Fug File: Fugs

CMTs Fug or Fab Carpet: Kacey Musgraves in Miu Miu

Hey, she wore Miu Miu to the last country music awards event! Kacey Musgraves must be Miu Miu’s Country Darling of 2014. (She does seem likeable; I’m saying that knowing literally nothing about her except that anyone who performed wearing this must have a sense of humor)  I’m pleased to note that I think this — though clearly related — is WAY better:

Kacey-Musgraves-CMTs-2014 (1)

It might be missing SOMETHING — I’m not quite sure what; the beading on the top of the dress negates the need for a necklace and I don’t think I’d do a bracelet, either, actually (don’t worry; I am taking my temperature right now). I actually might have just given her a really great and noteworthy clutch and had her CARRY her main accessory. Like, just envision this with a really perfect bag in that hand that’s not got the huge ring on it. Perfect, right? BAG FOR EVERYONE.

Your turn.


CMTs Fug Carpet: Beth Behrs in Erin by Erin Fetherston

I LOVED what she wore to the CFDAs, so this was bound to be a bit of a come-down, regardless:

Beth Behrs 2014 CMT Awards (1)

I very nearly asked you to unfug it, because I do think this Marriage of Gown And Woman can be saved, but it would take a judicious use of scissors and a commitment to making it way shorter. As it is, she kind of looks like she fell into the Festive Bubblewrap aisle at The Container Store, and while I DESPERATELY wish there was such a thing as Festive Bubblewrap, I’m not sure that I want to wear it.

[Photo: Splash]



WTF: Glenn Close

It’s time for me to deploy my favorite opener to one these things, and, as I always do, I really mean it this time: Her head looks FANTASTIC.

I love you, Glenn Close. I love you as that HBIC Patty Hewes on Damages and I never take off my make-up whilst plotting the destruction of others or reflecting on my own brutal destiny without thinking of Dangerous Liaisons. And therefore I feel honor-bound to let you know that I am very sorry, but you appearing to be wearing pleated white silk culottes. I feel certain that this must be an oversight, or that perhaps a sorceress has placed some sort of spell on you, bewitching you into believing that pleated white silk culottes are a good idea or even simply a thing that ought to exist in this world, which already has so much tragedy in it without them. Let me know if there is any way I can help remedy this situation. I have matches.

[Photo: Splash]


What The Fug: Chrissy Teigen in I Can’t Even

Granny panties, a see-through skirt, and a poorly draped top that puts the “ow” in luau?

Chrissy Teigen (1)

Looks like someone has a raging case of the Kimyes. Beyonce was right to skip the wedding, they clearly don’t have a vaccine for this yet.

anyone want to see the back?


CFDAs Fine Carpet: Jennifer Hudson

I am kind of loving these outside photos, because they’re adding some nice drama to looks that could use them:

Like this is fine, but SHE looks powerfully bored by it, and, thus, so am I.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


CFDAs Fug Carpet: Keri Russell in Rosie Assoulin

This looks like what happens in movies or screwball sitcoms where the heroine has to run back and forth between two events, changing her outfit every ten seconds so as not to expose her double life, and messes it up on her fifth attempt. And you’re meant to think, “Oh, Felicity, how will you get out of this one?”

Keri Russell in Rosie Assoulin, CFDA Awards, 2014

The answer is, hopefully, “Very quickly.”

[Photo: Getty]