger: Anna Friel

Well Played, Anna Friel

This is probably too matchy and adorable and Anyone For Tennis? Right Ho, Just Let’s Pop In For A Spritzer First:

But I’m not sure I care. It’s VERY Lonely Tourist Charlotte Charles — sigh, I miss you, Pushing Daisies; I cannot believe I live in a world where Dads and 2 Broke Girls and The Real Housewives of Several Very Embarrassed Cities Indeed exist and you do not — and it’s green and it’s cheery. Yes, maybe it’s more spring/summer, and sure, she could use slightly more present makeup, and an edgy pedicure (I’m a dark nail girl), but whatever. I am going to stop anticipating all the YOU CRAZY GIRL comments and just stick with my gut instinct, which is that it’s got personality and panache without also trying to make me think I’m stupid for not understanding its cosmic direction. Hooray.

She also wore this:

come back to us, pie maker


Anna Fugl

I can’t deal with this. It’s like the bodice is poking out its lizard tongue at me.

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Fugging Daisies

This outfit confuses me.

It’s December in London. Obviously it’s cold enough for her to wear a bearskin rug as a coat — seriously, the last time I saw that, I think Blake Carrington was stroking Krystle’s cheek through a lens of Vaseline, before they made elderly love on it in front of a fire — and yet instead of wrapping herself in it, she’s sauntering along, letting it flap around, while she wears a summer dress underneath with no tights. I feel like the outfit ITSELF, sans coat, is probably fine. But it looks so absurd in this context that I just want to send her some jeans and a sweater with a note that says, “Try this. No, really. They don’t bite.”

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Fugging Daisies

I enjoy that Anna Friel went from a relationship with Professor Lupin to one with Xenophilius Lovegood.

She obviously likes the careworn, rumpled type, and I say that without judgment of either of them — it’s just an observation. I like it. I support that. I find Rhys Ifans charming in his movie roles, and he looks great in his dapper racing-green suit, if only someone would have told him to untuck it from his shoe (let’s assume someone did him that solid). Anna, however, I find more problematic here. Part of it may be that I will forever adore her as Chuck from Pushing Daisies, and her wardrobe on that show was SO retro and bright and adorable that it’s difficult to love her as much any other way. She will always be Lonely Tourist Charlotte Charles to me, and that’s the way I like it. But I also fully accept that the real issue is that I just don’t like what she’s wearing. Color can’t save everything, y’all. If it could, we’d ALL probably be running around looking like Starlight Express understudies. Also, I mentioned it in the MuchMusic slideshow this morning, and I’ll say it again: The double-slit insanity has GOT TO DIE DOWN PLEASE. You look like you’re wearing mudflaps.

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Fugging Daisies

I just thought you guys should know that Anna Friel is actually WEARING a FUR TURBAN, a la Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter Dexter Rowan.

[Photo: Splash News]

I don’t actually, technically, have a problem with said turban. In fact, I SALUTE the fur turban. I just thought you should KNOW about it. That’s all.

…the dress made entirely out of doilies, on the other hand, well….maybe it’s not the most seasonal thing I’ve ever seen? Let’s just leave it at that.


Breakfast at Fugffany’s

Oh, Anna Friel. I wish we’d been paying attention to your stage-door exits all along. 

That jumpsuit is so slickery and puffy, it seems for all the world like it’s lined with thinsulate. She looks as if she just hung up her skis and is sidling into the lodge to have some soup in a bread bowl before hitting the slopes again. 
This did make me want to take a look back at what she wears when she’s leaving the theatre, just in case we missed something. Now, Anna here has starred in many performances, so this is only really a random sampling. But she does appear to love the black-and-white:

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