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Well Played, Ella Purnell in Dior at the premiere of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Ella Purnell is the star of the new adaptation of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and this is her first real major role (she did play Teen Jolie in Maleficient, and you can see why, facially, certainly). And what a debut:

"Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children" New York Premiere

This is what we call, in the business, a home run.

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GFY Interview: Madeline Fontaine, Costume Designer for Versailles


Europe’s most expensive costume drama ever, Versailles, is premiering in the United States on October 1st on Ovation (last week, we gave you a sneak peek at its costumes and trailer). We were delighted to get a chance to quiz its costume designer, Madeline Fontaine, via e-mail, about her experience recreating the sumptuous and complex world of the the Sun King. Fontaine’s resume is highly impressive — in addition to Versailles, she was the costume designer for Amelie, Yves St. Laurent, and the upcoming Natalie Portman flick Jackie,  and has won two César Awards. In short: She knows her stuff.

GFY: Let’s jump in with the lovely Versailles. How did you get involved with this particular project?

Madeline Fontaine: I was invited to collaborate by the set designer Katia Wyszkop. How I did I immerse myself in the period and in the project? Like any other subject, it needs a time of “feeding” — made of visuals (paintings, for these days) and readings, to feel what we can find to re-create the atmosphere of the period, and learn about all we can use to realize it. We collect the information and find the right crew for such a long project. Then we make sure all this information is recorded so it can be refined later.

GFY: When did you first join the team, compared with when they actually started shooting, and when you wrapped? How long an undertaking was this?

MF: For season one, it’s been a nearly full time investment for about a year. For season two, a lot of things were already settled and we had the experience of the first season. I was mainly involved in the beginning (how to use what we did already, jumping ten years, creating new silhouettes) and choosing the design and fabrics of the new pieces for the main actors, and the new ones.

GFY: A project like this obviously involves a great deal of research; the pressure for historical accuracy must be intense. How do you balance the desire to be accurate with the desire to create something that will be appealing to a modern viewer — or the desire to put your own stamp on something?

MF: I don’t think we had the mission to be historically perfect.  I think we have to take both actors and public into a respectful feeling of a period, to make it believable and true, to use the reality of the body’s constraints which determined a language, adapting it to current physical ways of communicating and habits. The “stamp” is totally dependent of a sensibility, and cultural references, I think it cannot be hidden.

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Dramatically Played: Fergie

Fashion Week attendance really feels like it’s on the wane. Perhaps I’m overstating it, but after a weaker-than-average set of New York front rows — honestly, that’s been going on for a few seasons — there are hardly any good Milan celebs that we’ve seen. Which is why Fergie here is such a hilarious treasure. She SHOWED the hell UP, and MEANT IT.


This is so dramatic and costumey. She looks like she’s on a CBS procedural about an elite unit of homicide and white-collar crime detectives who embed at various companies and solve crimes. It’s like CSI: Undercover Boss. I’d suggest they call it Corporate Thespianage, but I don’t know if the Eye’s target demo likes puns as much as I do.


Royally Played: Wills and Kate (in Preen) Take Canada, Day Three, Part Two

Well, well, well. Wonders will never cease. First, Kate wears red shoes; here, Kate actually (mostly) nails cocktail wear for once in her life, wearing red shoes again. Different red shoes, no less. Kate: What other non-beige shoes have you got hiding in your closet? Do you secretly have a whole section of your walk-in devoted to shoes of all color of the rainbow? BRING THEM OUT, LADY.

Anyway, color me stunned — no pun intended. I think I need to take to my bed. (Sincerely, I actually literally need to take to my bed. It’s nearly 10:30 p.m.) Kate is so much more interesting when she isn’t at home. I wonder why that is? That’s not a rhetorical question. I literally do wonder why that is.

(PS: If you’re looking for coverage of Wills & Kate’s event earlier today, it’s here! It was markedly more casual.)

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Royally Played: Wills and Kate Take Canada, Day Three, Part One

So, the weather DID NOT cooperate for this portion of events. Apparently, it was gorgeous in Victoria today, but it was BUCKETING rain here in Bella Bella. I suspect these two were always going to be casual for this outing — they were slated to visit the Great Bear rain forest, and were supposed to have an aerial tour AND a boat tour of the area and you probably don’t want to do those things in, like, a tutu or whatever.  Regardless, I think the weather scuttled those bits, which is a shame; Bella Bella is reportedly quite beautiful (supposedly Wills politely noted that the rain made the rain forest feel more authentic, anyway). Luckily, a First Nations welcome and “cultural sharing ceremony” were still on the docket, as well as an all important Unveiling of Plaques and Giving of Speeches.  (As ever, I’m indebted to What Kate Wore for knowing where everyone is going to be at all times; I would not be able to do my job without her calendar pages.) Please join me in eyeballing Kate’s Holland and Holland jacket and Zara jeans and TopShop shirt. Today, I guess she is just like us, at least in terms of outfit — my own calendar had much less interesting things in store.

Also: Informative Caption was not that Informative today, but Maclean’s had a piece about Bella Bella that is really interesting and well worth your time. (As always, should more good photos come in from this event, I’ll add them to a later post.)

And, PS: These two have an “evening reception” tonight back in Victoria, so come on by later and we can either applaud or bemoan whatever Cocktail Dress Choices Kate makes. Also, given that tonight is the first American presidential debate, I might be deeply into the wine when the time comes to write that post, so….consider yourself warned.

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Your Afternoon Chat: Jane the Virgin

Let’s just go casual and chill while we wait for the Will & Kate photos, shall we? Enter Gina Rodriguez:

Gina Rodriguez

This Sandro dress is summery and cute — I’ve no idea what the weather is like in New York, but in LA today it is Satan’s sauna, so this is perfect to ME. It’s also a bit like the Zara fast-fashion knockoff of Shailene Woodley’s Valentino blouse from earlier today, except I think I prefer this design. My only knock is, while I understand the beige shoes because her dress is lightly lined in that color, this would’ve been so kicky with pretty much anything else. She gets points for using the blue pedicure in lieu of cute shoes, though.

Which brings me to: Jane the Virgin. I know a lot of Fug Nation watches and adores that show, so we might as well discuss how we felt about the past season, and especially that finale, and what we’d like to see happen in season three. I read in the EW TV preview issue that Jane WILL finally do the deed, which I worry about only because it’s such a tremendous amount of pressure for the show to get that right and have it feel earned and emotionally satisfying — from where, why, and who, to all the rest of it. TO THE COMMENTS with your thoughts.

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Fugs or Fabs: Jennifer Connelly in Louis Vuitton

I think, of all the women who are on the hook to wear Louis Vuitton, she wears it the best. She just looks so damn cool.