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Fug or Fab the Cover: Demi Lovato on Glamour, November 2016

The last time we saw Demi Lovato on a major cover, it was Cosmo, and her body didn’t look recognizable. I thought it was a tricksy angle on her face, as well, but she’s more recognizable in that one than here:

Demi Lovato

The outfit is magazine-edgy; it’s not great, but it actually serves its purpose pretty well. The blouse under it is a weird mismatch that works in a fashion-spread context better than it would if she walked out with it and went to the store. The rings and the dark nail polish are totally up my street, and I also love that they’ve managed a bold lip and bold eyes without them looking crazy, and it’s amazing to see her freckles. All of that is good; she looks grown-up and polished. But it’s true that this doesn’t look like her either. She looks like herself crossed with Olivia Munn, mixed with “Oh, I know that girl… I think … Is she on a CW show? No, that’s… huh, maybe she just looks like someone I went to college with.” Obviously that’s where her name right by her head comes in really handy, and for that reason it matter somewhat LESS whether she looks instantly like Demi Lovato. This is a totally cute person. Is she the cute person I conjure in my mind when I think of Demi Lovato? Not entirely, and I think it’s because Glamour may have shaved off some of her chin and cheeks, basing it off a photo taken on Sept. 24. I love Demi’s face and don’t think she needs any adjustments made; maybe Glamour just played the contouring game, but I’m not so sure.

The article is a Q&A which touches on a lot of things, namely every young singer’s favorite topic: Growing up and addressing sexuality in their art when people were so used to them being child stars.

DL: I was judgmental of artists who were exploring their sexuality, and I thought, Why are they doing that? They don’t have to. They’ve got a good voice.

GLAMOUR: Like who?

DL: Christina Aguilera, during Dirrty [in 2002]. I thought, Her mom’s gonna hear that—how is she not embarrassed? Now I realize these artists were embracing a part of life I should be OK singing about as well. There’s nothing wrong with a woman being proud of an element of her life that’s talked about in rap music all the time! We don’t have music that talks about sexuality from a female standpoint. [...] it would be such a big deal. We live in an imbalanced society when it comes to encouraging male sexuality and discouraging female sexuality. In 20 years I hope we’ll look back like, ‘Wow, that’s how it used to be.’

And you’ve doubtless heard tell of the bit where she side-eyes Taylor Swift’s squad. It’s a long piece, so I’ll excerpt it after the jump:

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Fug or Fab: Sarah Jessica Parker (and Cynthia Nixon) at the Premiere of Divorce

I’m not sure what I think of SJP’s dress, but I do know that seeing her and Cynthia Nixon together warmed my heart; to me, Miranda and Carrie were the real (platonic) love affair of Sex and the City. I was WAY more upset when they fought than when Carrie was on the offs with Mr Big, and slightly more upset than I was when Steve cheated on Miranda in the movie and I was mostly just mad about that because it seemed really out of character. Don’t get me started on that movie (not to mention that we already went into it for NY Mag when it came out). In fact, I’m delighted that SJP has a new gig that’s apparently very good — HBO’s Divorce – because I like her, and want her on my TV again.

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Fug or Fab: Cate Blanchett in Gucci

The power of Cate compels you!

IWC Gala In Honour Of The British Film Institute

To decide whether she looks amazing in this, or like she stole something from Gary Oldman’s Dracula wardrobe and has just been silently waiting until now to wear it, OR BOTH.

IWC Gala In Honour Of The British Film Institute

I mean, in fairness, I would totally let Cate Blanchett suck my blood and turn me into a creature of the night.

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Fugs or Fabs: Jennifer Connelly in Louis Vuitton

Last week, I said that I thought Jennifer wore Louis Vuitton very well — several of you pointed out, accurately, that really it’s Nicolas Ghesquière to whom she is loyal — and I kind of want to dial that back. She DOES wear LV well, but she’s also worn this dress, more or less, like six times already this year:

'American Pastoral' Photocall

I think she wears it better than most, but, like, we get it — and I confess to not being that jazzed by the fact that this iteration makes her look like she’s got a giant weapon strapped to her hip.

She doesn’t seem that jazzed by this, in general:

'American Pastoral' Premiere

Am I wrong in thinking there is something about this that is almost matronly? That’s not a word I expected to use about Connelly — she’s a lot of things, but rarely matronly — but I wonder if this would have served her better if she’d put it in the back of her closet and saved it for, like….thirty years.

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Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at Paris Fashion Week, Continued


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Scrolldown Fug (or Fine?): Laura Dern

I remember Laura Dern’s wardrobe for the Wild press tour being so ripe with fabness, so the prospect of this excited me a lot.

Laura Dern

And it was going so well until I had to question whether those are two long strings drooping from her collar, and whether that weird middle corset thing is there for any other reason than to use up leftover material from someone’s new throw pillows, and then we got down to the lonely, wispy lace and the world seemed so empty down there. Everything around it is trampling whatever mojo the main pattern — and her wonderful head — is trying to muster. I would have preferred a much happier ending, but maybe I’m just holding this up to an impossible prior track record.

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GFY Giveaway: In The Company of Women

I am so excited about this book! You may know Grace Bonney from her great website, Design*Sponge. Her newest book is called In The Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Makers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs and it’s basically a (really beautifully designed) collection of interviews with amazing, interesting women with fascinating jobs, like Danielle Henderson, Roxane Gay (who tells us that her “personal or professional motto” is “be relentless, be ambitious, be excellent,” which I love), Carrie Brownstein, Kathleen Hanna, and tons of other fascinating women — photographers, museum directors, potters, chefs, songwriters. It’s honestly so great; I just lost like an hour reading it. It’s compelling and inspiration (and, not for nothing, visually quite beautiful).


We have five copies to give away.  I think you will really love this book. (I also think it would be a good gift; it comes out today!)

THE TASK: So, somehow this published blank? I have NO IDEA how that happened. However! All of you who entered before I fixed it are still eligible to win, so no worries. I’m picking the winners at random. There is an actual task, though — imagine you have been granted the power to have whatever job you want, and be amazing at it — despite this being perhaps impossible in reality (like, I would personally like to be an amazing archeologist despite having zero training in archeology at all). What is that job?

THE RULES: All entries must be posted in the comments of this post by 9 p.m. Pacific time on Friday.  FYI, if this is the first time you’ve commented here, the system will automatically kick you into comment moderation, but don’t worry, I will rescue you. (Open to residents of the US only. Thank you!)