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National Fugsure: Diane Kruger in Monique Lhuillier

So, first: As far as Diane’s hair color goes, she told a whole story about how she accidentally dyed it brown and has been trying to get it back slowly (although, oddly, it looks redder again here than it did last weekend). So just in case you thought Diane Kruger had everything in lock, it turns out she too is at the inconsistent mercies of drugstore dye.

That doesn’t explain the dress, unfortunately:

diane kruger screen actors guild foundation

It’s a sartorial garbage plate: sheer overlay, a giant torso fold, boring (if attractively shaped) black shoes, no bracelet, very daytime-y lipstick for such a dramatic evening gown, all thrown together in one dish and nuked until warm. And just like with actual garbage plates, there may be some regrets, a little groaning, and a desire to curl up in bed for three days and forget.

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GFY Giveaway: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Series Three

YAY! This is a giveaway I think Fug Nation is REALLY going to be excited about. We are pleased to bring you, thanks to our friends at Acorn TV — which, FYI, streams A LOT of British TV of the People In Great Costumes With Problems variety — the following delight:
Miss Fisher_3_DVD_product

THE PRIZE: We have one set of Blue-ray or DVDs (winner’s choice) of season three of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, which is a wonderful confection of a mystery, full of great costumes and the most terrific heroine. I love this quote from star Essie Davis, from a great interview over at tellyspotting, “Phryne Fisher is the female answer to James Bond, Indiana Jones or a combination of both. She’s an incredibly independent woman from the 1920′s, who was born in poverty and inherited great wealth. She’s incredibly skilled, she lives life to the fullest and is a woman who never wants to get married but loves life and loves men. She’s an advocate for women’s rights and the rights of the less privileged in the world and she’s got a knack for sleuthing and finding out ‘whodunit’. She’s both a mystery and a bit of a romp.” She is also the best.

THE TASK:  As always, I will pick the winners at random. But to keep it fun, please comment and tell us your favorite festive beverage — Phryne enjoys a tipple.

THE RULES: All entries must be posted in the comments of this post by 9 p.m. Pacific time on Monday.  FYI, if this is the first time you’ve commented here, the system will automatically kick you into comment moderation, but don’t worry, I will rescue you. The contest is for US and Canadian residents only. (Prizing provided by Acorn TV. Thank you!)



CMAs Fugs and Fabs: The (Mostly) Dudes

I did not watch the CMAs — technically, I was out of the house, but also I don’t care about the CMAs and I need to save my Awards Show Energy for the insanity that awaits us all in January and February — but I heard that Justin Timberlake here brought the house down.

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CMAs Fugs and Fabs: The (Mostly) Ladies

We covered Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert already today, but the truth is that the CMAs red carpet was a bit of a snooze this year. (Everyone is too busy looking ahead to the rest of awards season/is, at this point in the year, Country Music Awards’ed out, perhaps?) That sad fact, however, HAS NOT prevented me from bringing you some additional highlights. Or, in some cases, lowlights.

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Finely Played, I Guess: Angelina Jolie in Luisa Beccaria

I mean, whatever. Brad still looks like he’s a performance artist, and Angelina looks elegantly bland.

angelina jolie brad pitt

“Elegant” being, at least, a complimentary word. It’s a pretty color, and I appreciate the glittery belt. But I’m so distracted by the fact that these two constantly photogrpah like they’re cousins who were forced to attend Prom together.

But it’s better than this, which (as of this writing) just hit Ye Olde Wires:

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Unfug or Fab: Naomi Watts

I was going to rag on Liev for looking insane, but then I realized his CLOTHES are actually perfectly dapper, and it’s just the mustache that is making him look deranged.

"Spotlight" New York Premiere

Naomi looks nearly very swell, except that the panels on the side almost read like sweat stains, as if she is having INTENSE anxiety about having to make out with Liev’s lip later and broke into some Broadcast News-level flop sweat.

Naturally, it is not sweat. It’s semi-sheers:

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Unfug or Fab: Jennifer Lawrence in Dior and Julianne Moore in Jason Wu

This is another one on which Heather and I had a minor difference of opinion — although I think we MOSTLY agreed, just with varying levels of irritation:


My primary thoughts were — which Heather shared, to what degree I shall allow her to expound upon in the comments — that this color is great, those sleeves are absurd and make the entire thing look too old for her, J Law HAS done worse, and, more than anything, why didn’t Julianne Moore wear THIS instead of what she did wear:

'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2' World Premiere In Berlin


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