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Well Played, Jessica Chastain (and Tom Hiddleston) at Comic-Con

Let us all join together and hope this ushers in a new Era of Chastain, in which she always looks lovely and often drags along a dude we enjoy eyeballing after we’re finished admiring her hair.

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Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at Wimbledon

I made a note for myself on this slideshow, and it said, “DON’T FORGET HIDDLESTON.” (Don’t worry. As you can see, I didn’t.) Additionally: People make hilarious faces when watching a good tennis match. It’s a treat. Additionally additionally: This entire slideshow is an example of how Everyone Looks Hotter in Sunglasses.

PS: ICYMI, we already covered Wills and Kate’s outing, with a special appearance from David Beckham, here.

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GFY Giveaway: Pierogi Love by Casey Barber

Are you ready for some pierogies? I can help you with that, thanks to this week’s GFY Giveaway! Behold:


Via Amazon:

This tasty tribute to the pierogi takes a familiar wrapping and stuffs it with a host of unconventional, innovative, and decidedly non-traditional fillings. With 60 sweet and savory recipes that include everything from the classic Polish cheddar and potato offerings to American-inspired Reuben pierogies and fried apple pie-rogies to worldly fillings like falafel and Nutella, there’s a pierogi for every party and every palate! Each recipe comes with a charming story from Barber’s extensive explorations in pierogi flavors.

Heather made several of these over the weekend — HELLO NUTELLA PIEROGI ["With Bananas Foster sauce! Also, the falafel ones, and the regular kind. And they were fab. I want to make the ones on the cover, Pickled Strawberry Jam, next." - H] – and I have to admit that they looked totally delicious. The cookbook itself is just lovely, and I can’t wait to dig into it; Casey Barber’s blog, Good. Food. Stories., is one of my favorites.

THE TASK: We have FIVE copies to give away today! FIVE. I will be picking the winners at random, but to keep things fun, please comment and tell us what your favorite comfort food is.

THE RULES: All entries must be posted in the comments of this post by 9 p.m. Pacific time on Wednesday.  FYI, if this is the first time you’ve commented here, the system will automatically kick you into comment moderation, but don’t worry, I will rescue you. This contest is open to US and Canada only this time.


Fug or Fab: Nicky Hilton in Valentino

It’s funny; we got a variety of tweets and comments about this over the weekend, and I’d say half of you loved Nicky’s custom Valentino and half of you Had Notes. Let’s take a closer look and talk it out. (I have to admit that I think she looks basically great.)

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Fugs and Pieces, July 10th, 2015

Happy weekend!

– The Wall Street Journal talks Wimbledon’s strict dress code.

– And the Visit Britain blog has a good post on the history of ladies tennis ensembles.

– Grantland’s Wimbledon coverage continues to be divine. To wit, of today’s Murray/Federer corker: “12. You know how Murray’s wife, Kim Sears, is a professional pet portraitist? This is unquestionably the greatest fact in tennis. I’ve gotten into the habit of charting Murray’s matches based on the pet portraits Kim Sears would paint to capture their emotional turning points. So, like: Murray loses the first set, 5-7: A cocker spaniel is wearing a fireman’s helmet, yet it is raining.

- You want to see this Newsies/”Uptown Funk” mash-up.  JUST TRUST ME. (Cosmo)

- This piece from Lainey about Jennifer Aniston’s new fragrance — NEAR DUSK! Her third! Who knew? — amused me. Also, I have a subscription to People and I was totally unaware of any of these perfumes, which makes me concerned for my own reading comprehension.

– I enjoyed — and did terribly one — this quiz at Eater: Is This a Real Cookbook?

– As Heather said, this story at Blind Gossip IS OUR FUTURE.

– News you can use, via Cup of Jo: How to Keep Wine, for a Day or a Decade

– Huge thanks to Glitter Guide for putting The Royal We on its Must Read list for July!

– The Toast explains how to tell if you are a Mitford sister. (Spoiler: lots of Hitler)

– Also at The Toast: 15 Years of Center Stage: A Personal History

– Relevant to your interests: How To Get The Jane Austen-Inspired Room Of Your Dreams (Literally, Darling)

– The rumor is that Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt have broken up…because he’s in love with Sandra Bullock. I am sad for the demise of a long-term relationship, but I am there for Hamm Sandy (a moniker I read at Jezebel). (Celebitchy)

– Pertinent, over at The Cut: A Celebrity Divorce Expert Tells All!

– This is nifty, at My Modern Met: Photographer Expresses Himself through Creative Suit Combinations. (That’s their headline and it seems very vague. Just click on it!)

– Pajiba says: Laura Prepon’s Scientology Interview Is A Total Bummer

– Ooooh, these are one of my favorite things: 10 Time Capsule Rooms Left Untouched for Decades. (Mental Floss)

– You’ll enjoy this, via Slate: The BBC’s Hilarious 1948 Style Guidelines “On Matters of Taste”


Royals Round-Up, July 10th, 2015

This is a nice, juicy Royals Round-Up for your Friday, complete with leftover bits and bobs from Charlotte’s Christening and Wimbledon, drinking, darts, tiaras, and a TINY PIGLET. (An actual piglet. That was not a euphemism.)

Here are GFY this week, we: