This is probably too matchy and adorable and Anyone For Tennis? Right Ho, Just Let’s Pop In For A Spritzer First:

But I’m not sure I care. It’s VERY Lonely Tourist Charlotte Charles — sigh, I miss you, Pushing Daisies; I cannot believe I live in a world where Dads and 2 Broke Girls and The Real Housewives of Several Very Embarrassed Cities Indeed exist and you do not — and it’s green and it’s cheery. Yes, maybe it’s more spring/summer, and sure, she could use slightly more present makeup, and an edgy pedicure (I’m a dark nail girl), but whatever. I am going to stop anticipating all the YOU CRAZY GIRL comments and just stick with my gut instinct, which is that it’s got personality and panache without also trying to make me think I’m stupid for not understanding its cosmic direction. Hooray.

She also wore this:

Love the dress, but REALLY REALLY need to kidnap those shoes and hold them for an unreasonable ransom, giving them time to fall in love with me and decide to stay even once I consent to releasing them into the wild. It will be a beautiful ending.

[Photos: WENN]

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