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Emmy Awards Well Played: Jaimie Alexander in Armani Prive

This dress may prove to be divisive. Personally, I loved it:

67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Stripes + sleeves + sequins = goodness, in my book. (Although she may have been ready to pass out, given how hot and humid it was on the red carpet yesterday.) It’s also a huge vote of confidence in Jaimie Alexander as a celebrity that Armani Prive gave her a dress that hasn’t even gone down the runway yet. Like, that is a GET, a real A-List score, and however that was finagled: WELL DONE TEAM JAIMIE.

Additionally, because I always like to tell you guys these things: I interviewed her at Fashion Week once, and she was A COMPLETE DELIGHT, and probably one of the nicest interviews I’ve done. So, mark that in your diary. (You know who else was great this past Fashion Week, who I may not get to mention here on GFY and should just shove in here? HODA. You guys, Hoda Kotb is — unsurprisingly — the best person.)

[Photo: John Shearer]


Emmy Awards Fugs and Fabs: The Rest of the Cast of American Horror Story

I gave Sarah Paulson her own post, but here’s a big round-up of the rest of Ryan Murphy’s squad in attendance (with the exception of Angela Bassett, who was a nominee and I THINK was there, but of whom I could find no pictures. Angela, why are you depriving me?!?).

With apologies to Lady Gaga for making her just part of a squad.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet, Getty]


Emmy Awards Well Played: Sarah Paulson in custom Prabal Gurung

Sarah has been working with stylist Karla Welch lately (for a while now, I believe), and I feel like we just need to SHOUT THAT OUT. Because she’s been looking fab lately, and this is one of my favorite awards show looks on her ever.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet, Getty]


Reminder! THE ROYAL WE is $3.99 for Kindle!

Just a friendly Emmys week reminder: The Royal We is a Kindle Monthly Deal for September, which means it is only $3.99 right now. But only until the end of the month, so DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. Read it for the first time! Get a e-book version so you have it on your person at all times! Gift it to a Kindle-owning friend and rack up major Thoughtful Friend Points!


Here’s the link for this excellent deal one more time.  $3.99, for a sweeping epic love/a charmingly devilish younger brother/a look inside a variety of palaces and British drinking establishments/a weird possibly fatal drinking game/strange boarding school rituals explained/raunchy adventures of a historic table? DO IT.

Want more info on the book before you finally pull the trigger? Read on:

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Emmy Awards Well Played: Viola Davis in Carmen Marc Valvo

First and foremost, her speech was great and you should watch it.


On a more shallow note, she also looks great and her lipstick AS USUAL is perfection. I was thinking about this yesterday. There are three kinds of celebs, sartorially-speaking. There’s the celeb that is very likely to show up looking all Bonkers Misguided even when you desperately hope she doesn’t — like, say, a Jennifer Lawrence. There’s the celeb that you HOPE pops up somewhere looking slightly bizarre, because it will be amusing or interesting or secretly great — your SWINTON, or your Helena Bonham Carter, or Solange. And then there is the celebrity that you simply never worry about, because even if what she’s wearing isn’t the absolute pinnacle of all she’s ever worn before, it’s HIGHLY unlikely she’ll make you cry sad tears.  She generally makes smart outfit choices, and she knows what works on her body  — like Viola Davis (Julia Louis Dreyfus also falls into this category). I’d use the word “reliable,” except that seems like an insult; it’s not. As ever, Viola looks elegant and polished, her head looks fabulous, her dress makes the most of her enviable shoulders and upper arms, she’s wearing something that’s age-appropriate but not in a way where that’s a euphemism, and the whole thing photographs perfectly. Which is exactly what you want for your history-making win.

[Photo: Getty]


Emmy Awards Well Played: Laverne Cox in Calvin Klein

She looks immaculate.

laverne cox emmy awards 2015

That sucker fits her like a glove, and the color is fantastic. She’s a long, lean glass of class, and had I been there I’d have been torn between wanting to be in her orbit, and running in the other direction to avoid suffering by comparison.

Here’s the other side:

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Emmy Awards Mostly Well Played: Taraji P Henson in Alexander Wang

Okay. Real talk. I am not in love with the sheers bits on this dress — NO DUH — but my god, does SHE look great or what? Taraji P Henson: Overpowering questionable sartorial elements one great hair decision at a time.

Oh, also, you need to see this gif of her reaction when Viola Davis won (beating her, in fact) last night:

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