Happy Friday, everyone! We’re kicking off early today because it’s a holiday weekend for many. Whatever you get up to this weekend, I hope you enjoy it!

At Drinks With Broads, Heather ruins her sleep hygiene and LOVES IT with a series of new games that I too am now obsessed with, plus we get into the mess at Euphoria, and the THR Power Stylists list. On Tuesday, I pitched five new plots for Downton Abbey and H gets deep into A NEW FONT! (These two newsletters do low-key represent some of our main DWB interests: Fonts, shit we’re doing on our phones, behind-the-scenes gossip, Downton Abbey, and stylists.)

V. interesting, at Lainey: “Nobody is out here writing off Justin Timberlake but with his two most recent albums not delivering to the level of his previous ones, and generating such little cultural interest, it’s worth interrogating whether or not a reset is required if he wants to reclaim relevance.”

I gasped when I heard that Louis Gossett, Jr. died. [Variety]

This reflection on a household’s best and worst mugs is very relevant to my interests. [Eater]

I love all these details that are coming out about the new Beyonce album. DOLLY PARTON!! (I know it came out last night but I haven’t gotten to sit down with it yet. This weekend!) [Lainey]

I’m REALLY tempted by this shirt. [Antho, affiliate link]

This is fun, at Conde Nast Traveler: These 7 Properties Will Make You Feel Like You’re at the Grand Budapest Hotel

Smithsonian wonders, Can A.I. Make Beer Taste Better?

Happy baseball season! At Defector: These Are Some Baseball Players We Like, 2024 Edition. (I love how almost everyone likes Elly de la Cruz. I also like him! I also obviously appreciate that everyone loves Mookie because Mookie is very delightful and I liked him even when he was in Boston!)

I love this apartment! [Apartment Therapy]

Valentino has a new designer. As ever, I look to Amy Odell’s Back Row for coverage!

It’s still a bit chilly here, but the current Boden line of swimwear is SO CUTE. I don’t need a new bathing suit, but I also don’t NOT need a long-sleeved one piece with lobsters on it. [affiliate link]

This is interesting and I’m curious to see how it plays out: Rachel DeLoache Williams Sues Netflix for Defamation in Inventing Anna. [Town & Country]

NY Mag explores How an Automated Spokesmodel Drove the Internet Insane. This is so wild.

Love this: The 13 Oldest Restaurants In Los Angeles That Have Been Open For 100 Years Or Longer.  I’ve been to A LOT of these. [LA Taco]

Per Garden & Gun: Shuffleboard Is Cool Again. I love this! I want to go play shuffleboard. I feel like the outfits might be cute, too.

At Bon Appetit: Grocery Store Sushi Never Lets Me Down. I am lucky enough to live in a neighborhood with many reliable and variable options for grocery store sushi. It’s a blessing!

Ooooh, I’m gonna make this carrot cake! (Not the one pictured but that one also looks great.) [NYT Cooking]

Timely, at The Ringer: The Caitlin Clark Phenomenon

This is so petty and insane and I am SURE Alexis put him up to this but also I think he sucks! That was a heartfelt sentence that will only make sense to other people who watch RHOC: John Janssen Sues Ex Shannon Beador For $75k Facelift Loan [Pajiba]

Finally: Here at GFY, we had some excellent chats! We talked about all your best Spring Break stories, and exchanged favorite spring recipes! We also voted for our least favorite look from awards season.

(Photo by Mayra Beltran/Houston Chronicle via Getty Images)