Fug File: Fugs

Well Played, Amal (Alamuddin) Clooney

It seems I am unable to resist a well-coiffed brunette in a good day dress. Let’s catch up with Amal, who — I hate to break it to you — looks very glamorous getting on a plane. We’ve already seen her also look glamorous on a boat. I look forward to witnessing her deploy her glamor on a train, a helicopter, in a car, on the back of an ATV, driving a golf cart, and peddling in front of George on a bicycle-built-for-two in the next several years.

(Additionally, here’s her alleged new house. IT’S ON AN ISLAND in the Thames and it’s annoyingly romantic and great also. Jealous flames on the side of my face.)

[Photos: AKM/GSI]


Fug and Fab: Jessica Chastain

Wait a minute. Do we think that’s the Letterman Dumpster, trying to disguise itself as a harmless upright piano waiting to be delivered? Is it looking up on Chastain’s bellbottomed jumpsuit and rethinking the life choice that saw it vacate that nice Park Avenue-adjacent alley outside a UES condo just to get a load of this?

Also herein: Special Guest Stars Heather Locklear, Dakota Fanning, and Kate Mara, except that one of those is a lie.

[Photos: Splash]


Your Afternoon Man: Prince Harry

It’s been too long.

Prince Harry Attends 100 Women In Hedge Funds Gala Dinner In Aid Of WellChild

I just didn’t think it seemed right to make you wait for Royals Round-Up. ENJOY.

[Photo: Getty]


Pharrelly Played: Pharrell

I can’t pretend to understand Pharrell.

Pharrell Williams

But I CAN wait with bated breath for him to star in a reinterpretation of Grey Gardens. It’ll be Tyler Perry Presents: Tyler Perry as Medea in Tyler Perry’s The Garden of Edie. Dust off that wig, Tyler. Pharrell is already going Method for it.

[Photo: AKM-GSI]


Fug or Fab: Shailene Woodley in Temperley London

It’s great to be young and have invincible skin and all that, but I do wish Shailene Woodley hadn’t done her hair like she was auditioning for a Noxzema commercial.

Shailene Woodley

Especially because the suit really needed some sassy hair and accessories to offset its plainness. The effect is that she is about to wash her face in her law firm’s bathroom after reading briefs for thirty-six hours straight.

Here is a clearer shot of the shoes, which is always vital information:

feet matter


Fuggidly Nicole: Nicole Richie in Blumarine

Nicole needs a bracelet.

Nicole Richie

In the sense that if she had a bracelet, she could incinerate the rest of it and start fresh with that as her building block.

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