Fug File: Fugs

The Fug In Our Stars: Shailene Woodley in Ralph Lauren

This post is illustrative of how many favors the flashes and the professional lighting can do to a gown.

Shailene Woodley, "The Fault In Our Stars" premiere, in Ralph Lauren (1)

So you look at this and think, “Why does the crone dislike this? What is wrong with a yellow tube?” And look, yes, I’m tired of peplums, and yes, she needed to accessorize this better, but otherwise it’s a basic and inoffensive shift that shouldn’t inspire much except maybe a cheer for the color and a yawn for the design.


it’s bad


CFDAs Fug Carpet: Marion Cotillard in Dior

I wish I could have been present for the meeting where this dress was presented:

Marion Cotillard at the CFDA Fashion Awards in Dior (1)

I like to think that it was a charming white lace shift dress and then someone swept in and was all, “I don’t know. Don’t you think it’s MISSING something? It’s so NICE and so SIMPLE and so FLATTERING. It needs something EYE-CATCHING. It needs something RIDICULOUS. We need to see if we can con some people into swooning over something outright ABSURD, because we are DIOR. Let’s give her BREASTS A DUST RUFFLE. I AM A GENIUS GOODBYE.”

It’s a shame, because you can see in this closer shot that the detailing is fab:

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CFDAs Scrolldown Fug Carpet: Lupita Nyong’o in Suno

Let’s start in my happy place.

Lupita Nyong'o in Suno, CFDA Awards, 2014 (3)

I thought this was going to be SO CUTE when I saw this. The pattern and colors are so fun, and her makeup artist did another really good job. No matter how much stuff they decorate her with, it never overwhelms her features; she always shines through, and that is so hard. Talk about being genetically blessed. She got every single gift they were offering the day she went through the lottery.

Okay. It’s time. From my happy place… to my crappy place:

boo hoo


Fug or Fab: AnnaLynne McCord in Missguided

I have missed the erstwhile Drunkface, AnnaLynne McCord. She ended up being the ONLY good part about the 90210 toward the end, and now she’s on Dallas, which hopefully will let her get embroiled with Judith Light’s character, given that Angela is the boss…OF A WHOREHOUSE and she’s also ON DRUGS (just recreationally. I think) and she is amazing and terrible in a wonderful way and that will be so juicy and soapy. At any rate, she’s out and about and it pleases me:

AnnaLynne McCord (1)

But therefore I can’t tell if I actually like this because I like it, or because I have just figured out a whole plotline for her that involves taking over the whorehouse and then falling in love with the Texas Ranger who comes to take her down. (This assumes that she lives through the cliffhanger at the end of last season; I actually can’t remember if she’s hovering between life and death in the time between the seasons or not. Suffice: that show is awesome and you should watch it.) What do you think? Please do weigh in.

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Orange Is The New Fug: Taylor Schilling in Vionnet

Can we please call Time of Death on this dress and others like it now?


[Photo: Getty]


Fug or Fab or Unfug It Up: Sarah Hyland in Bec & Bridge

I love the look on her face here. It’s like, “aw, shit, I’m still in my gym hair, aren’t I? I knew I’d forgotten something.”

Sarah Hyland at the Los Angeles Maleficent Premiere (1)

Okay, about this look: I have thoughts. And they are that I actually kind of like it — it’s way more adult than she often looks, and that’s a fun change — but I’m dying to style it differently. I think it needs, especially for this event, extremely bitchy shoes. You know what I mean. You totally have a pair of bitchy shoes in your closet. I like to wear mine to meetings where I think it might get contentious and I’ll need to storm off in a fit.

What are your thoughts?

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