Fug File: Fugs

Hotel Fugsylvania: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez looks like an extremely unhappy bridesmaid.

selena gomez

I would be, too, if the wedding were in Vegas at 4 a.m. after the bridal party’s shift at The Tricksy Salamander ended — and, of course, after they all smothered themselves in hand sanitizer before wrapping on the clearance-rack tube top and sarong that clearly came from a shop called Bride Before A Fall, but which the lady herself lied and said was “Ver-sayce.” Nobody, frankly, is too stoked for that wedding.

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Fug and Fab: Taraji P Henson

55th Monte Carlo TV Festival - Opening Ceremony

In which Taraji demonstrates once again her formidable acting skills, convincing us all that that she sincerely meant to wear this very dress, rather than admit the truth: She inadvertently bought it off the rack in the children’s department.

The good news is, she more than made up for it later:

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Royally Played: Polo in the Park With George

Great. Now I need to get THIS Breton top, too. (Additionally, I decided that everyone just had some bad Hollandaise sauce at the pre-Trooping the Colour breakfast yesterday, because everyone seems to be feeling better today for the Traditional Mommy and Me Polo Outing.)

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Royally Played: The Wedding of Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist: The Guests

I would never deny you the various tiaras and ball gowns and fur stoles (????) and random crazy historical scandals of the guests of a royal wedding if I could help it. To Wikipedia!

(PS: In case you missed it, the bride and groom are here.)

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Royally Played: The Wedding of Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist: The Bride and Groom

Who doesn’t love a wedding? Well, I guess maybe the cast-off exes of the bride and groom, and perhaps soap opera villains (though I’d argue they technically love to hate a wedding), as well as the excessively cranky-for-no-reason, and also I guess probably Voldemort, but not me. Let’s swizz over to Sweden and eyeball the happy couple. And they DO seem VERY happy. Sure, Sofia’s dress — by Ida Sjöstedt; don’t you love an umlaut? — is very pretty and quite Middletonian (a compliment, of course), but the most important part is all the kissing.

PS: If you want to watch the wedding, it’s on YouTube, of course.

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Royally Played: Trooping The Colour 2015

WELCOME BACK, KATE. I’ve missed you, and I am sorry to have to inform you that, in the haze of having two wee children, you may not have noticed that you put a satellite dish on your head. Speaking of those two small children, I am DELIGHTED that this post brings you George, who LOVES Trooping the Colour and is having the best day. He’s also wearing his Dad’s own old Trooping The Colour outfit, which is extremely cute. Thank you for the intel, Kensington Palace Twitter:

Click through to see all the rest, including a continued adherence to beige from Eugenie.

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