Fug File: Fugs

New York Fashion Week: Days One and Two

If only we’d gotten to eyeball North West’s Anna Wintour-adjacent tantrum in person! But we DID see some other good stuff. For example:


Royals Round-Up, February 13, 2015

In which we get sledding! And wine-tasting! And Mugging in front of portraits! And a little extra bit of Harry from last week, because I love you.

Around here, we covered Kate’s event yesterday (she actually had two other private events this week; this was the only public one, AKA the only one at which press was welcome). She’s out and about again on Wednesday, so as always mark your calendars.


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The Duffug: Bella Thorne

Barbie is going to have WORDS for Skipper tomorrow.

bella thorne duff screening LA

I mean, a blazer AND a mock turtleneck? She’ll overheat!!!!!@!@,;

[Photo: Splash]


The Last Fug Years: Anna Kendrick in Vionnet

This length is so awkward on her, and something about the shape makes her look like a very exotic beetle.

anna kendrick the last five years LA premiere

“I know. It’s not working,” she appears to be thinking. “Please just SQUASH ME ALREADY and we’ll find out it beetles have nine lives.”

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Unconvincingly Played: Dakota Johnson in Saint Laurent

So far Dakota Johnson is two-for-two on vast expanses of sternum at the Fifty Shades of Grey premieres.

dakota johnson fifty shades of grey london premiere

I’m glad she at least spiced this up with some dramatic lipstick, because frankly, this all seems really half-assed again. It’s more overtly sexy than yesterday’s Dior, but it’s also renovating my face with a sledgehammer that says “angel/devil” on it. And for all that, she still seems unenthused. This dress needs glamour — romantic hair, killer accessories — and instead it’s getting Hmm I Think I Can Ride This Blowout For One More Day Without Washing, Right? There is more glamour in my sock drawer.

What do you think, Jamie?

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Just Keep Fuggin’: Camila Alves

Well, it IS supposed to snow again in New York soon…

camila alves am far new york

… so maybe Camila Alves was actually WISE to start waterproofing her outfits.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]