If we hadn’t put Fug Madness on hiatus, Julia Fox would probably be the defending champ, breaking all kinds of records and causing spirited arguments about whether her brand of clear and present and intentional fuggery counts as much as when you just pick a bunch of bad or boring gowns. Now that I’ve come around to viewing her as the star of her own wackadoo performance art, like old-school Lady Gaga without the self-seriousness, I just laugh every time she rolls across our photo feed. Jessica handled the site last week while my family took a trip — a make-up jaunt for one that got canned in April 2020 — and ROUND OF APPLAUSE for her. Punching back in today with a bevy of Julia pics is exactly the welcoming embrace I wanted.

[Photos: Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images, Paul Archuleta/Getty Images]
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