Fug File: Fugs

Fugs Inc.: Alexa Chung

Remember back when Alexa Chung was an It Girl, and she had so many TV shows in the works that she was under a gag order and couldn’t even DISCUSS them?

Alexa Chung

This look on her face says, to me, “I cannot believe I am now the face of a nail polish. What happened?”

Let’s look at the full outfit, before we get into the nails:

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Fuggrible Bosses: Jennifer Aniston

The truth is that the detailing on this dress is really lovely. But as a whole…isn’t it kind of bizarre?

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Fug or Fab: Dianna Agron

I honestly don’t even know why I am putting this to a vote. Actually, yes, I do. It’s Chocolate Croissant Day at GFY HQ South, and you know that always softens my heart. But underneath the carbs and fat and sugar and love, I KNOW this to be a MESS:

Arrivals at the 2014 American Museum of Natural History 2014 Museum gala in NY

I’d ask you guys if you thought that was Saran wrap in the place of illusion netting, but I really don’t want to know the answer.

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Fugfriends’ Guide to Fugvorce: Lisa Edelstein

This is one of those posts where I can envision my opinion being very unpopular, because as jumpsuits go, maybe it’s fine. Maybe I’m just a deadened old crone with a calcified heart.

Lisa Edelstein

But I look at this and think it’d be so much cuter if it were a skirt. Maxi, mini, I don’t care; it’d be a lot breezier that way, which may sound like a ridiculous thing to say in November, but in Los Angeles it’s never REALLY November. Not in the way that counts (a.k.a., the seasons).

Besides, even if the front view isn’t as problematic as many jumpsuits can be, there is always a back:

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Well Played, Kylie Minogue in Dolce & Gabbana

This was for a holiday event at Claridges — their Christmas Tree party — and I literally feel like she could not look MORE Christmas-y unless she dressed like Santa. (I sort of felt the spirit of Chandler Bing inhabit me there, briefly. Sorry about that. [Not actually that sorry, really.])

Claridge's & Dolce And Gabbana Christmas Tree Party

Is it a bit match-y? Maybe. Do I really care? NO. Am I drinking egg nog used in place of creamer in my coffee right now? NO, and I’m very peevish about that at the moment, so maybe let’s not talk about it.

Let’s talk, instead, about her coat. It has AMAZING LINING:

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Royally Played: Kate Middleton in Jenny Packham and Hobbs

Heather and I were joking earlier today that Kate’s homework for the next six months is to figure out why her cocktail looks sometimes swing a wee bit random. This isn’t aggressively terrible — obviously — but it’s maybe a little cobbled together? That skirt is Jenny Packham, and I REALLY wish she’d worn the entire Jenny Packham outfit as shown on the runway, instead of just the skirt. Look at how great it is! It’s SO GREAT. It would have been a SMASH. I wonder if the top there is on the cropped side and maybe it didn’t fit? Maybe George poured an entire bowl of mac and cheese on it right before she left their apartments. Maybe William accidentally set it on fire when he was traipsing about the house, lighting the many candelabra which illuminate their home at all times (I assume). It’s SO PRETTY, though, that the Hobbs top she wore instead feels like a bit of a letdown.  Sorry, Hobbs. I say this as a woman who LOVES A POLKA DOT. You would be adorable with, like, black cigarette pants.

Join me as we look closer.

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